Traffic in the world, what you experience in the process

Deserted spaces in Labrador

We have recently reported a few times on our travel experiences. Traveling does not just mean arriving, but at the same time being on our way. That we can experience many exciting moments, we have experienced on our travels through the world again and again. Have you ever been hindered by an elephant driving on? We experienced this in the Kruger National Park in South Africa some years ago. A furious elephant bull blocked the way and stopped us until we barely reached our camp before the gates closed. With such obstacles one must count in the wilderness.

Our experiences with the traffic of the world

There are many examples of this. We have already introduced some of them on our blog: ours Flight to Winterlude in Ottawa The east coast of Labrador presented itself from its most beautiful side. We were able to see them clearly from 10000 meters high and see ice floes and icebergs jamming in the bays on their shoreline. Breathtaking views like these make Flights across the Atlantic to a very special experience. In Ontario we were traveling by train for the first time. Like there one Ride in Business Class expires, we have introduced you here. How lonely a journey over land can be showed on mine Journey over the Dempster Highway on the Arctic coast at the Beaufort Sea in the northwest territories in the far north of Canada.

What other travel bloggers experienced on their travels

Others have their own experiences with curious traffic experiences. This is shown in this infographic, in which travel blogger colleagues present their personal experiences. Just click on the picture and you can read what Udo and Sonja from Jo-Igele travel blog, Daniel vom wanderlust blog, Marianna from Weltenbummlermag, Gudrun of and other travel bloggers on their travels around the world. An exciting read!

What have you made for experiences in your travels with the traffic of the world? Are there any impressive or those that you can not forget? Then please let us know in the comments on this post. We are curious about what you have experienced in the traffic of the world.

Source: own experiences on site

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Traffic in the world, what you experience in the process
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