Discover Montreal attractions for foodies

On this tour we discover Montreal attractions for foodies. From specialties from the region to bakers, whose competition ends up in the daily newspapers, to the city's markets and restaurants, there's a lot to explore.

The maritime heritage in Montreal on the St. Lawrence River

You don't really associate Montreal with the sea. After all, the Atlantic Ocean is 1600 kilometers from the metropolis in Quebec. Nevertheless, you quickly get a different impression when you stroll along the waterfront in Montreal. The quays are teeming with boats, yachts, excursion boats and even cruise ships.

Eating in Quebec Canada

Eating in Quebec Canada Anyone who says there is no food culture in Canada has never been to Quebec. The sight of the delicious sausages, cheeses and poultry specialties in delicatessen shops but also in some supermarkets makes your mouth water. If you take the time, you can take a trip through Canada's Belle Province [...]

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