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St. Mary's Church

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Visit churches, monasteries, cathedrals on your travels. The art of the stonemasons of past centuries is impressive. Discover cathedrals that are world famous. Village churches are also interesting. Some of them hold treasures that surprise. Monasteries are also worth seeing. In it you can understand the everyday life of the monks. Here you will find monastery ruins, but also monasteries that are still active today.


Durnstein Wachau

Durnstein in the Wachau

(Advertisement due to press trip) Dürnstein Abbey in the Wachau looks most beautiful from the Danube. You can see the blue tower of the collegiate church below the castle from afar, if you approach the place by ship. The place itself doesn't offer many sights, but those that are are worth a visit...
Grote Markt Sint Rombouts Cathedral

Discover UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen

UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen Belgium The UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen Belgium thwarted our travel plans. We had planned to deal with the cuisine of Flanders in Mechelen. But it turns out differently than so often on our travels. On site, a topic forced itself upon us that we ...
Magnificent and worth a visit: the brick facade of the town hall in Stralsund

Stralsund Sights - Hanseatic City and UNESCO World Heritage Site

Stralsund sights - worth more than a detour We have long wondered which Stralsund sights are worth visiting. Admittedly, we always drove past Stralsund on our first visits to the Baltic Sea. But not without taking a look at the city with its three church towers. These tower above ...
Magnificent brick Gothic

Lehnin Monastery – a weekend in the monastery

The entrance to the Lehnin Monastery is easy to miss. There is no sign indicating this. Here I am talking about the actual monastery, not about the Lehnin monastery. We almost drove past it on our tour through Brandenburg. There is a place next to it that bears the same name. This is where the monastery lies. We ...
Bad Waldsee St. Peter

St. Peter in Bad Waldsee

The Baroque Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Bad Waldsee On our city tour through Bad Waldsee in Upper Swabia on the edge of the Allgäu, we discover the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Bad Waldsee today, a true gem of baroque architecture. No wonder, after all, Dominikus Zimmermann was - one of the "star architects" of the Baroque - ...
Choir stalls in the abbey Heiligenkreuz

Cistercian Monastery Heiligenkreuz

Day trip to the Cistercian Abbey of Heiligenkreuz The monks from the Cistercian Abbey of Heiligenkreuz in the Vienna Woods are best known for the sensational successes of their choir. They celebrated this with their Gregorian chant in both the Classic Charts and the Pop Charts. The CD Chant - Music for Paradise alone stormed ...
The cathedral of Mainz from the market

The Rheinische Kaiserdome - excursion destinations with historical depth

Join us on a journey to the Rheinische Kaiserdomen, a true architectural wonder in the heart of the Rhineland. The Kaiserdome are three of the oldest and most important churches in Germany and are often referred to as the crown jewels of German Romanesque. The Imperial and Mariendom in Speyer, the Cathedral of St. Peter in Worms and ...
Experience time out in the monastery of Stams Abbey

Time out in the monastery in Stams Abbey in Tyrol

Time out in the monastery in Stams Abbey in Tyrol (advertising) We were guests at the Stams Abbey in Tyrol for a few days. There are few places where you can relax as easily as in a monastery. Monasteries are ideal places to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The ...
Melk Abbey main entrance

Melk Abbey in Austria, baroque monastery in the Wachau

Melk Abbey in Austria (advertising) It is one of the highlights on the Danube in the Wachau: Melk Abbey in Austria. It is now part of Austria's UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you approach Melk Monastery from the Danube or via the autobahn from the north, it towers like a stronghold over the place that ...
St. Lambrecht Styria

A temporary break - three monasteries in Austria

A break in a monastery in Austria Would you like to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in an oasis of calm? Then a break in a monastery in Austria is just the right thing for you! There are many monasteries in Austria, but only a few offer guests the opportunity to stay in the ...


Churches Monasteries Cathedrals
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Visit churches, monasteries, cathedrals

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