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Monika and Petar on the Magnifique

Who is TravelWorldOnline?

Anyone who does not travel to a country as a tourist calls themselves a traveler - even if they are, of course, such. A traveler is interested in the country and its people and would like to get to know and understand them. "Slow Travel" means choosing a specific region and exploring it in detail, including its regional customs and customs, its culture, its culinary specialties, its festivals and its people. That's exactly what TravelWorldOnline helps with. We deliver Travel tips for pleasure and slow travellers.


Monika and Petar Fuchs from TravelWorldOnline in Graz
Monika and Petar Fuchs in Graz


Who is TravelWorldOnline addressing?

Typically, this Travel Blog gives travel tips for those travelers who want to explore Europe and the world intensively and take the time to look behind the scenes. It is aimed at those who want to discover their travel destination in all its facets and are willing to leave everyday life at home and are looking for a break with enjoyment. This is not about getting to know as many highlights as possible. Rather, this blog gives tips on where and how to get in touch with the locals and get to know the country and its people intensively. If you want to travel a country like this, this blog is the place for you.


What does TravelWorldOnline offer its readers?

TravelWorldOnline presents travel destinations and slow travel tips in articles, photos and videos. There are tips on how, where and when you can find them and experience them yourself. And we suggest activities that will make your trips more varied, but that do not require you to perform at your best physically or mentally.

The holiday that we recommend is relaxing and full of special impressions and great experiences. TravelWorldOnline is aimed at those travelers who have the time and leisure to enjoy a country when traveling through Europe and the world. This blog offers information about different countries and their people and their lifestyle as well as tips for a special boat trip, an easy hike, an atmospheric picnic or an interesting museum.

Why should you trust us?

Monika and Petar are experienced travelers who have been exploring the world professionally and privately their entire lives. We introduce ourselves and our travel experiences in detail in this article. At TravelWorldOnline we only write about travel destinations, trips, experiences and excursions that we have personally gotten to know and done ourselves. From time to time we accept guest authors, but we also label their articles accordingly. We attach great importance to ensuring that your items meet our requirements.

Since we also want to keep you up to date with the latest information and it is not possible to constantly re-visit all of our travel destinations, we occasionally turn to specialists from the regions we have traveled to and ask them for up-to-date statements. When it comes to recipes, we also like to rely on the cooking knowledge of chefs who are well versed in the cuisine of their region. In the reviews for travel equipment, we also present our own experiences. This is the only way we can give you detailed and honest information.


Monika and Petar Fox
Whale watching in Newfoundland


Who are Monika and Petar Fuchs?

You're probably wondering who this couple is who is behind "TravelWorldOnline", produces videos for it and is constantly scouting out new pleasure and slow travel regions?

Monika and Petar Fuchs have been traveling since they were young and have traveled to almost every continent. For many years they traveled the world with tents and caravans. While camping, they made their first trips through the USA, Canada, Central America, Australia and southern Africa. On their honeymoon they spent six weeks exploring western Canada and the USA by tent and rental car. Cooking was done outdoors on small cooking equipment, often around a campfire. Joint ones followed later Travel with pleasure and wellness experiences in gourmet hotels, which brought them back to these countries. Monika had the idea of ​​founding TravelWorldOnline in the late 1990s.


Cooking while camping with the tent
Monika camping with the tent


Monika Fuchs


  • Lifelong travel experience, with 36 years of specialization as a tour guide, travel blogger, travel journalist and travel author
  • Study of the
    • Art history
    • Ethnology and ethnology
    • American cultural history with a year of research with Canadian First Nations in British Columbia
    • Social and economic history with a focus on colonization and European economic history
  • Long-term travel destinations as a tour guide, travel blogger, travel journalist and travel guide author:
  • 7 years of experience as an adventure guide on camping trips and your own motorhome trips form the basis for yours Camping knowledge
  • 10 years of experience as a study tour guide for demanding trips and Trips to Savor
  • Since 2001, travel blogger, travel journalist and travel author in the countries mentioned


Even as a child, Monika traveled a lot with her parents. The world has fascinated her since she was a small child. This was ultimately reflected in her choice of subjects: ethnology, American cultural history, social and economic history and art history showed her various aspects of the world's cultures. She never let go of this fascination throughout her life. During her studies she spent some time in North America, where she traveled to the USA and Canada - sometimes together with Petar - and spent a year of research in British Columbia in Vancouver and Kamloops. During that year she immersed herself in the world of First Nations in Canada. She researched both their current situation and their history. During this stay she gained experience in dealing with indigenous cultures. This was later useful to her in her contacts with indigenous peoples from the Aborigines of Australia to the cultures of sub-Saharan Africa.

