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Miami in December: Enjoy Winter in Florida

Winter blues? On to Florida! Miami in December lures us to Miami in December. At the end of December the usual winter blues packs us. Christmas is just over. It will be months before the first spring flowers break through the snow. We are starving for the sun. So what do you do? Only one thing helps: in ... go to Article

Ceilidh Trail: on to the Cabot Trail

The Ceilidh Trail We explore the Ceilidh Trail in Nova Scotia and discover real insider tips. Do you know that, too? You drive to a country that you do not know, and choose the most famous places as destinations. On the spot, you realize that there are many nice and interesting things to do on the way there too ... go to Article

Fort Lauderdale attractions you should not miss

Attractions along the canals We explore Fort Lauderdale's sights aboard the Jungle Queen IV. My head is slowly buzzing: "Nick Nolte lives in this mansion and Al Pacino shot one of his blockbusters there". Something like this goes on as we leisurely board the sternwheeler Jungle Queen * through the canals ... go to Article

Over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen

Over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen Display - Once to drive over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen, that was my dream. I'm a big fan of Scandinavia thrillers. I like it when the tension in these stories increases from episode to episode. Often, at the end of such a day, I can hardly wait for the ... go to Article

Rota Vicentina hiking on the fishing path Portugal

The Rota Vicentina Hiking on the fishing path Portugal On the ancient paths of the Rota Vicentina the fishermen walk over the fishing path Portugal to their fishing spots. It leads from Porto Covo along the west coast down to the Algarve. Sometimes the path runs comfortably above the cliffs. Another time steep ascents and descents to the ... go to Article

Helsinki Attractions - Discover Finland's Capital

Explore Helsinki's sights in one day Here's how to explore the Helsinki attractions by taking a mini cruise on a ferry. We went on a multi-day cruise on the ferries from Tallink Silja from Stockholm via Helsinki to Tallinn and back. For Helsinki we only had ... go to Article

Experience the Dutch North Sea coast on a weekend in Holland

The Dutch North Sea coast and its hinterland Two days we had time to look at the Dutch North Sea coast between Den Helder and the province of Groningen. The tips we have collected are perfect for a weekend in Holland. Our journey began in Den Helder, the city in North Holland, from which the ferries to the ... go to Article

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