Short breaks in Emmendingen and Freudenstadt

Emmendingen old town

Ad - Admittedly, we were not there yet: in Emmendingen and Freudenstadt in the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg. However, if Goethe raves about the city of Emmendingen 200 years ago, then this place is certainly a travel destination that is interesting for us as pleasure travelers. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was even a guest twice. Freudenstadt is in no way inferior to this place in terms of attractiveness, especially when I read about the culinary region in and around this place that it offers culinary delights like good wines, hearty snacks or - my personal highlight - real Black Forest cherries. Good food, wine and beautiful landscapes are what we are looking for on our travels. The two places have a lot more in store. These sights make a Black Forest city trip to Emmendingen and Freudenstadt interesting for a weekend trip:

Emmendinger Tor (c) Copyright Tourist Information Emmendingen
The Emmendinger Gate (c) Copyright Tourist Information Emmendingen

Tips for a short break in Emmendingen and Freudenstadt


Emmendingen's old town with its picturesque half-timbered houses, the cobblestone streets and the Emmendinger Tor, the 1729 Old Town Hall and the Margrave's Castle, which today houses a photo museum, offers cultural facilities and a well-maintained historic cityscape, guaranteeing a pleasurable stay in this city. If you want to find out more about contemporary history, the Jewish Museum of the city is worth a visit. It documents the development of the Jewish community since 1716, Jewish everyday life and culture as well as the persecution of Jews under the National Socialists. Much further back in history, one can see the ruin of the stronghold: 500 years of fortified architecture from the 12. to 17. Century can be experienced there. From the castle ruins you have a beautiful view of the surrounding valleys and the peaks of the Black Forest. If you want to go even higher and the 240 steps do not shy away from the Eichberg tower, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Black Forest ridge, the Swiss Jura, the Vosges and the Kaiserstuhl.

In the surroundings of Emmendingen you can visit the remains of the former Cistercian monastery Tennenbach, of which only the chapel is left. The monastery was dissolved in the course of secularization in the year 1806 after 645 years of monastic activity. All buildings and lands were expropriated. The monks moved on to other monasteries and only a few of them stayed in the monastery Tennenbach. During the Wars of Liberation up to 1500 Bavarian and Austrian soldiers were housed in it and then disintegrated the monastery more and more.


Ruine Hochburg (c) Copyright Tourist Information Emmendingen
Ruine Hochburg (c) Copyright Tourist Information Emmendingen



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The city of Freudenstadt is especially worth seeing because of the largest marketplace in Germany. Almost square, it has side lengths of more than 200 meters and is shared by several streets. If you look at him from above, you will see that he is laid out like the board of a mill board game. At the end of the 1990 years, the marketplace was redesigned and 50 water fountains were installed, inviting you to relax on the green areas on hot summer days. The corners of the square were formerly all occupied with angle hook buildings. Today there are only two left: the city church and the building where the police station of the city is located.

Freudenstadt Market Square (c) Copyright Freudenstadt Tourismus
Freudenstadt Market Square (c) Copyright Freudenstadt Tourismus


In Freudenstadt, anyone who does not shy away from the descent via 30 meter high steel ladders can descend into the depths of a historic mine and find out what life underground once looked like. Those who prefer to visit Freudenstadt and its surroundings from above can do so from the Friedrichsturm on Kienberg. From there you have a good view of the city and the surrounding area. Alternatively, during the opening hours of the Town Hall, you can climb the tower and see the city from above.


City Church of Freudenstadt (c) Copyright Freudenstadt Tourismus
City Church of Freudenstadt (c) Copyright Freudenstadt Tourismus


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Short breaks in Emmendingen and Freudenstadt
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