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Frankfurt sights in the city center

Which Frankfurt attractions in the city center are worth visiting? High-rise buildings indicate their financial strength. With their diversity, they inspire every fan of modern architecture. But there is also the old town with its town hall and the half-timbered houses of Sachsenhausen.

City of Ochsenfurt and its sights

Many Ochsenfurt sights date back to the Middle Ages. The city of Ochsenfurt is located between Würzburg and Kitzingen directly on the banks of the Main and was first mentioned in 725. It is also one of the most beautiful half-timbered places on the Main that we know.

Castle Tours in Germany to famous Castles in Saxony

Everyone who likes castles should know these three baroque castles in Saxony: The Dresden Zwinger impresses with its orangery. Wackerbarth Castle in Radebeul offers excellent wines, and Moritzburg Castle is in a great location as a moated castle

Monschau - historical gem in the Eifel

You have to know it, otherwise you will pass it. If Monschau weren't one of the goals of our pleasure trip through North Rhine-Westphalia, we would never have found out that this beautiful place exists.

Hike at the Rursee in the Eifel

On this hike on the Rursee in the Eifel you can enjoy the Eifel National Park while hiking on the Rursee with culinary breaks. A hiking trail leads directly along the lake from Einruhr to Rurberg. This offers views of the dense forests on both sides of the lake.

Experience the Wachau in autumn

Experiencing the Wachau in autumn is an experience. On the south-facing slopes in the western part of the Wachau, the sun shines on stone terraces on which wine varieties such as Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Neuburger Smaragd thrive. The vineyards change color. Winegrowers decorate their wine shops for autumn.

Wachau Hotels on the Danube for your wine journey through the Wachau

On a wine tour you can experience the Wachau and Danube in Wachau hotels that offer wine experiences. That works in these accommodations. Not all are pure wineries. Some are hotels with vineyards. Others are inns surrounded by vineyards. Still others are inns that offer a wine experience in the Wachau.

Discover Aachen sights in one day

Aachen in one day - which sights in Aachen do you have to see as a museum friend in the city of Charlemagne? That was the question we asked ourselves on this visit to the city of Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia. We visited three of them on our tour of the old town.

So a visit to Castle Mildenstein is an experience

After the guided tour through the castle grounds, you go to the black kitchen at Mildenstein Castle in Saxony. There, an open wood fire is smoking under metal kettles hanging from the ceiling. Clay bowls full of onions, carrots, beans, leeks and herbs are waiting for us. We learn how to cook in the castle in the Middle Ages.

Discover Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest

Bad Neualbenreuth is about twenty minutes by car from Tirschenreuth, near the border with the Czech Republic. Quiet. Surrounded by an agricultural landscape and dense forests. In a cauldron over which “the Bohemian” blows all year round. The air is like champagne. It tingles.

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