Elisen Lebkuchen from Nuremberg are part of Advent

Elisen Lebkuchen from Nuremberg are part of Advent. With this Elisen gingerbread recipe you can bake it yourself. Or do you prefer to order them? Here we recommend Elisen Lebkuchen from traditional manufacturers and Lebzeltereien from Nuremberg.

Baking accessories online shop

Which baking accessories you need for baking depends on which pies, cakes, cookies or types of bread you want to make. In our baking accessories online shop you will find everything you need for baking.

Gingerbread recipe from my mom

When the aromas of cardamom, cloves and almonds fill the kitchen, then Advent is not far off. Then the baking time begins. Gingerbread was part of our home every year at this time. My mother was a great cook who loved to bake. Her recipes are old family recipes. I am happy to share her gingerbread recipe with you!

Bake NY cookies yourself - that's how it works

If you're in New York, it's best to buy a pack of NY Cookies for your lunch break, find a nice spot and enjoy the delicious specialities. But you can also bake them yourself. Our recipe helps with the preparation.

Black and white cookies

The black and white biscuits were always a highlight on my mum's Advent plate. She tried very hard. At least in our children's eyes. They are very easy to prepare though. You can find out how to bake them yourself in this black and white biscuit recipe.

Torrone - white nougat from Italy

Torrone is white nougat from Italy. The Arabs invented this specialty. They brought the white nougat with nuts to Spain. There it is called turrón. There are different types of nougat that are produced in many European countries today.

Oatmeal biscuits recipe with apricots and marzipan

This time we have an oatmeal cookie recipe for you for the Christmas season. We are fans of oatmeal and oat biscuits. We are not only since we met Oatmeal Cookies in the USA. That's why these oat biscuits are available all year round.

Bake Santa hats

You know that for sure. Every year there is the same Christmas bakery. But why not try something new? What do you think of baking Santa hats?

Snickerdoodles recipe

Granted, I tried the Snickerdoodle recipe because of the name of the cookies. Doesn't he make you laugh too? They also attracted me because of their origins. Because the recipe for the Snickerdoodle Cookies comes from the kitchens of the Mennonites and Amish.

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