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What better way to enjoy a trip for two than at romantic getaways in Ontario? It doesn't necessarily need a special occasion or Valentine's Day. We have been doing this for years and are always looking for particularly romantic accommodations on our travels. Over time, we have discovered a number of hotels, inns and B&Bs in Ontario that have met our requirements for a romantic stay for two in a very special way. Here you can choose your own personal getaway in Ontario:


Romantic getaways in Ontario at hotels, inns and B&Bs
This is what a dinner for two by Lake Huron can look like at romantic Ontario inns


Romantic Getaways in Ontario in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is the perfect spot for a romantic Ontario getaway. The peninsula is located in Lake Ontario. There are beautiful beaches to relax on throughout the day. With its mild climate, it offers farmers the opportunity to grow wine. What could be more pleasant than spending a day at a winery, tasting their wines and enjoying good food. It is best to take one or two bottles of wine with you that tasted particularly good during the wine tasting. This can be enjoyed in the evening for two in the cozy ambience of a B&B or inn.



Room at the Ivy at Verity Hotel in Toronto
Romantic getaways in Ontario are also available in Toronto: sitting area for two at the Verity Inn, one of the romantic hotels in Ontario


Romantic Ontario getaways are also available in Toronto

Similarly exclusive is The Ivy at Verity in Toronto. This hotel is located in a chocolate factory that has been converted into a spa for women. With its four rooms it is a very exclusive romantic getaway in Ontario. Four guest rooms have been set up at one end of the building, offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the big city. If you want, you can spend some time together in these rooms with wellness bathrooms. After 10 p.m., men also have access to the spa’s wellness area – and you have it (almost) to yourself! But there are other Toronto accommodations that are great for romantic Ontario getaways. We felt very comfortable on our trips to Toronto in the Royal York Hotel or in the Ritz Carlton.



Romantic getaways in Ontario at B&Bs
Romantic Ontario Getawaya at a B&B in Muskoka

Romantic B&Bs in Ontario can be found in the Muskoka region

The Muskoka region is great if you're looking for romantic B&Bs in Ontario. Many B&Bs in the Muskoka region offer a romantic getaway in Ontario. Rooms often have a bed to dream about. A seating area invites you to relax. Hosts who prepare a breakfast for connoisseurs on request ensure that guests feel comfortable in their guest rooms. For us, B&Bs in the Muskoka region were one of the highlights of our trip through Ontario's fall region.



Romantic Getaways in Ontario - Niagara-on-the-Lake
Romantic Getaway in Ontario - Niagara-on-the-Lake

Romantic Getaways in Ontario in the Niagara Wine Region

One region for romantic getaways in Ontario is the wine region around Niagara-on-the-Lake. The place itself is a highlight on the Niagara Peninsula. It's worth taking the time to browse the shops. Walks through the village show you the houses that bear witness to the history of the place. The wineries that surround the town invite you to wine tasting. Walks through the vineyards give an insight into the wine-growing of the region.




Canada East by Ivanovsky

Canada East

Want to learn more about Ontario and romantic getaways in Ontario? Explore the cities, each of which is different. The metropolitan city of Toronto is the largest city in the country. Montreal awaits you with a mix of French flair and British lifestyle. The capital Ottawa lures with world-class museums and the centers of power in Canada. Feel transported to 17th-century France in Quebec City.

The nature in eastern Canada is also impressive. Follow the shores of the St. Lawrence River and discover a world that is more reminiscent of the sea and stretches far into the continent. Experience the coastal landscapes, the river valleys that criss-cross the interior and the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains. Be amazed by the difference in tides in the Bay of Fundy. Enjoy the landscapes of Prince Edward Island. Discover the coastal and archipelago region of Nova Scotia. Explore one of the most scenic coastal drives in eastern Canada on Cape Breton Island: the Cabot Trail. Or look forward to the residents in the fishing villages of Newfoundland and Labrador. Their hospitality is what makes this region so welcoming.

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Romantic Getaways in Ontario
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