Detective stories set in Provence

Detective stories set in Provence

Crime novels set in Provence as gift ideas

I don't know about you, but thrillers set in the Provence put me in a holiday mood. I read a thriller that is in the Camargue plays, I smell the sea. Then I see the white horses of the Camargue before my eyes. I remember the flamingos in the nature reserve. Then I think back to the boules players who let their balls roll in the market square of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. And I dream of the miles of sandy beaches where the waves run smoothly.

In other crime scenes set in Provence, I see lavender fields in front of me that extend to the horizon. I taste Provencal cheese on the tongue. Or feel wine from Provence run down your throat. I can see the Arles arena in my mind's eye, and I can smell the scent of herbs on the market square in Avignon.

All this is reason enough that I like to read the crime novels with the Provence commissioner or other crime novels that play in Provence. Do you feel the same? Then I recommend you the following thrillers as holiday reading for France or at home to remind you of the flair of Provence.


Avignon Bridge - This is where the crime novels set in Provence by Pierre Lagrange take place
Avignon Bridge


The crime series about Commissaire Leclerc by Pierre Lagrange

The friendly commissaire Leclerc resolves the crime cases in Provence by Pierre Lagrange. Lagrange is the pseudonym of a German author. His mother ran an estate in the Avignon region that was known for its French cuisine. His novels take place in the area of ​​Carpentras near Avignon.




The crime novels by Sophie Bonnet around Commissioner Pierre Durand

Provençal cuisine plays a role in the crime novels by German author Sophie Bonnet around Commissioner Pierre Durand. That makes me very likeable about these thrillers. In doing so, the author brings the crime series to life in Provence. The author sees the fictional setting of Sainte-Valérie between Monts de Vaucluse and Luberon in Provence. With the dishes she tries on site, she is already thinking about the role to be played in her next book. One of her books is therefore also called "Provencal pleasure". In it she presents Commissioner Pierre Durand's favorite recipes.

I like Sophie Bonnet's crime novels, especially because they place great value on Provence cuisine. At the end of each thriller, she also introduces the best recipes she speaks of in her novels. We have already cooked some of them in our kitchen.



White Camargue horses
White Camargue horses as a backdrop in the Provence crime novels

The Provence thrillers by Cay Rademacher around Capitaine Roger Blanc

Rademacher studied history and philosophy in Cologne and Washington and wrote for the GEO and GEO epoch. On his research trips, he always comes to regions whose cultures particularly fascinate him. One of them is Provence, where the author now lives with his family. His Provence crime novels take place in different locations. He takes his readers to Vernègues, Calès, the Camargue or the Côte Bleue.

The Provence crime novels by Cay Rademacher and the story of Roger Blanc are addicting. I hope Rademacher continues this crime series. In his novels, not only are the crime stories exciting, I also want to know how Roger Blanc's life in Provence will develop. Rademacher takes us with him in the life story of the protagonist. That's just great!



Provence sea
Provence sea

The Provence crime novels by Remy Eyssen around the legal doctor Leon Ritter

Legal doctor Leon Ritter is the main character in the Provence crime novels by Remy Eyssen. Leon Ritter's cases are crime scenes set in Provence, with which he takes us to places like Lavandou, the lavender regions or the island of Porquerolles. Eyssen has known the region well since childhood. He often came to the south of France with his parents and siblings. Later, he was always drawn to Provence, where he lived in Le Lavandou and in Bormes les Mimosas.

Remy Eyssen's crime novels didn't convince me that much. His writing style suits me less. When I read several of his thrillers, I found that entire passages about the life story of Leon Ritter are repeated almost verbatim in the novels. I was very disappointed.



Lavender in Provence

Carine Bernard's Provence lavender thrillers

Not all Carine Bernard thrillers are set in Provence. However, her crime stories about EU investigator Molly Preston and Lilou Braque take the reader into a world full of Provençal atmosphere and cuisine. The author prefers to explore Provence with her camper off the main roads. This is how her thrillers are created, which are a mixture of holiday feeling and exciting stories.



Let yourself be carried away by these thrillers set in Provence in the lavender regions or to the wild horses in the Camargue. Discover Provencal cities like Arles or Avignon and let yourself be carried away into a world of delicious cuisine and magical gardens. Nevertheless, dark stories happen that make for exciting reading. We hope you enjoy the Provence crime novels.

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Crime novels from Provence
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Detective stories set in Provence
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