Kurhaus Binz: Grande Dame of the resort architecture

Kurhaus Binz, the Grande Dame of the resort architecture

The Kurhaus Binz is a prime example of the resort architecture on Rügen

It is already over 100 years old: the Kurhaus in Binz, the grande dame of spa architecture in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the Baltic Sea. With its facade in yellow, white and blue, it stands at the end of the pier directly on the Baltic sea beach. At the time of its founding, the Kurhaus looked a little different, because in 1906 the half-timbered house from 1890 burned down, which even Empress Auguste Victoria was able to welcome as probably the most renowned guest. Two years later, the Kurhaus was reopened, which from then on dominated the promenade on the Baltic Sea beach with its two towers.

In the course of its history, the house experienced exciting times due to the turbulence of the 20th century. Adalbert Kaba-Klein, one of the owners of the Kurhaus Binz, was even expropriated twice in the course of these developments, once by the National Socialists in 1938 and for the second time as part of the "Rose Action" in 1953. Nonetheless, the Kurhaus Binz became the focus of social life in spa Binz. Theater and operetta performances take place here, and the Kursaal, which today shines in its old splendor, continues this tradition. We spend one night in what is probably the most beautiful and imposing hotel on the Binz beach promenade and thus have the opportunity to introduce you to the grande dame of spa architecture in Binz from our own experience.


Our room in the Kaiserhof wing
Our room in the Kaiserhof wing
A fresh orchid in the bath
A fresh orchid in the bath

That must be in the suitcase for the Binz vacation on Rügen


Pure enjoyment in the Kurhaus Binz

We get a first impression at the reception of the hotel, which is located in the connecting part that connects the old Kurhaus Binz with the Kaiserhof. In this light-flooded glass building Afternoon guests enjoy coffee and cake in Café Glashaus. We are accommodated in the new building of the Kaiserhof in a room facing the land and look out from our balcony onto the parking lot and the neighboring villas in Binz. We'll find out later that balconies are only available in this newer part of the hotel.

As in many of the public spaces, the colors yellow and blue dominate the furnishings and capture the summery atmosphere of sea and sun, which make our room a very pleasant place to stay. It is large, with a comfortable bed, a cozy sitting area with an armchair and a desk. TV, WiFi, minibar and safe offer everything a guest can expect from a hotel today.


Sitting area in the PURIA Spa in the Kurhaus Binz
Sitting area in the PURIA Spa in the Kurhaus Binz
Relaxing with a view of the Baltic Sea
Relaxing with a view of the Baltic Sea

A tour of the Kurhaus Binz

We set out to explore the areas of the Kurhaus Binz. The PURIA Spa on the ground floor encompasses a 1.500 square meter spa area in which the colors reflect the theme of summer. There is an indoor pool and an outdoor pool that is heated all year round. For those who like it less active, there is a sauna area available that is reminiscent of Egypt. In it you can enjoy baths like a lily bath like in Egypt or a bath of Nefertiti. Of course, treatments that are typical for the region should not be missing. For example, you can indulge yourself with healing chalk from Rügen or a massage like in Sweden. Unfortunately, we don't have time to test the private suite with bathtub, massage tables and water beds ourselves, even if a massage with sea buckthorn oil sounds tempting.


Murano chandelier in the Kurhaus restaurant
Murano chandelier in the Kurhaus restaurant

Luxury also in the furnishings of the hotel

Instead, we explore the rooms on the upper floor of the hotel, where I immediately notice the chandeliers hanging from the stucco ceilings. They are different in every room, but they are all beautiful. Anja Herzog tells us: “Each of these chandeliers is made of Murano glass and selected by Giuliano Guerra, the managing director of Travel Charme Hotels. He brings a piece of his homeland Italy into the house. ”They convey the ambience of a grand hotel to the rooms through which we walk.


The Kakadu Bar has piano music in the evening
The Kakadu Bar has piano music in the evening
We eat well in the Kurhaus restaurant
We eat well in the Kurhaus restaurant
An elegantly laid table
Table culture at its best

Gastronomy in the Kurhaus Binz

We visit the Kakadu-Bar, where a piano player entertains the guests in the evenings. Next to it is the Kurhaus restaurant, where we enjoy our breakfast and a fish buffet that is served here every Friday evening. There are fish pralines seasoned with chilli, sea fish variations of all kinds. The plates with salmon variations alone tempt you to taste every single one. Whether cold, smoked or warm, the fish dishes on this buffet even tempt meat lovers like Petar to get more supplies.


The quiet lounge
The lounge
Perfect for intimate weddings
Perfect for wedding ceremonies
The Kursaal for larger events
The Kursaal for larger events

Lounge, library and Kursaal

We continue our tour of the hotel in the lounge and library, which, with its walls full of books, invites you to an afternoon of reading. I can well imagine spending a few hours reading a book here. This room is clearly my favorite. My only regret is that I don't have the time to settle here any longer. An event room is adjacent to it.

“We host weddings here. The Kurhaus Binz is one of those places where guests like to say “I do”, ”explains Anja Herzog. "We have been a branch of the Binz registry office since 2003 and can even offer our guests three locations for weddings: the wedding room, our roof terrace for weddings in the open air and with a view of the Baltic Sea or - for large weddings - our Kurhaus hall, which has enough space for offers a gala reception or dance events. ”The Maria Theresa chandelier made of crystals, a diameter of three meters and almost a hundred lamps provides festive lighting in this hall.


Living room in an apartment of the residence
Living room in an apartment of the residence
Spacious bathroom in the residence
Bathroom in the residence

Apartments in the Kurhaus Binz

In addition to the main building, the Travel Charme Kurhaus Binz also has a rear building in which apartments are rented, in which the guests can be to themselves. A kitchen, a living room with fireplace and several bedrooms allow guests privacy. If you don't want to cook, you can eat in the Kurhaus restaurant if you wish.

Our overnight stay in the Kurhaus Binz leaves nothing to be desired. There are so many accommodation options that there is something for everyone. A hotel to let yourself be pampered all around!



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Kurhaus Binz: Grande Dame of the resort architecture

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