Toronto and the cultures of the world

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Allegedly they speak more than 140 different languages ​​and dialects there. The 2006 census found that nearly half of Canada's largest city (49,9%) are from other countries.

Ritz-Carlton Toronto at the CN Tower

Do you know what it's like when you are booked into a five-star hotel and you don't know whether you will feel comfortable in the exclusive surroundings of such a top hotel? In some of these top hotels, the guest is treated slightly condescendingly and I usually feel somehow out of place. Quite different in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto: the […]

Kensington Market Toronto

Toronto's Kensington Market is a great place to explore Toronto's multicultural mix. Here you will find shops and restaurants that show the cultural diversity of Toronto.

Toronto women-only hotel with spa

We visit a Toronto hotel with a spa, to which men are not allowed. The "Verity Spa" is run by a women's club from the metropolis. Here you have created an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of the big city, where you can do your business and relax.

Bata Shoe Museum Toronto

We are in the Bata Shoe Museum Toronto. The Bata Shoe Museum is near the Royal Ontario Museum on Bloor Street. In this museum you can learn a lot about the role of shoes around the world. We meet the founder of the museum, Sonja Bata. She tells us how she got her shoe collection.

Walk at the Toronto Waterfront

A Walk on the Toronto Waterfront What do you do when you arrive in Toronto exhausted, the sun is shining outside and the blue sky beckons you outside? A stroll along the Toronto Waterfront overlooking the Toronto Islands and Lake Ontario. Between Queens Quay and the Toronto Islands Ferry Station, you can[…]

Culinary tour of Toronto

Culinary tour through Toronto On our culinary journey through the world, we do not want to miss an insight into the cuisine of Toronto. Toronto and its population groups are made for a culinary tour through Toronto, and we are sure that we will discover a lot of interesting and, above all, delicious. Therefore we join [...]

Toronto's suburb of Leslieville

Our tip: Toronto's suburb of Leslieville is worth a trip As you know, we were in Toronto again this year, a city that we already know well from numerous visits. But as is the case with a city with 2,6 million inhabitants: you never really know it. And that's no different in Toronto. [...]

Rail Travel Canada: Business Class

The loyal readers among you know that on our travels through Canada we are almost always in the car. Sometimes we switch to ferries or smaller boats, but otherwise we never travel in Canada by train. However, this time on our winter trip to Ottawa and Toronto we decided to take a trip with VIA [...]

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