Boat trip Stockholm - Experience Sweden's capital from the boat

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Boat tours through Stockholm - Baltic Sea locations

Boat tour Stockholm

Experiencing Stockholm on a boat tour is fun. Stockholm in June is pleasantly warm with average temperatures around 20 degrees. Ideal for Baltic Sea locations that are worth a vacation. When the sun is also shining, there is no stopping us - and the Stockholmers -: the water is calling. Stockholm in Sweden borders in the east on the Baltic Sea with many small bays and a collection of almost 24.000 larger and smaller islands. In the west, the water surface continues beyond a sluice with the 120-kilometer-long Mälaren lake. We already had this with ours River cruise on the Göta Canal crossed. The sluice (Slussen) is located in the middle of the city and separates salt water from fresh water.


Experience Stockholm on a boat trip - departure point in front of the Grand Hotel
Departure point for a boat trip Stockholm on Stockholm Strömkajen in front of the Grand Hotel



The city itself is spread over fourteen islands, which are connected by 58 bridges. The nice thing about it is that the water of Lake Mälaren is so pure that you can even fish for salmon in the city, and the people of Stockholm use its water as drinking water. So it's no wonder that water plays a major role in Stockholm. A Stockholm boat tour is a must.


Guards Parade
Guard parade and closed roads


How a prince thwarted our plans

Only: on that day in June we hadn't actually planned to see Stockholm on a boat tour. Since we've never been to Stockholm, we wanted to explore it on foot to get an impression of it. We had already made a plan at home about what we wanted to see and were excited about what Stockholm has to offer. From the Väsa Museum to the old town gamla stan and the Royal Castle to the city hall, the city hall of Stockholm - we wanted to see everything.


There are also exciting tours in Stockholm in winter


The prince wedding

We reacted all the more amazed to the question from the receptionist in our hotel when we said goodbye for the day: “Are you also here for the prince's wedding?” Prince's wedding? Which prince wedding? I knew that the Swedish Queen Sylvia is of German descent, that she is married to King Karl Gustav and that he has three children. But I didn't know more about the Swedish royal family. I don't usually follow the life stories of the royals - maybe with the exception of the British royal family, because they somehow have something to do with Canada, which plays a big role on our blog. I don't usually find out about the Swedish royal family. Nevertheless, the royal family helped us on our Stockholm boat tour.


See you on a boat trip Stockholm - The castle in Stockholm
The castle in Stockholm


Boat trip Stockholm for sightseeing

When the friendly lady in our hotel also told us that the entire city of Stockholm should be closed because of the prince's wedding, I urged Petar to hurry. In a hurry we reached the information center in the Kulturhuset on Sergels Torg Square, where they gave us the same information. Our orientation trip with the Hop on Hop Off Buses through Stockholm * we could forget. The last one had just left. An alternative that was suggested to us was a Stockholm boat tour.


Stockholm sightseeing by boat - boat tours through Stockholm
Stockholm boat tour - boat tours of Stockholm


Take a Stockholm boat tour

Our forced march to the port area of ​​Stockholm was already a gauntlet, as more and more barricades were erected. These were supposed to protect the prince couple from the enthusiastic Swedes during their carriage ride through the city. They had apparently traveled from all over the country to be part of the wedding festivities. Boat tickets are sold at Stockholm Strömkajen in front of the Grand Hotel. As expected, the next hop on hop off boat tour was already sold out. Nevertheless, we were lucky: an hour later there was still room for us on the Stockholm boat tour.


Like a Swedish prince drove us on the water

In the meantime the barriers were in place and the crossings were checked by friendly Swedish police officers. Since we had no idea how the wedding celebrations were planned in the city, we sat on a bench at the harbor and watched the Swedes eating ice cream, pushing prams and laughing together until the column came along the carriage of the prince couple passed this part of the route. It was a feast day for the whole country! We had the impression that half of Sweden was in Stockholm that day, because the roads were getting more and more crowded. Nevertheless, we were looking forward to our Stockholm boat tour, because the hustle and bustle got bigger and bigger.


