Captiva Island

Captiva Island Florida - the Bubble Room Restaurant

Captiva Island Florida: the Bubble Room Restaurant There will certainly be a lot of you who clap your hands over your head when they see the colorful world in the Bubble Room Restaurant on Captiva Island Florida. It was no different for us. We just waited for Pippi Longstocking to follow the next - [...]

Cabbage Key: Deserted Island, Dolphins, Dollars & Bromeliads

Cabbage Key in Florida Imagine that only twice a day boats dock at the island jetty and unload a handful of passengers who are spending a few hours on the island - it's like the rush hour between 11.00 a.m. and 14.00 p.m. Before and after it is quiet on Cabbage Key, a small [...]

Captiva Island, Florida - charming island on the west coast

  The first impression we have of Captiva Island is that of a subtropical paradise on the west coast of Florida: palm trees and palmettos grow almost to the sea, only separated by a narrow and fine sandy beach that stretches around the whole island and everyone Visitors are tempted to take a stroll on the beach, be it to find mussels [...]

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