Walk at the Toronto Waterfront

Downtown Toronto waterfront

A walk on the Toronto Waterfront

What do you do when you arrive in Toronto overtired, the sun is shining outside and the blue sky lures out into the open? A walk along the waterfront with views of the Toronto Islands and Lake Ontario. Between Queens Quay and the ferry terminal to the Toronto Islands you can walk along the lake. After weeks of rainy weather and a missed spring in Germany, that was just right for us. Finally sun, water and a nice atmosphere!


After work on Lake Ontario
After work on Lake Ontario


We are not the only ones who come up with this idea. From our rental apartment there are only a few steps to the water and to the ferry station. From there, new people are constantly pouring in our direction, who have certainly used the beautiful weather for a trip to the offshore islands. With bicycles, dogs, strollers, roller skates and strange bouncy shoe pads they pass us while enjoying the view and the weather. Here you can enjoy your free time with a walk on the Toronto Waterfront.


Enjoy the summer evening while strolling along the Toronto Waterfront
Enjoy the summer evening while strolling along the Toronto Waterfront


We go towards Queens Quay and take a short break in a small park. Here are a few young men standing on the quay and casting their fishing rods. Fishing in the metropolis! It has something, doesn't it? Right next to it, a few young men with resting hairs are lounging on the quay wall and enjoying the evening sun. "Hey, Maan!" And reggae music booms at full volume from their mega-sized radios. Around the corner an older man sits on a park bench and tries to play against the noise with his guitar, but he does not succeed. But apparently it is not important to him to be heard, because he looks very satisfied with the way he strums on his instrument.


The show boat is waiting for passengers
The show boat is waiting for passengers


At the small harbor on Queens Quay various excursion boats bob and invite their evening passengers. Among them are elegant yachts, the Mariposa Belle, which invites you to Dinner Cruises, or the ShowBoat, which seems more like the Mississippi than a Canadian lake. in the Second cup At the end of the pier, the restaurant guests sit on the terrace and enjoy their cappuccino overlooking the lively scenery. And that makes us hungry for an early dinner, because we will not stay awake for a long time.


Pizza Carne in Bar Milano on Queens Quay
Pizza Carne in Bar Milano on Queens Quay


We walk to the end of Queens Quay, which faces the lake, and are led to a table by the water at Milano Bar. At Pizza Carne and Rigatoni alla Bolognese we get to know one of the many ethnic groups who have settled in Toronto. There are few cities in the world where the mix of cultures is as colorful as in Canada's largest city. And we want to trace them on this journey. Let's see what we discover so much.


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Walk at the Toronto Waterfront
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