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Beautiful cities in Holland - Koornmarkts Tor in Kampen

Explore Kampen in Holland

After a nice evening by the river in Kampen Holland on our road trip Holland's Hanseatic cities let's take a look at the city on the IJssel. We get a first impression on board the Het Hendrikje, which gives us an overview of the city on a trip on the IJssel. This is how they must have seen the Hanseatic merchants when they returned from their sales trips to the Hanseatic cities on the North and Baltic Seas.




Cruising in an old mail ship on the IJssel

The next morning we meet Ingela and Gerrit in the port of Kampen in Holland. The two are enthusiastic seafarers and have traveled a lot in the world. They've even been to Antarctica, Ingela tells me. Not on board a cruise ship! But sailed there myself. Crazy, right? Professionally, they take things a little easier. In 2009 they restored an old mail ship that was built in Königswinter. Since then they have been offering on board the "Het Hendrikje“Boat tours on the IJssel for groups. The two of them take half a day for us and sail with us past the cityscape of Kampen. We have the boat all to ourselves. The perfect way to experience Kampen and the IJssel. As in the film, the medieval old town passes us by.


Maritime impressions on the IJssel
Maritime impressions on the IJssel in Kampen Holland


Past old city gates, windmills and under bridges, our journey follows the course of the river. A few geese preen their feathers on the bank. A father throws the fishing rod from his fishing boat with his son. The two wave to us. The city of Kampen disappears behind us as we continue to the Molenbrug. This is how the merchants of the Hanseatic League must have felt when they set out on their trade trips to the North and Baltic Seas. The best way to experience the Hanseatic cities in Holland is on board boats.

Old town of Kampen from the IJssel
Old town of Kampen from the IJssel


Watch the boat traffic on the IJssel at lunch

Our boat trip makes you want more river experiences. That fits well. Because for our lunch break we get a table on the river terrace in the restaurant De Bastaard, right on the banks of the IJssel. It's exciting to watch the brisk ship traffic on the IJssel while we wait for our meal. An old sailing ship docks directly in front of us on the river bank, while in the background large container ships pass under the Stadsbrug. Some fit under the bridge. For others, the bridge has to be lifted. An interesting spectacle! The middle section of the bridge is raised using counterweights. Then all waiting ships are allowed to pass the obstacle. The middle section of the bridge then descends again. With this view, our omelette in Restaurant De Bastaard tastes even better.


That has to be in your suitcase for your visit to Kampen Holland

  • Comfortable Shoes, because in Kampen you will mainly be on foot. The old town is a pedestrian zone.
  • If you are planning an elegant evening, then you should bring  comfortable pumps .
  • Fit for a stroll on the promenade Sandals.
  • A  backpackwhere you can put all the utensils for a day


Omelette in restaurant De Bastaard in Kampen
Omelette in restaurant De Bastaard in Kampen, one of the Hanseatic cities in Holland


About tea, coffee and cigars in Kampen Holland

I cannot say whether tea, coffee and cigars were already part of the trade during the Hanseatic League. The first green tea came to Holland from China in 1610. In none of the sources that I found about the trade goods of the Hanseatic League, however, this was mentioned as the trade goods of the Hanse merchants. It is similar with coffee and tobacco. These goods came to Europe through the Dutch East Indian and West Indian Companies. That’s no reason why we don’t take a closer look at these pleasures during our stay in Kampen. Because in the city center there is a shop that specializes in exactly this. Tea, coffee and cigars are celebrated at De Eenhoorn koffie & thee and De Olifant.


Did you know that tea and cheese fit together well
Did you know that tea and cheese fit together well


A tea tasting in Kampen Holland

We take part in a tea trial at De Eenhoorn. We can try five types of tea. In a room that testifies to the wealth of merchants in Holland. However, the wall paintings date from more recent times. Grégoire Jean Josquin designed this room with his landscape paintings and still lifes in the style of the Comedia dell 'Arte. That alone makes me curious about what's to come. We shouldn't be disappointed. Did you know that oolong tea tastes of walnuts? Or that certain teas are made with ice water? I also found it interesting that tea goes well with cheese. We learn a lot during our tea tasting at De Eenhoorn. About tea and how to best enjoy it.


Tobacco leaves for cigars
Tobacco leaves for cigars


Cigars from Kampen in Holland

The fact that products from overseas are traded in Kampen Holland fits in well with the image of a city that is one of the Hanseatic cities in Holland. Here, too, I don't know whether tobacco was already part of the Hanseatic merchandise. The demand for this is likely to have arisen only after the end of the Hanseatic League. The Dutch had the commercial know-how long before that. Today, De Eenhoorn stores tobacco from all over the world. Chopped, and in leaf form. This is because De Eenhoorn makes its own cigars. In one part of the building there is a department in which tobacco leaves are cut and the carefully selected types of tobacco are rolled into fine cigars. Similar to how you do it in Cuba or Florida.



Dried tobacco
Dried tobacco


Or do you prefer coffee?

You can also book a coffee tasting at De Eenhoorn in Kampen Holland. We didn't have the time for that. However, I could have spent a whole day in this business alone. A shop where you can taste the pleasures of the world. However, the program urges us to continue to Deventer, the last stop on our journey through the Hanseatic cities in Holland.

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Source for Kampen Holland: On-site research. We would like to thank Das Andere Holland for supporting this trip. However, our opinion remains our own.

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Explore Kampen Holland

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