From Montreal to Quebec City along the King's Road

Most travelers take the freeway to get from Montreal to Quebec City as quickly as possible. They don't know what they're missing. The King's Road, on the other hand, leads directly along the north bank of the St. Lawrence through idyllic villages and offers beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River.

Prince Edward Island Oysters, Clams & Quahogs

Seafood and crustaceans play a big part in the cuisine of Prince Edward Island and the Atlantic provinces of Canada. No wonder! The sea is nowhere far away. Therefore, on this trip we took a closer look at the delicacies that the sea delivers:

Killarney Secrets

Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park is an experience where you can feel Canada up close. The Killarney Provincial Park (map) is hardly known in this country. Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park is a real outdoor experience. Nature lovers in particular will feel at home there.

Toronto and the cultures of the world

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Allegedly they speak more than 140 different languages ​​and dialects there. The 2006 census found that nearly half of Canada's largest city (49,9%) are from other countries.

How do you eat a lobster?

How do you eat a lobster? We ask ourselves the question on our pleasure trip through New Brunswick. Do you know that too? You'd love to try an exotic specialty, but you don't know how to eat it. For lobsters, that's probably how many of us do. Here you can find out how to do it.

The market of St John New Brunswick

The St John New Brunswick Market is well worth a visit. The City Market in St. John is lively, where vendors loudly advertise their wares, ranging from seafood in all variations, including the delicious Bay of Fundy lobster, to fruit and vegetables from the region, meat and cheeses from all over [...]

Rossmount Inn in St Andrews-by-the-Sea

Enjoy the night at the Rossmount Inn in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea Relax at the Rossmount Inn after an eventful day in New Brunswick! Imagine: You spent the whole day on one of the islands on New Brunswick's west coast. And there are many of them that are worth seeing in this corner of Canada: Minister's Island, Grand Manan or Deer Island, [...]

Kensington Market Toronto

The Kensington Market Toronto We visit the Kensington Market Toronto. In any case, there is no city in Canada that is home to more cultures from all over the world. Multiculturalism is very important in the metropolis on Lake Ontario. As Canada's hotspot, Toronto attracts more immigrants than any other city in the country. The more than 5,5 million inhabitants in the greater Toronto area [...]

Glooscap Trail along the Bay of Fundy

The Glooscap Trail along the Bay of Fundy On our journey through Nova Scotia we are faced with a choice: we can take the freeway from Windsor to Pictou to quickly reach our destination, or we can take the leisurely drive along the north coast of Nova Scotia along the Glooscap Trail always with a view of [...]

Specialty from New Brunswick: Dulse

Seafood specialty from New Brunswick: Dulse Seafood is one of the most important foods in Canada's Atlantic provinces. Every restaurant has scallops (mussels), haddock, salmon, lobster and oysters on the menu. That is almost part of good manners. And one is proud of it, after all, fishing was once one of the most important sources of income in the region. But New [...]

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