Farm vacation

Making butter yourself in the butter barrel - That's how it works

Many years ago, my grandmother showed me how to make butter in a butter churn. As a child, I would often sit in her kitchen and watch her make butter. That was a long time ago though. I would like to make my own butter again like I used to. We were allowed to see how it works in the Laufmuseum in Klietz.

Wine from the Main in the Häckerwirtschaft

It's going to be real! As soon as we enter the Häckerwirtschaft of the Waigand winery in Erlenbach, the young winemaker Verena Waigand extends her hand in greeting, while one of her little sons looks at us curiously from her shoulder.

Where can you see the cranberry harvest in Canada?

Cranberry harvesting can be seen at Johnston's Cranberry Farm in Bala. Johnston's Cranberry Farm is located just outside the small town of Bala in Muskoka Cottage Country. This region is wonderful for growing cranberries.

Hike through the vineyard at Burg Hoheneck

Directly behind the town of Ipsheim in Franconia, the Ipsheim vineyards rise below Hoheneck Castle, on whose clay soils Franconian wines that taste fine and aromatic grow. A country road winds up the mountain between the plots of the vintners, on which we walk through the vineyards undisturbed by car traffic.

Experience wine in Winzerkeller Sommerach

Wine experience is fun in Winzerkeller Sommerach! It offers its visitors many opportunities to enjoy, taste and experience the wine. We visited the wine cellar on our journey through the Franconian wine country and were impressed.

Discover Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest

Bad Neualbenreuth is about twenty minutes by car from Tirschenreuth, near the border with the Czech Republic. Quiet. Surrounded by an agricultural landscape and dense forests. In a cauldron over which “the Bohemian” blows all year round. The air is like champagne. It tingles.

Holidays on the farm at the Chiemsee

A vacation on the farm at the Chiemsee is an opportunity to experience this lake and its surroundings authentically and up close. At the moment, a farm holiday on Lake Chiemsee is trendy. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy nature and the cuisine of the region.

A culinary trip through Hessen

On this culinary country tour you will taste Hessian specialties directly from the producer. Try Ahle Wurst in Northern Hesse. Stay in a country hotel known for its food in Hessen. Have a picnic in the rose garden. Enjoy the Riesling in the Rheingau. Discover how wonderful a holiday in Hessen is.

Farm vacation Bavaria

A farm holiday in Bavaria is the best way to get to know the country and its people. You're staying with someone who lives off the land. There is often the opportunity to actively experience life on the farm.

Wine lovers like these Slovenia travel destinations

Discover Slovenia travel destinations for wine lovers with us. We experience Malvasia wine and more Slovenian wines in the Vipava Valley Slovenia. Green hilly landscapes invite you to go on excursions. Winemakers open their cellars to wine lovers. Wine routes attract with landscapes and restaurants.

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