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Garden splendor in Veitshöchheim in Franconia

In Veitshöchheim, we are impressed by how the Prince-Bishops of Würzburg pass the time. Franconia is rich in beautiful places. No wonder! The prince-bishops from Würzburg were present along the Main. Be it because they built churches to strengthen Catholicism in the region. Be it because they had vineyards cultivated. Their ... go to Article

A garden in the Kleinwalsertal

Everyone had told him: "Nothing grows here". Even his grandmother was convinced that, as a newcomer, she had tried for years to prove to the locals that a garden in the Kleinwalsertal in Austria is possible. Vain! All of their attempts to grow vegetables or fruit in this high valley were doomed to fail. The Kleinwalsertaler had it ... go to Article

Royal York Hotel Toronto with roof garden

The Royal York Hotel Toronto with rooftop gardens filled with zucchini, sage, rosemary, lavender, flowering nasturtium, aubergines, wild strawberries and other fresh ingredients will make every chef's heart beat faster, right in the center of Toronto - on the roof garden Royal York Hotel Toronto, a luxury hotel that has become a Fairmont ... go to Article

The first settlers in Prince Edward Island

Roma at Three Rivers is not very big and has never been. It is a place on the east coast of the island on a peninsula in the Montague River, in the 18. In the 19th century, the first settlers settled in Prince Edward Island under the direction of the French trader Jean Pierre Roma ... go to Article

The most beautiful gardens on the Mayenne in the Pays de la Loire

Gardens and flower villages on the Mayenne flower villages - this Michel promised us when he picked us up from the airport in Nantes for our houseboat tour on the Mayenne. And he was right! Not only in the villages and small towns along the river did we encounter flowers, and not only in gardens. Almost every one of the locks, ... go to Article

Ontario's beginnings in the Upper Canada Village

Today's Ontario is shaped by Canada's premier industrial hub at Golden Horseshoe, a conglomeration of several cities that has grown into a huge metropolis of more than eight million people. Toronto and its suburbs make up the most densely populated region in Canada. Ontario in 19. Century in the Upper Canada Village But that was ... go to Article

Kingsbrae Gardens in New Brunswick

Worth a Journey: The Kingsbrae Gardens, New Brunswick 2011 voted the Garden Tourism Conference the Kingsbrae Gardens, St. Andrews-by-the-Sea among the top five gardens in North America that are well worth the trip. And just a year ago, Steve Jermanok, a travel blogger for the renowned US newspaper Boston Globe, ranked the park as one of the best ... go to Article

Shopping experience in Nova Scotia

Outstanding shopping experience in Nova Scotia We almost missed it, the small parking lot in front of the Tangled Gardens at Grand Pré in Nova Scotia. We had heard of acquaintances from this garden and wanted to look at this gem, which had been warmly recommended to us. Already on the highway, which we leave ... go to Article

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