KLM and a carefree day in Amsterdam

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Painting in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

A day in Amsterdam

What does KLM have to do with a carefree day in Amsterdam, you ask? The answer is quite simple: the luggage and an upgrade to Business Class. We had at the end of our trip to Flower corso in the Bollenstreek booked a late-night flight from Amsterdam to Munich to have a full day for Amsterdam, a city we did not know until then. But what about luggage when we're in the city all day? Pay expensive luggage storage? Carry the luggage? Both did not suit us. Simone from nach-holland.de, the ingenious organizer of our trip, came up with the idea to call KLM and ask if we can check in the suitcases in the morning. And the answer was a prompt yes. I was still skeptical, because normally you can check in at the airport counters of the airlines two hours before departure, unless you use the eve check-in. But we can not do that because we do not spend the night in Amsterdam the night before.


On the way on the Rembrandt Cruise in Amsterdam
On the way on the Rembrandt Cruise in Amsterdam


Automatic luggage check-in at KLM in Amsterdam

With a big question mark in our mind, on our day of departure we drove from Holland to the airport in Amsterdam. In the departure hall, we followed the signs to the KLM counters, where we got the boarding passes from the now installed at many airports Computer Checkins: Enter booking number, print boarding pass. Finished! Only: what happens to our luggage? Person-occupied counters where we could deliver that were not in sight. Instead, further signs point to KLM. We follow this and face automatic baggage acceptance points. I had not seen anything like that before:

Put the piece of luggage in a compartment that opens automatically after reading the boarding pass. There the luggage is weighed. At the push of a button, the luggage tag is printed out, which we attach to the luggage according to the instructions. Not without first sticking the voucher for checked baggage onto our plane ticket. Finally, we need a receipt that the suitcase has been abandoned if it is lost. After we have done everything, the baggage is automatically accepted and forwarded. So far so good. The check in our luggage was easily and quickly succeeded.



With the bus 197, which starts at the bus stop in front of the arrivals terminal, we drive to the city center Rijksmuseum and an interesting boat tour in the footsteps of Rembrandt through the canals of Amsterdam and spend a great and carefree day in the city. In the evening we drive back to the airport for our return flight to Munich.

An upgrade to Business Class at KLM

The best is yet to come. We sit at the gate of our flight, wait for boarding and watch our plane arrive. I post that with a photo on Twitter.


My KLM Tweet
My KLM Tweet


A few minutes after my tweet, we are suddenly called to the departure counter. "Maybe something went wrong with our luggage?" I think, startled. But the stewardess only looks at me kindly, holds out two new boarding passes and says: “Welcome to Business Class! We invite you to upgrade to Business Class. “Wow!


Dinner in the KLM Business Class from Amsterdam to Munich
Dinner in the KLM Business Class from Amsterdam to Munich


I enjoy finally having enough space to stretch my legs. Between my knees and the back of the foredecker are still well 20 centimeters distance. We are greeted with a drink before departure: champagne or orange juice? And the Business Class dinner consists of an appetizingly prepared salad and a light mini pizza, served on porcelain tableware, with silverware and cloth napkins. That's how we like flying


Eating with silver cutlery on porcelain plates in the KLM Business Class
Eating with silver cutlery on porcelain plates in the KLM Business Class


As our luggage arrives on arrival in Munich, the day is perfect. This was one of the best flights we have experienced in recent years. Thanks, KLM, for the beautiful Flight and the great day in Amsterdam.


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Source: own research on site. We thank KLM for the invitation to this flight. Our opinion remains our own.


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KLM and a carefree day in Amsterdam

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