Bergische Kaffeetafel in the Nostalgic Café

Bergische Kaffeetafel

Confectionery cakes and cakes - fresh every day -, Bergische waffles in different types and the Bergische coffee table - "Drinking coffee with all the trimmings" - are on a slate on the facade of the nostalgia café in Velbert Neviges Nordrhein-Westfalen advertised. It becomes difficult when we want to enter the café, because three doors lead into this extraordinary café. Thank God the middle one opens and the older man who steps out points to the right door: "Here we go."


The Nostalgia Cafe at Christmas time
The Nostalgia Cafe at Christmas time


The Nostalgia Café in Velbert Neviges tells stories

We feel like Alice in Wonderland when we enter: not a centimeter in this room is free. Pictures, posters, musical instruments, old clocks, carved figures obscure the walls. Books, flower pots, vases, coffee pots, cups, gravy boats, old coffee grinders and many things whose meaning does not seem obvious to me at first glance are on the window sills. A life-size figure with a hat, glasses and a camera around her neck has her place next to our table. On the ceiling hang chandeliers, rustic country lights and old gas lamps with enamel decoration. Several round tables are distributed in the room, lovingly set with tablecloths in different colors, which contribute to the colorful Allerlei. In one corner are several sofas in a group of seats put together in front of a wall, where an open fire provides for cosiness.


Here's the nostalgia cafe
Here's the nostalgia cafe


A cafe like the living room at home

The guests obviously feel comfortable in this ambience. At the tables next to us are two middle-aged couples talking in muted tones. A few minutes after us, a group of elderly ladies enter the room, which is clearly part of the regular clientele of the café. They deliberately head for one of the larger tables and order their waffles without looking at the menu. You know the offer of the Nostalgic Café. The sofas in the corner of the room are the retreat of several gentlemen talking quietly by the fire. We almost get the impression that all of them consider the nostalgic café as a living room, so familiar to them is this environment.


Various things in the Nostalgia Cafe
Various things in the Nostalgia Cafe


There is a reason for that

There is a good reason for this, as Lars Jestert, the owner of the nostalgia café, tells us a few minutes later: "Many guests have contributed to this café and always bring things that they no longer need at home." with the interesting history of the creation of the café, because it wasn't actually planned that way. Lars Jestert lived in Portugal for many years, but then returned to his hometown Neviges. "I like to drink coffee," he says. “When I came here there was no café in town. The only hotel was closed and I had to go far to get coffee and cake. ”Without further ado, he asked the owners of the empty house if they could use the ground floor.

“I got an old table and a couple of chairs from the neighbor and sat at the table open every day at 15.00:20 p.m. with homemade coffee and a piece of cake that I got from the bakery. The people who knew me from before came in to say hello. As time passed, word got around that I had coffee, so I soon got more tables from the neighbors and asked my visitors to contribute. That's how it started, ”he laughs. His collection campaigns now have a tradition and each time has a new motto: for example, he is looking for memorabilia from the XNUMXs, to which he wants to dedicate his own space.


Tourist at the Nostalgia Cafe
Tourist at the Nostalgia Cafe


Even cabaret has found a new home in the Nostalgie Café: “You can visit the cabaret with us on Sundays.” The café has already served as a backdrop for fashion shows and the film people have already been there and made films about it. However, we are here for a different reason. We want to get to know the Bergische Kaffeetafel.


Bergische Kaffeetafel
Bergische Kaffeetafel


The Bergische Kaffeetafel in the Nostalgic Café

The Bergische Kaffeetafel is only available to order, as a slate in the café confirms. From six people you can enjoy this culinary experience. Traditionally it was intended for several people. "The Bergische Kaffeetafel is a social event, not a culinary specialty," explains Lars Jestert.

“In the past, people in the Bergisches Land were at work during the week and didn't have time to meet for talks. Therefore, they visited each other on Sunday. Even business meetings then took place because everyone knew that the business partner could be reached that day. They sat down between two and six o'clock. What came on the table was what was there: fresh bread, rice porridge, fruit, jam, sausage and more. ”


Jam bread with rice porridge
Jam bread with rice porridge


What is a drum mina?

"In the past, the coffee was served in a dropper mina, a three-legged coffee pot from which the coffee was drawn," reports Lars Jestert. These were placed on a warmer to keep the coffee warm. "Dröppelmina" is the name that is common in the Bergisches Land. In Northern German they are written with "nn".

"The jug originally comes from the Arab world, from where the Dutch brought it," Jestert tells us. One of these crane jugs stands on our invitingly laid coffee table as a souvenir, the coffee is poured from a pretty coffee pot in a blue and white decor in the nostalgia café.


Bergische waffle with cherries and cream
Bergische waffle with cherries and cream
Rye bread with ham and cheese
Rye bread with ham and cheese


One should have hunger

A Bergisches Kaffeetafel is definitely one. Delicious, sumptuous, and very extensive! You have to bring time, if you want to experience it yourself. You need three to four hours if you want to enjoy the four courses of such a feast.

The first course consists of white bread slices, which we spread with butter and plum jam "to the edge", as Lars Jestert advises. There is a layer of rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. A Bergische Waffle follows, which is sprinkled with sugar. With hot cherries and a thick dollop of cream, this ensures that we are full after the second course.

The third course is spicy and consists of rye bread with a ham and cheese plate with salad, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. And finally, there are black pudding with onions to rye bread. It's best not to have lunch and dinner - then you can create a Bergisches Kaffeetafel. We did it well!


Rye bread with black pudding and onion
Rye bread with black pudding and onion


Reservation is necessary

If you want to experience a Bergisches Kaffeetafel yourself, this is not possible without reservation:

Nostalgia Café
Elberfelder street 9
42553 Velbert-Neviges
Tel 02053 / 8499574

Getting there

If you travel with your own car, park it best on the Domparkplatz at Schloss Hardenberg on Bernsaustraße. From there, it's about a 5 minutes walk to the Nostalgia Café
(follow the street of Bernsaustraße under the bridge and turn right into Elberfelder Straße)

Petar's video gives an even better impression of our Bergisches Kaffeetafel in the Nostalgia Café in Velbert Neviges:




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Bergische Kaffeetafel in the Nostalgic Café

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      I had not thought about Harry Potter while I was there. But you're right, it looks a bit like the stores where Harry is so traveling in the movies. The food was great. Only a lot of hungry you should bring.

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    1. Liebe Renate,

      Unfortunately, the Dröppelmina was not used in our Bergisches Kaffeetafel. She was just on the table for decoration. The food was great! And the café alone is worth a visit.

      Merry Christmas and greetings,
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