Your Sweden vacation in Smaland southern Sweden

Your Sweden vacation in Smaland southern Sweden This Sweden vacation in Smaland southern Sweden is an experience for connoisseurs. Our trip to Oslo made us curious. So we wanted to see more of Scandinavia. To start with, we chose the region between Jönköping and Växjö, southeast of Stockholm. A vacation in Sweden in Smaland, southern Sweden. I knew that[…]

Impressions of the Oslo fjord

Together with our travel blogger colleagues, we traveled on board the DFDS ferries Crown and Pearl through the Oslo Fjord, the long strait that connects the capital of Norway with the Baltic Sea. Petar and I were in Scandinavia for the first time and, apart from what we knew from photos and films, had little idea about this [...]

Impressions from Skanör in Sweden

Why is a stop in Skanoer in southern Sweden worthwhile? The market place of Skanör was mentioned as early as 1215 when the Archbishop of Lund forbade the sale of false relics. Today's Rathausplatz was built in the 14th century when more permanent urban development developed.

Impressions from 200. National Holiday in Oslo, Norway

On May 17th, Norwegians celebrate the existence of their state with Constitution Day. For the 200th anniversary of this event, we are guests in Oslo, Norway's capital, on the occasion of the PDRB's travel blogger meeting, and we are very lucky to be able to watch part of the celebrations the day after. Since our time in Oslo is limited [...]

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