This time strengthened her thirst for knowledge, which she continued for 6 years Adventure Guide for Rotel Tours and then for 11 years as Study tour guide for Studiosus Reisen tried to breastfeed all over the world.

Traveling as an adventure guide on different continents

As an adventure guide, she initially led camping trips that took her to remote regions such as Alaska, the Yukon, the outback in Australia, the deserts of Namibia, remote areas of South Africa and Botswana. At the same time, their camping trips often took them to cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, Sydney, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Windhoek. So she got to know the highlights among the tourist attractions that, for example, the entire USA, all of Canada, Australia, all of southern Africa as well as European countries such as Spain and Portugal offer.

On these trips, their task was, among other things, to fill keyword-like travel programs with sights and activities and to give lectures and guided tours about them. She was also always looking for new experiences. She attached great importance to the fact that her guests should get to know the countries better. At the same time, she organized campsites for overnight stays. After arriving at the camps, she also worked on camp life. This included buying food and equipment for the vehicles and camping in remote regions of the world as well as outdoor cooking and grilling at the campsites.

Monika Fuchs as a study tour guide on trips for high demands

As a study tour leader, the type of trips Monika led changed. Studiosus offers group trips for a clientele that places high demands on accommodation, experiences and detailed knowledge. On these trips, which took her to the same countries and regions as mentioned above, she stayed in luxury hotels, organized gourmet dinners in selected restaurants and led city, nature and adventure trips in which distances were covered by ships, small aircraft, buses and off-road vehicles became. Monika's job was to plan the detailed routes and discover experiences that brought her guests closer to the country and its people.


Parry Sound Plane Tours
Parry Sound Plane Tours


Monika constantly expanded her travel regions, but curiosity still gnawed at her: “What is beyond the horizon? What else is there to discover in this city? Which people are interesting here? What do people eat in this region?” These are the questions she is now trying to answer as a freelance travel journalist (her articles have appeared in DIE ZEIT, 360° Canada, 360° USA, etc.), among others. travel writer and travel blogger on TravelWorldOnline answers in many countries around the world.


Petar on the Pacific coast in Oregon
Petar on our honeymoon on the Pacific coast in Oregon


Petar Fox


That was in 2001. Since then, Monika has published this blog and is active on various social media, the most important of which you can find listed below. Since 2005 she has been traveling with her husband Petar, who has drawn on his experiences as a cameraman from earlier years and Videos for their blogs and websites. He is an enthusiastic videographer and is constantly perfecting his camera work and editing the videos that he shoots himself. He attaches particular importance to showing the places and experiences as we experienced them. Authenticity and honest reporting are his guiding principles. Petar is also responsible for the technology and accounting behind TravelWorldOnline.


Petar films lupins in Trinity
Petar films lupins in Trinity

Our travel types


Together, Monika and Petar are now exploring North America, Europe and the world on their own and are constantly looking for new experiences and attractions for connoisseurs and slow travelers, which they present here. On their travels together, they have, among other things, greatly expanded their portfolio of travel types. For example, you went on a houseboat trip several times. They have also discovered river cruises. They have also expanded their camping experiences by traveling in RVs. Through their long-standing collaboration with Pleasure travel Austria and collaborations with other luxury hotels and wellness providers, they have also expanded their knowledge of thermal spas and gourmet worlds in Austria, Germany and other countries such as Slovenia and Croatia.


Petar cooking in the mobile home
Petar cooking in the mobile home


Culinary experiences and adventures

But her culinary experiences, which Monika was already very interested in on her study trips, also became more important for her travels as a gourmet travel blogger. As a tour guide, Monika's job was, among other things, to find high-quality restaurants to which she took her tour groups. Both took part in cooking courses with top chefs several times and looked into other people's cooking pots. This led to their shared interest in regional products and specialties continuing to grow.

They now also cook these dishes on the stove at home. Monika and Petar also like to dig out old family recipes that they present to their readers. Petar, for example, gained a taste for cooking during these culinary experiences. Today he often stands in the kitchen and tries out new recipes. In addition, when they travel, they are always looking for dishes and products that are typical of a region or even a city. Most of the time they will find what they are looking for. This is where her interest in farm shops and simple farm recipes comes from.

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In addition to her blog, Monika publishes articles in DIE ZEIT ONLINE and the print magazines 360 ° Canada, 360 ° USA, tourism aktuell, MySpotlight Canada and MySpotlight USA, writes guest postings for other blogs and websites such as Travianet, Neckermann Reisen, Expedia or Travador and writes travel guides. Petar's videos also appear on other sites like Traveldudes and on our own video channel on YouTube.

If you want to find out more about us, you can do so in this Interview ...

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What is important to us is cooperation on an equal footing that includes mutual appreciation.

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