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Discover the island of Texel on the North Sea

Discover Texel sights and activities in this travel guide In this Texel travel guide you will find practical recommendations for a visit to Texel with numerous Texel sights, tips and activities. The island on the North Sea is fascinating. Through their people. Because of the proximity to the mainland of Holland. Because of its location in the sea. And because dunes, waves and ... go to Article

The Fisheries Museum in Twillingate Newfoundland

Everything about fishing in Newfoundland Just behind the bridge over the narrow canal that separates South Twillingate Island from the main island of Newfoundland, on the left is the Twillingate Newfoundland Fisheries Museum --.Prime Berth. It is not to be missed, since the website address of the museum on the roof of the… go to Article

Hiking on the Wild Pacific Trail Vancouver Island

Hiking on the Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island We experience one of the most beautiful hiking trails on Canada's west coast in April this year on the Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island. We actually chose this time of year because we wanted to experience one of the notorious storms on the Pacific Rim. Instead, the weather god gives us a ... go to Article

The five most beautiful beaches in Canada

Canada's Five Most Beautiful Beaches - Canada is usually associated with wild national parks, deep forests, and grizzly bears. Hardly anyone thinks of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. Most tourists are unaware that Canada also has breathtaking beaches. But a beach trip is definitely worth it, especially since the mild water temperatures ... go to Article

Helsinki Attractions - Discover Finland's Capital

Explore Helsinki's sights in one day Here's how to explore the Helsinki attractions by taking a mini cruise on a ferry. We went on a multi-day cruise on the ferries from Tallink Silja from Stockholm via Helsinki to Tallinn and back. For Helsinki we only had ... go to Article

Tallinn Attractions - Tips for Cruise Travelers

Discover Tallinn Attractions What Tallinn attractions can be discovered on a short visit? We were in the eastern Baltic for the first time in spring. We went on a mini cruise on the Tallink Silja Line. From Helsinki, we took the ferry in about two hours to Tallinn, which lies 80 kilometers south of Helsinki. Stay there ... go to Article

A day in Stockholm

A day in Stockholm Sweden What can you do in one day in Stockholm? First of all, one day is not enough to really get to know this city. We stayed there for three days and there is still so much to discover. Nevertheless, not everyone has the time for a long ... go to Article

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