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Art Deco district in Miami Beach

Art Deco District Miami - Lincoln Theater Miami and Beaches
Lincoln Theater in the Art Deco district in Miami Beach

Art Deco district and Beaches

The Art Deco district in Miami Beach is worth a visit. So we start our walk through the Art Deco district of Miami Beach in Florida at Lincoln Street Mall. This is the pedestrian street in South Beach. This is lined with boutiques, restaurants and bars. Away from the Miami Beaches, you can not only shop well, but also take a break with a fruit cocktail or a Cafe Cubano.

Advertising in the Miami Art Deco district
Advertising in the Miami Art Deco District

Art Deco Miami Beach

Walking through the pedestrian area, we first discover Art Deco jewelry on the houses in Art Deco style. This Cadillac Art Deco ad comes from the very beginning of Miami Beach's Art Deco district. It is a good example of how the Miami architectural style was used for commercial purposes at that time.

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Miami Art Deco features

The sweeping lines are typical of the Art Deco architecture of Miami Beach. You often notice us. One example is the Lincoln Theater, a cinema in Lincoln Street Mall. The pastel colors of the houses are also typical of the Miami architectural style. Along with the layout of the rooms, often grouped around a courtyard, they also give the buildings of the Art Deco era an airy look.

Residential house Miami
Art Deco residential building

Spanish Quarter Miami

Past pastel-colored, Art Deco-style residences, we continue our walk south. Our destination is the Espanola Way, a Miami neighborhood with lots of buildings in Art Deco architecture. Typical are the sun visors over the windows. These should keep the heat and the sun out of the living spaces. Because the houses were built in a time when no air conditioners for coolness in the interiors made. The beaches of Miami can be hot and humid, especially in summer.

Building Miami
Well ventilated buildings

Many of the Art Deco houses are therefore built around a private courtyard. This could provide sufficient air exchange in the rooms because windows can be opened on both sides of the room. The cooler air from the shady courtyard ensures a pleasant room climate with the window open. So even the hot summer days on the Beaches of Miami bearable.

We continue to

Espanola Way, Miami Beach

Espanola Way Miami
Espanola Way

At Espanola Way we notice Spanish stylistic elements in the pastel-colored houses. Traditional hotels, hostels, bodegas, bistros and sidewalk cafes line the street on both sides.

Al Capone was vacationing in the Miami Art Deco district

Clay Hotel Miami
The Clay Hotel

History was made in one of them, the Clay Hotel. The Chicago mobster Al Capone and his gang spent the holidays here. In return, he assured the city that he would not engage in any criminal activity during his stay. He allegedly kept his promise. The facade of the hotel also appeared in the opening credits of the "Miami Vice" television series. This eventually caused a renaissance of South Beach.

Staying at the Espanola Way

Jerry's Deli Miami
Jerry's Deli

Nautical decor in the Art Deco district

Following Espanola Way to Collins Avenue, you will arrive at Jerry's Deli. Its facade reminds a little of a steamboat. This is also typical of the Art Deco style, which likes to use nautical elements in its architecture. This fits well with the maritime lifestyle at the Miami Beaches.

Z Ocean Hotel Miami
Z Ocean Hotel near Miami Beaches

Across the street, the Z Ocean Hotel also grabs this architectural style. Here, however, the hotel's facade is more reminiscent of one of the great ocean liners that arrive day after day at the Port of Miami Beach.

Ocean Drive in the Art Deco district of Miami Beach

Ocean Drive Miami
Ocean Drive and Miami Beaches

We pass through the Z Ocean Hotel. So we finally arrive directly on the Ocean Drive and the Miami Beaches. Here, one Art Deco building stretches to the next, with its typical pastel-colored décor. A stroll along this road will take you past the finest examples of Art Deco buildings in South Beach.

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Art Deco in Miami Beach
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  1. Saskia
    | Reply


    we were also in Miami but somehow we didn't notice it "consciously" ..
    Next time I will pay more attention to it. I really like the kind ...

    Best regards


    • Monika
      | Reply

      Hello Saskia,

      There are certain streets in Miami Beach where Art Deco houses are frequent. It's best to take one of the city tours offered through the Art Deco district.

      Best regards,

  2. Nicole
    | Reply

    Oh look, I did not connect with Miami at all and I love the Art Deco style. Really nice translated! Must Miami on my travel list.
    Greetings from Zadar,
    Nicole from the travel blog PASSENGER X

    • Monika
      | Reply

      Dear Nicole,

      If you like Art Deco then you are in the right place in South Beach. There are great Art Nouveau houses not only on the sea, but also in the streets behind. We discover new ones every time we are there. Have fun in Zadar and best regards,

  3. Michaela
    | Reply

    Wow, this art deco looks really good. I especially like the Espanola Way!

    Greetings from Peru :)

    • Monika
      | Reply

      Dear Michaela,

      that's it too. So far, I do not know any place where you can see more Art Deco houses than Miami Beach. Every time we are there, we discover new ones :).

      Best regards,

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