The AF Chapman in the harbor of Stockholm
The AF Chapman in the harbor of Stockholm - today a youth hostel


Let's go on the Stockholm boat tour

So we were happy when our Stockholm boat tour started an hour later and we were able to escape the hustle and bustle on land. What started completely unexpectedly turned out to be a stroke of luck that day. Because from the hop on hop off boats we saw almost the same sights of Stockholm as we would have seen from the buses - only from the water. We didn't bother getting out, because everywhere in the city the streets were overflowing with people. According to the tourist information, the museums were closed anyway, so we didn't miss anything. And so we let ourselves cruise through Stockholm on the waterway for almost an hour with a view of the city's sights. Our photos give an impression of what you encounter on the way when sightseeing by boat in Stockholm.


Eric Ericsonhallen and Skeppsholmen Art Library
Eric Ericsonhallen and Skeppsholmen Art Library
Nordic and Vasa Museum in Stockholm
Nordic and Vasa Museum in Stockholm
Stockholm Nybroplan
Stockholm Nybroplan
Royal Drama Theater in Stockholm Nybroplan
Royal Drama Theater in Stockholm Nybroplan
Kastellet Stockholm on Kastellholmen
Kastellet Stockholm on Kastellholmen
St. Catherine's Church in Södermalm
St. Catherine's Church in Södermalm
Ferries are popular transportation in Stockholm
Ferries are popular transportation in Stockholm
Stadshus in Stockholm
Stadshus in Stockholm
By canoe through Stockholm
By canoe through Stockholm
Marina Tower Hotel in Stockholm
Marina Tower Hotel in Stockholm
Gröna Lund amusement park on Djurgarden
Gröna Lund amusement park on Djurgarden


The prince wedding

After we had left the Gröna Lund amusement park on Djurgarden behind us, our Stockholm boat tour set course again for the Stockholm Strömkajen and with that we approached the end of our sightseeing tour by boat. The crowd on the quay had multiplied by now, and everyone was trying to get a seat at the front of the barricade. Since not much has happened so far and a tour of the city on foot was out of the question, we stood in the back and waited for the things that were to come. And have we seen the prince couple?

Two hours later, there was sudden movement in the police, who had waited in the summer heat without batting an eyelash. Motorcycle patrols passed by. Black limousines with darkened windows passed us - sat in one of them maybe the king and the queen? They were not visible. And then, in the distance, we heard the clatter of horse's hooves on the tar of the road. First the mounted guard passed us, and then suddenly they were there: Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist, or as she has been called since that day: Princess Sofia of Sweden. Friendly, they waved to the crowd, and after a few minutes their coach disappeared over the Strömbron bridge in the direction of the castle. With a photo of the Prince and Princess, we concluded this extraordinary Day in Stockholm .


Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden
Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden


Questions and answers about the Stockholm boat tour

What sights can I see during a boat tour in Stockholm?

During a boat tour in Stockholm you can discover many fascinating sights, including the Royal Castle, the Old Town (Gamla Stan), the City Hall (Stadshuset) and the island of Djurgården with its numerous museums.

How long is a typical boat tour in Stockholm?

A typical boat tour in Stockholm usually lasts around 1,5 to 2 hours. However, there are also longer archipelago tours outside of the city that can last several hours.

Can I also learn about the history of Stockholm during the boat tour?

Yes, during the boat tour you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will share interesting information and stories about Stockholm's history. For example, you will learn more about the origins of the city, its royal past and its architectural treasures.

Are there opportunities to stop during the boat tour and explore specific locations in more detail?

Yes, there are certain tours where you can hop off at select stops and explore the sights in more detail. For example, during a tour to the island of Djurgården, you can hop off and visit the famous Vasa Museum or the ABBA Museum.

Do I have to book in advance or can I buy tickets for the boat tour on site?

It is recommended to book tickets for the boat tour in advance, especially during peak season, to ensure you get a seat. You can either buy the tickets online on the supplier's website or at one of the ticket offices in Stockholm. However, it is also possible to buy tickets on site as long as it is still available.


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Travel Arrangements:

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How to get there

Arrival by plane, bus or train*. Lufthansa and SAS will follow Stockholm. You can also visit Stockholm in one Mini cruise on the Baltic Sea plan how Daniel describes it in his blog.

Car Rentals:

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Stockholm boat tour
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Source: On-site research. We financed this stay in Stockholm ourselves. We would like to thank Visit Stockholm for supporting us with the City Card.

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Boat trip Stockholm - Experience Sweden's capital from the boat

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