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The most beautiful pictures of our trips 2015

The year 2015 is drawing to a close. We started our travel year shortly after the beginning of the year with a trip to Italy and ended with a trip to North Rhine-Westphalia in December. In between there were many interesting and varied trips to different continents, countries in Europe and regions in Germany. We have discovered new things, familiar things from a new [...]

Traffic in the world, what you experience in the process

We have recently reported a few times about our experiences with transport while traveling. Traveling not only means arriving, but for us it is also being on the move. On our travels around the world, we have repeatedly experienced that you can experience many exciting moments. Have you ever been from a [...]

Our life as a travel blogger in the year 2014

What a year! We saw a lot, experienced even more. We met a lot of new people, made new friends and interviewed interesting people. We have been traveling at least once every month of this year, often two or even three times. We used a wide variety of modes of transport: by car, ferry and even by [...]

We ask travel bloggers: Where do you prefer to ski?

We are continuing our series of ski and winter travel topics with a survey among travel bloggers. We asked them which ski area they prefer to ski in. Your answers are surprisingly diverse: Clemens Sehi from Anekdotique reveals his: “My preferred ski area is Tyrol's youngest glacier, the Kaunertal Glacier. It is so beautifully located that [...]

Review as a travel blogger in 2013

We didn't expect that at the beginning of the year: This year we traveled 26 times, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, but always to interesting travel destinations and even more interesting travel topics. Enjoyment played a dominant role in our travels this year, but experience was not neglected either - and so we stayed the [...]

Tips for travel bloggers from TBEX 2013 in Dublin

We spent the last three days at the TBEX travel blogger conference in Dublin, an event where we gain knowledge that makes us better as travel bloggers, but where we also meet other travel bloggers and get to know personally who inspire us or whom we have known them online for a long time. Every time there are familiar faces [...]

Visiting the President of Ireland

As travel bloggers, we have had many great experiences all over the world, and we know that this job is a real dream job. But we did not expect that we as travel bloggers would also move on the international political stage. However, this is exactly what happened a few weeks ago. Then, for a short time,[…]

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