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The Manoir Hovey in Quebec is reminiscent of Louise Penny The Village in the Red Forests

The Hotel Manoir Hovey in Quebec is a hotel full of romance. It reminds me of a novel that Louise Penny brings to life in The Village in the Red Forests. We spend one night there in a room with a four-poster bed and an open fireplace. We can hardly tear ourselves away from the view of the lake from our balcony. We also enjoy dinner in style. We spent a time together in this hotel that we won't soon forget! We are fans of the Relais & Chateaux Hotels. However, this hotel more than exceeded our expectations. You can find out why this is so here.


A comfortable four-poster bed at Manoir Hovey
Four poster bed at Manoir Hovey in Quebec

The Manoir Hovey in Quebec is like something out of a novel

In The Village in the Red Forests, Louise Penny evokes associations with the region in which Manoir Hovey is located. I rarely get so enthusiastic about a hotel like this one. Quebec's Manoir Hovey is tucked away from the road in a forest on the shores of Lake Massawippi. That's just under two hours south of Montreal in Quebec. The hotel is located in the middle of nature just outside the village of North Hatley. This village is worth a day trip because of its location directly on the lake. Here you can relax in the silence by the lake. Just let your mind wander for a few hours on one of the sun loungers between the flower beds and with a view of the water. Gorgeous! I relaxed with a book on our balcony. If you need a little cooling off in between, you can swim in the pool or paddle out onto the lake in a canoe.

Our stay at the Manoir Hovey somehow reminds me of films from the fifties and sixties in which an (almost) ideal world plays the leading role. Even more, however, the setting transports me to the world of Louise Penny's novels such as The Village in the Red Woods.


The village in the red forests
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Louise Penny The village in the red woods

The village in the red forests, Three Pines, reminds me a lot of North Hatley. Three Pines is the location of Louise Penny's crime novels. The Canadian author catches the mood in her crime series about the cases of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Eastern Townships a. The main location of the crime thrillers is the fictional village of Three Pines. She was inspired by the region between North Hatley, Knowlton, Sutton and Saint-Benoit-du-Lac for her portrait of a village in the region of southern Quebec bordering Vermont. The Manoir Hovey fits perfectly into this setting of mysterious murders that Chief Inspector Gamache solves in the forests of the region. There's even a Bellechasse Suite, reminiscent of the Manoir Bellechasse, the setting for one of Louise Penny's crime novels.
Let yourself be carried away into the forests of the Cantons de L'Est with their friendly people and exciting crime novels.



Cozy chimney corner in Manoir Hovey as with Louise Penny The village in the red forests
Fireplace in our room at Manoir Hovey, Quebec

Room with a fireplace and a view of the lake

The room we stay in at Manoir Hovey in Quebec is not particularly large. However, it is cozy and tastefully decorated with antiques. The four-poster bed has a mattress that lets me sink into it. I almost expect to feel the pea that bullied the princess in the fairy tale. But far from it! In this bed you sleep like on clouds. I particularly like the sitting area with the two wing chairs by the fireplace. We prepare a cup of coffee in an espresso machine. This tastes particularly good at the open fire, which we light up in the evening. The perfect moment to review a wonderful day again.


This bathroom matches the style of the room
This bathroom matches the style of the room at Manoir Hovey in Quebec


The bathroom is not modern but matches the antiques in the bedroom in style. Art Nouveau lamps, a shell-shaped sink and bathrobes that couldn't be any cozier add to the nostalgia of the room. We definitely feel like we've been transported to another time. A time without hectic. At leisure. A time when vacationing with the family was something extraordinary. A stay in the forests of the Cantons de L'Est, as described by Louise Penny in her detective stories. At the Manoir Hovey in Quebec, we are transported to their fictional village of Three Pines. Our trip to Bleu Lavande Lavender Farm and along the Eastern Townships Wine Route also fits well into this picture.


A wine suitable for the menu
A wine suitable for the menu

Enjoy a dinner in an ambience with style

We are served the best at Manoir Hovey in Quebec Essen the trip. That means something, because in almost every hotel or restaurant we visit on the way, we are spoiled with specialties and delicacies from the region. Here, however, we are climbing the pinnacle of Quebec cuisine. Our menu includes courses that couldn't be more delicious. In addition to morels with brie and herb salad, there are tomatoes with roast beef and herbs, salmon on asparagus with gnocchi and walnuts, fillet of beef on a bed of vegetables, and finally an ice cream dessert. Each course is a poem in itself. .


This juicy salmon was just one of the courses at our dinner at Manoir Hovey
This salmon was just one of the courses we had for dinner at Manoir Hovey in Quebec


The Maître d'Hôtel doesn't really know what to do with us travel bloggers at first. He is amazed when we photograph our food before we enjoy it. Finally he sends us a waiter who serves us our food and explains in perfect German what he is serving us. As it turns out, he used to be a professional footballer in Stuttgart. He tells us that he had to give up his sport due to an injury. So he finally switched to gastronomy. When we asked if he liked the Manoir Hovey in Quebec, he just smiled and said, "Yes, a lot."


A lounge like Louise Penny's The Village in the Red Forests
A lounge to feel good at Manoir Hovey in Quebec

The lounge at Manoir Hovey in Quebec

The lounges on the ground floor of Manoir Hovey in Quebec are also very nice. I can well imagine Chief Inspector Armand Gamache meeting his friends from Three Pines here. After dinner we have the lounge to ourselves for a few minutes. Hence, we enjoy the room with its bookcase that takes up an entire wall. I immediately feel at home here. I could sit in one of the wing chairs for hours and browse. Or - like Armand Gamache - stare out the window to uncover the mysterious processes in Three Pines. The room is tastefully decorated with Tiffany lamps that shed their light on bouquets of flowers and fruit bowls. These are distributed on the tables and chests in the room. Oil paintings, Americana and Quebec folk art decorate sideboards, end tables and empty spaces on the bookshelf. We can hardly get enough of the furnishings in this lounge.



Finally, our only regret is that we didn't have more time to enjoy the surroundings of Manoir Hovey, Quebec. This is definitely a reason to come back!

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Manoir Hovey

575 Rue Hovey
North Hatley
Quebec, J0B 2C0
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Manoir Hovey - Louise Penny The village in the red woods
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At the Manoir Hovey in Quebec
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