Airport Halifax hotel with shuttle service

Planning a trip to Halifax? Make your stay even more comfortable by choosing one of these Airport Halifax hotels near Halifax Airport or downtown. All of these hotels offer shuttle services so you can get to your destination easily and comfortably.

What to do in Halifax

From stunning views of Halifax Harbor to sampling local seafood delicacies, there's plenty to do in Nova Scotia's capital. Check out our must-do list for ideas on what to do in Halifax!

Discover Halifax attractions

Halifax offers something for everyone! From its strong maritime history to its vibrant culture, the capital of Nova Scotia offers many unique attractions that you won't want to miss. Prepare your itinerary and be sure to check out these Halifax attractions!

Halifax Nova Scotia: the Public Gardens

The Halifax Public Gardens are an oasis of calm in the big city of Halifax. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and spend a break in an environment that promises tranquility.

Halifax Airport – What you need to know

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is the gateway to the capital of Nova Scotia and offers convenient air connections for both leisure and business travelers. From ground transportation to terminal information and parking options, this guide gives you all the details on what Halifax Airport has to offer.

Tall Ships 2017 on Canada's 150. birthday

Tall Ships 2017 celebrates Canada's 150th birthday We have already been to the Tall Ships Festival in Halifax twice. A great experience that inspires us again and again. The Tall Ships 2017 Festival is again docking in Halifax. For Canada's 150th birthday, other ports are also taking part this year. More information about the ships, the ports [...]

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