10 Viewpoints on the Golden Gate Bridge

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Golden Gate Bridge viewpoints

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is one of the most photographed bridges in the world. However, you have to know where the best place to take them is. I have visited these places during my numerous trips as a tour guide to San Francisco and California discovered. We also found some on trips that took us to the city as travel bloggers. We even went there on our honeymoon, as this photo shows.


Petar and Monika at the Golden Gate
Petar and Monika at the Golden Gate


These are the top 10 Golden Gate Bridge viewing spots in San Francisco:

Find your Golden Gate Bridge viewpoint with this map

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Crissy Field

This former airstrip in Presidio military grounds south of the bridge has been embellished with 2001. It now offers both walking and biking trails between Marina Green and Fort Point. From there, breathtaking views of the bridge open up. At Crissy Field there are also picnic areas and a small beach. This is very popular with families. Either take your picnic out of town or get some in the Warming Hut at Fort Point or the Beach Hut Cafe on Marina Green.
Distance to Golden Gate Bridge: 4,2 km from Marina Green.


Golden Gate from below
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The Golden Gate Bridge from a Boat

These boat tours also offer good photo opportunities on the bridge at the Golden Gate. And not only that. These boat tours also offer good views of the San Francisco skyline Alcatraz Island, the former prison island in the bay, and the surrounding region.

The Golden Gate by Boat


Boat Tours to the Golden Gate Bridge


Fort Point

The bridge closest to the bridge is Fort Point, an American Civil War fortress. It can be reached via the Marine Drive. The fort never saw any warlike activity, but the bridge was built to preserve the fort.
Distance to the Golden Gate Bridge: 1,9 km


The bridge from the north
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Baker beach

About a half-mile below the cliffs west of the Presidio, Bakers Beach also offers wonderful views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It can be reached by public transport (Muni bus 800). There are picnic tables and grills on the beach, as well as a parking lot and public restrooms. There is also a nudist corner at the north end of Bakers Beach.
Distance to Golden Gate Bridge: 1,9 km.


Golden Gate View Point
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China Beach

Surrounding Seacliff is China Beach, a tiny sandy beach with a picnic area, a sundeck, public restrooms, cold showers, and unobstructed views of the Golden Gate Bridge. But: the beach is only accessible via a steep, tarred driveway or a natural staircase with around 100 steps. More beautiful hiking trails in and around San Francisco can be found at Passportsymphony.
Distance to the Golden Gate Bridge: 3,2 km


Golden Gate from Mount Tamalpais
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City Tours incl. Golden Gate Bridge


Sightseeing including Golden Gate Bridge

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Lands End

There are also stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Eagle's Point trailhead at Lands End near Lincoln Park. Near this popular trail, there is also a paved walking path near the 17th hole at Lincoln Park Municipal Golf Course. There are also several benches and photo opportunities from which you can particularly enjoy the beauty of the bridge.
Distance to Golden Gate Bridge: 4,8 km.


The bridge from the south
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In addition to these vantage points, from which you have a clear view of the bridge, there are also a few insider tips that not everyone knows. However, these offer an equally beautiful view of the bridge, although it is not necessarily unobstructed to see it. Nevertheless, the views are impressive.



Lover's Lane in the Presidio

Lover's Lane is the oldest walkway in the Presidio, stretching a half-mile from the Presidio Gate at the corner of Presidio and Pacific Avenues in Presidio Heights. You walk through eucalyptus groves and also have a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge through the trees. This finally disappears more and more from view, the closer you get to the main post of the Presidio.
Distance to Golden Gate Bridge: 3,5 km.


Golden Gate Bridge with cruise ship
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From the Viewing Deck of the Hamon Education Tower

The observation deck of the Hamon Education Tower at de Young Museum also offers dramatic views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It also has spectacular views of the city and the Pacific Ocean. Visiting the viewing deck, which is open daily until 16.30, is free and open to the public.
Distance to Golden Gate Bridge: 4,7 km.


The Pacific Heights Bridge
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Library of the University of California

However, it is important to be quiet here! At 530 Parnassus Avenue on Inner Sunset is the Library of the University of California, San Francisco. Her reading room also offers a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Distance to bridge: 6,6 km.


Bridge and Transamerica Pyramid
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Coit Tower

The slender tower visible from many parts of downtown is the Coit Tower. It stands on Telegraph Hill and offers 360 degree views of the city and the bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge. However, the view is best from the viewing deck, which can only be reached via an elevator, which costs entry.
Distance to bridge: 7,0 km.


The most beautiful View at the Entrance to San Francisco

However, if you approach San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from the north via Highway 101, the view of both is initially blocked by the Marin Headlands. However, if you drive through the Waldo Tunnel between the Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito, you have your first view of the city and the bridge at the southern exit from the tunnel.
Distance to Golden Gate Bridge: 5 km.

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy proposes these viewpoints .

Do you know any other viewpoints of the Golden Gate Bridge?

Then share it with us in a comment. We're happy about it, and our readers will definitely appreciate your tip.





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10 Viewpoints on the Golden Gate Bridge

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