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Most beautiful lighthouses of the Lighthouse Route

Lighthouse Route Peggy's Cove
Peggy's Cove

The most beautiful lighthouses of the Lighthouse Route in Nova Scotia

As the name of the holiday road already says, there are many lighthouses along the Lighthouse Route in Nova Scotia. No wonder - it lies on the Atlantic Ocean facing side of the Atlantic Province of Nova Scotia and extends from the capital Halifax to Yarmouth on the western tip of the peninsula. Those who want to see the lighthouses should take their time for the route, because only a few can be seen directly from the coastal road. Some can only be reached if you take detours that take time. But the effort is worth it, because on a tour to the lighthouses on Nova Scotia's coast, you learn a lot about the lives of people on this almost always whipped by the wind coast. On the way you pass through small fishing villages, past abandoned houses whose former owners have been rebuilding themselves elsewhere in Canada since the decline of cod fishing heat off the coasts of eastern Canada, and get to know lobster fishermen, boat owners and shipyard workers who enjoy a little chat let in. A trip on the Lighthouse Route is a journey through maritime Nova Scotia.


Fort Point Lighthouse in Liverpool
Fort Point Lighthouse in Liverpool


Not all the lighthouses on the Lighthouse Route are slim and slender as the most famous among them Peggy's Cove, There are also smaller, especially at the mouth of rivers or harbor entrances watch over a regulated shipping traffic. One of them is the lighthouse at Fort Point in Liverpool. It is tucked away behind the Fort Point Lighthouse Park with its impressive ancient deciduous trees.

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Seal Point Lighthouse in Barrington
Seal Point Lighthouse in Barrington


The Seal Point Lighthouse in Barrington is so far from the water, right next to the coastal road (Hwy. 3), that you wonder what it actually looks like at this point. It certainly has its place at this point, as it is located on a hill above the entrance to a small sheltered harbor. Today, it houses a small museum where you can learn about the history of lighthouses and the lives of lighthouse keepers on Nova Scotia's shores.


The southernmost lighthouse in Nova Scotia
The southernmost lighthouse in Nova Scotia


If you want to see the southernmost lighthouse in Nova Scotia, you need a pair of binoculars or you have to change to a boat because it is located on a sandbank south of Clarks Harbor. It is also worth the drive to Hawks Point south of Barrington. On the way you will pass Clarks Harbor, a lively fishing port where numerous fishing boats, sheltered from the waves of the Atlantic, are waiting to go fishing for the open sea.


Lighthouse at Cape Fourchu at Yarmouth
Lighthouse at Cape Fourchu at Yarmouth


Starting at Peggy's Cove with an imposing lighthouse, the Lighthouse Trail ends at Cape Fourchu, near Yarmouth on the west coast of Nova Scotia, with another stunning watchtower over the elements of the Atlantic: the lighthouse at Cape Fourchu. At the very tip of an offshore peninsula, the lighthouse watches over the harbor entrance to Yarmouth. Until a few years ago, the ferry from Bar Harbor sailed past Maine, which has since ceased operations, forcing travelers to take a long drive around the Bay of Fundy and the American border.



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