Detoxify the body - Let's go to the monastery, get fit quickly

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Let's go to the monastery to detoxify the body

The body does a good detoxification, especially after holidays such as Christmas or Easter, which include sumptuous food. It was new to us that this is possible even in monasteries. So far we had discovered this in wellness hotels. We got involved in the experiment and tested the offers in the Kurhaus in Bad Mühllacken for a few days with the Marienschestern von Karmel im Mühlviertel in Upper Austria.


The herb garden in Bad Mühllacken supplies the herbs that detoxify the body
The herb garden in Bad Mühllacken supplies the herbs that detoxify the body

Two days of Detox in the monastery - that's what we wanted to try out during our stay at the Kneipp Kurhaus in Bad Mühllacken. We had this Monastery in Austria met on an earlier trip. We learned about the methods of Traditional European Medicine (TEM). Hildegard von Bingen and Pastor Kneipp are just some of the founders of these healing methods. The TEM is based on five principles: exercise, medicinal plants, water, nutrition and life order. Besides, we were curious Pesenbachtal, His clear water and refreshing noise were remembered. That's why we set off again. We wanted to get to the bottom of the five principles of TEM. We have experienced this:



Detoxify the body with the five principles of TEM
Detoxify the body with the five principles of TEM


Detoxify the body through movement

We had chosen a midsummer day for our hike through the Pesenbachtal. Already in the morning at 10.00 a.m. the sun was shining hot from the sky. “And should a hike provide relaxation?” Was my first thought. Otherwise heat doesn't motivate me to hike. Nevertheless, our hike through the river valley was pure pleasure. Steep valley walls and the canopy of the trees protected us from the sun's rays. In addition, the rushing of the brook accompanied us on our way. In between, benches invited people to relax. We used this time and again for breaks by the stream. So we found our hike through the valley to be pure relaxation. So the exercise was great fun. Muscle soreness was included, however.


Detoxify the body during a hike on the Pesenbach


Detox by medicinal plants

Medicinal plants were used the next day. There was an herbal stamp massage against the muscle tension. The nuns make the stamps themselves. They get the herbs for this from their herb garden. From this stamps are bound in linen. The masseuse heats this in oil and then uses it for the massage. Before that, there is a brush massage that cleanses the skin and prepares it for the stamp massage.




Beneficial for my strained by the walk legs were cooling mud wraps. This one was for my knees.


medicinal herbs
medicinal herbs


Purification with water

Part of the TEM is the water of the Bruno spring. He is said to have healing powers. Already in the Middle Ages it was used for healing. That's why the nuns bring the water fresh from the spring every day. It is an integral part of the healing processes offered in the spa. It is not only used for applications such as wraps, baths or castings. The nuns also serve it as a drink daily with each meal. A liter of water to eat will do wonders. Whether it actually has healing powers, we can not judge as a layman. Our well-being did it well in any case.


That belongs in the suitcase


Two days detox in the monastery with water from the Bruno spring
Water from the Bruno spring - detoxify the body with healing water


Therapeutic fasting through conscious nutrition

The most extreme change in our everyday habits was the diet during our stay. The first day was completely meat-free. Instead of sausage's cheese and vegetable spread for breakfast. Our lunch picnic on the hike through the Pesenbachtal consisted of cheese rolls. And for dinner was Nudelauflauf on the menu. On the second day we found a small sausage selection at the breakfast buffet. At noon there was roast veal and in the evening a vegetable soup. There were desserts from fruit to choose from. As someone who likes to eat meat, that meant a big change for me. However, after two days I realized that I was feeling better. That's why there's no meat at home for several days a week.


Find here counselors how to detoxify your body


Pasta casserole without meat
Pasta bake without meat - detox in the monastery


Detoxify the body in everyday life - how are you?

The last principle of the TEM is the most difficult. Changing the way of life is permanent. We tested it during our stay. More exercise, more water, herbs and medicinal plants in everyday life and a changed diet are easy to maintain for a few days. However, it looks quite different with the way of life. It is important to apply these changes permanently. How about now after our two days detox in the monastery? And does the body detox even at home?

We are now trying to live more according to the principles of the TEM at home too. We use our herb garden to detoxify the body. We are now growing herbs there that do not exist in our part of the world. That makes our food more varied. More intense in taste. We can also use it to cook more exotic. In the summer tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lavender, elderberry and other delicacies. It is more difficult to follow these principles when traveling. Crowded research days, long arrivals and test meals often make it impossible. That's why we plan in the future again and again detox in the monastery. Would you even try that?

If you want to detoxify your body yourself, you can do that with:

Sisters of Mary of Carmel
Bad Mühllacken 55
4101 Feldkirchen / Danube
(T) + 43 (7233) 7215-0


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Detox your body in Bad Mühllacken
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Source Detoxify the body in the monastery: research on site. We thank the traditional Kneipp house in Bad Mühllacken for the invitation to this trip. Our opinion remains our own.

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Detoxify the body - Let's go to the monastery, get fit quickly

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