Bake Santa hats

Bake Santa hats

Why not bake Santa hats for once? Photo: djd/IBIS-Backwaren/Olaf Rehmert

Bake Santa hats – why not?

You know that for sure. Every year there is the Christmas bakery. But why not try something new? What do you think of baking Santa hats? Christmas is not only a celebration of the family, but also of cherished traditions. For many, this includes baking cookies, stollen, Gingerbread and other goodies. Cookie bakers get to work in the kitchens, stirring, kneading, cutting and decorating.



Bake Christmas classics and Santa hats

At the top of the popularity list are Christmas classics such as Vanilla crescents, cinnamon stars or nut wedges. Friends of sweet nibbles are also looking forward to trying something completely new. Christmas hat truffles with IBIS Lemon Mini Cakes, for example, are eye-catchers and a pleasure to taste. With this recipe you can bake the Santa hats.

Recipe tip: Christmas hat truffle

Ingredients for baking Santa hats (for 20 pieces):

For the truffle batter:

1 pack of IBIS Mini Cakes with lemon flavor
a tablespoon of apricot jam
1 tsp vanilla paste
45 g weiche Butter
80 g double cream cheese at room temperature
60 g icing sugar

For decoration:

200g red candy melts
1 tbsp coconut oil
50 g white couverture
150 g grated coconut
50 g white fondant

Bake Christmas hats – Here’s how:

1. Crumble the IBIS Mini Cakes in a bowl. In a second bowl, whisk together the apricot jam, vanilla paste, butter and cream cheese until creamy. Sift the powdered sugar over it and whisk. Add the crumbled mini cakes and knead everything with your hands to form a smooth dough.

2. Divide the mass into 20 parts of approx. 20 g each. Roll each one into a ball in your hands. Then gently shape into cones. Spread on a plate and let set in the fridge for about 2 hours.

3. Melt the candy melts with the coconut oil in a hot water bath while stirring. Remove from stove. Briefly dip the cold, firm cones individually into the candy melts using two forks. Then place on a wire rack to drain and set. If the candy melts cool down too much during this time, simply heat them up again.

4. Chop the white couverture and melt in a hot water bath while stirring. Spread the grated coconut in a shallow bowl.

5. Now dip the cones one by one with the bottom side first briefly into the melted chocolate, then into the desiccated coconut. Then place back on the wire rack.

6. Roll 20 small balls out of the white fondant. Glue the balls to the top of the caps using the leftover melted chocolate. If you like, brush the balls thinly with a little melted chocolate and sprinkle with the remaining grated coconut. Store the Santa Hat Truffles in the refrigerator and consume within five days.

More recipe tips

Don't you just want to bake Santa hats? There are also more recipe tips at – for example for a Christmas trifle.


Bake Santa hats
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Baking Christmas hats source: djd and IBIS baked goods

Text Baking Christmas hats: djd and IBIS baked goods
Christmas hats baking photos: djd and IBIS-Backwaren as well as Olaf Rehmert

Bake Santa hats

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