Toronto women-only hotel with spa

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Toronto women-only hotel with spa

A female-only Toronto hotel and spa

We visit a Toronto hotel with a spa, to which men are not allowed. The "Verity Spa" is run by a club of wealthy women from the metropolis. Here you have created an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of the big city in which you do your business. That's why everything is there: a restaurant, a coffee terrace and a gourmet restaurant. The first morning business meetings are held in the breakfast restaurant. In the afternoon you can have a nice cup of tea on the terrace. And the gourmet restaurant "George" is one of the top restaurants in Toronto.



Well-being is a priority at this Toronto hotel and spa

The ladies have access to event rooms for celebrations and meetings. They have access to computer labs where they can do their online mail. They also find ways to relax between business meetings. You can pamper yourself in the club's wellness area. Be it with massages, in the sauna, with a swim in the pool or with an appointment at the hairdresser who puts the finishing touches to the ladies' hairstyles. Well-being is a top priority at Verity, the Toronto hotel with a spa for women only.



Courtyard cafe terrace at Toronto Hotel with Spa
Courtyard cafe terrace at Toronto Hotel with Spa


Understatement at the Verity Spa

From the outside the building appears inconspicuous. If we hadn't known the address, we would have walked past it. Our taxi driver who drives us here just looks at us questioningly when we ask him to take us to “Verity”. He doesn't know it and has to type the address into his navigation device to find it. There is no billboard above the entrance. Instead, it is as inconspicuous as an entrance to a residential building. The “Verity Spa” and the four hotel rooms that belong to it are located in a former chocolate factory that is a listed building. It should therefore come as no surprise that the pipes can be seen on the ceiling. They may not be changed.

The building was carefully converted into a temple of well-being. There is a café terrace in the inner courtyard where you don't hear any of the city street noise. All rooms, with the exception of the “George” restaurant, face this inner courtyard and are therefore wonderfully quiet. The four hotel rooms also open onto this courtyard with their balconies.


The spa lounge for women only
The spa lounge for women only


Our overnight stay at the Toronto Hotel with Spa for women only

We are invited to spend a night at the Ivy at Verity Hotel and Cecilia Keller, the General Manager, shows us all the hotel's facilities and spa. Cecilia is originally from Germany and explains to us that men are also allowed to stay in the four hotel rooms. However, they can only access the spa after the club's ladies have finished their day. Petar can only use the hotel pool after ten o'clock. Therefore, we first visit the other facilities of the hotel, have a cup of tea on the terrace and enjoy dinner in the restaurant "George". In the open kitchen we can watch the chefs at work.


Bath salts to choose from in our feel-good bath
Bath salts to choose from in our feel-good bath


The rooms at Verity Spa, a Toronto hotel with spa

The hotel rooms are new to the Verity Spa and they too are special. We stay in room 4, the largest of the four rooms. When furnishing the rooms, emphasis was placed on using natural materials. This ranges from the lamps, which stand on feet made of driftwood, to the beds, which consist only of natural materials. Its furniture and the wallpaper and curtains in warm colors give the factory rooms a cozy atmosphere. The bathrooms are true wellness oases. Bath salts are offered to choose from over the bathtub. The shower is equipped with a shower head that makes you feel like you are standing in the rain. Orchids, crystal chandeliers and candles increase well-being in this bathroom.

Breakfast at The Ivy at Verity

Cecilia asks us whether we would like to have breakfast in the restaurant in the morning or whether we would prefer to eat in the room. We choose the latter. All you have to do is call the restaurant the next morning to order freshly brewed coffee. Our breakfast tray is already prepared on a table in front of our room so that we can start our day in privacy. A perfect end to our stay at the Ivy at Verity.

The Ivy at Verity, a Toronto hotel with spa
111d Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M5C 1S2
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Toronto hotel with spa
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Toronto women-only hotel with spa

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