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Roadtrip on the Cabot Trail in Canada Copyright Monika Fuchs

USA road trip tips

Exploring unknown regions by car has been the epitome of travel for us for years. A USA Road trip means setting out on new ways to explore America. In the USA and Canada in particular, road trips are one of the best ways to get to know the country. Everyone does this a little differently, everyone sees the same region in a slightly different way. We were curious and asked travel bloggers what their best USA road trip was. Here are their answers.

Heike Bohm of Hello World recommends a USA road trip through the northwest:

Most vacationers travel along Highway 101 from San Francisco to Los Angeles on the west coast of the US. On the other hand, I chose the Pacific Northwest on my USA Road Trip: a round trip through the states of Washington and Oregon with a trip to Vancouver, Canada.

From Seattle to Vancouver

From Seattle, it was only for a few days to Vancouver. Back again we started our USA road trip. Our first stop was Mount Rainier, depending on the season a wonderful skiing or hiking area. Although we were there in August, we were able to enjoy the famous wildflower meadows on a hike.


Mount Rainier Copyright Heike Bohm USA Road Trip
Mount Rainier Copyright Heike Bohm


Past Mount St. Helens to the south

At Mount St. Helens, the largely destroyed nature of the volcanic eruption in Xnumx, still under a thick layer of ash, reminds one. In the visitor center you can visualize the natural spectacle once again.


Mount St Helens Copyright Heike Bohm USA Road Trip
Mount St. Helens Copyright Heike Bohm

To Crater Lake

The second deepest lake in North America, Crater Lake impressed me with its exceptionally blue color. When driving over the Rim Drive, once around the lake, which originated in the caldera of an extinct crater, one is always surprised by beautiful views.


Crater Lake Copyright Heike Bohm
Crater Lake Copyright Heike Bohm


Along the Oregon Coast

Along the great Oregon Coast we went back north. Here, in addition to the spectacular views, for example the Haystack Rock, I really liked the small village of Florence.


Oregon Coast Copyright Heike Bohm
Oregon Coast Copyright Heike Bohm


On the Olympic Peninsula we went back to Seattle with one of the typical ferries across the Puget Sound - by the way, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.

Mandy Decker of Travelroads recommends a USA road trip from New York to Miami

My favorite road trip in the US? Definitely the 19-day tour along the East Coast - from New York to Miami - last year. It started right in my favorite New York City, where we spent great days with 4, before we took the bus to Washington DC. For us, that was the best way to travel relaxed between the two cities because you do not really need a car in the big cities.


USA Road Trip
Roadtrip from New York to Miami Copyright Mandy Decker

From Jacksonville through the southern states

In order to save time and the very costly one-way rental, we also took a domestic flight down to Jacksonville, Florida after 3 days in the capital. From there we finally started the actual USA road trip with the rental car: First with a detour to the southern states of the USA, with which I fulfilled a long-cherished dream. Savannah and Charleston were on the program and were the absolute highlights of our tour - the so-called old south not only has a lot of southern romanticism á la Gone with the Wind to offer, but is also very interesting historically and culturally. And the best thing is that you don't have to go far to the sea along the coast!


Savannah USA Road Trip
Savannah copyright Mandy Decker

From St. Augustine to Miami

Then we finally cruised through the Sunshine State of Florida in 8 days - from St. Augustine to the Kennedy Space Center, once across the country to Fort Myers Beach & Naples, on to search for alligators in the Everglades (my tip: Shark Valley ), on one of the most beautiful road trip routes, the US-1, to Key West and finally, of course, to Miami.


Key West, Fl
Key West, Fl Copyright Mandy Decker


The special thing about this USA road trip for me was the mixture of big city feeling, romance, history as well as nature and relaxation. My tips on what not to be missed on the tour? Clearly, New York, Washington DC, Savannah (!) & Charleston, a visit to the Kennedy Space Center & the Everglades as well as Key West.

Florida Keys vacation

Sabine von Reisekladde follows in the footsteps of Anne LaBastille and Henry David Thoreau

When we started our USA road trip through the New England states, I knew we couldn't leave this area without exploring the area where Anne LaBastille lived. Anne LaBastille is kind of a female Henry David Thoreau, only that she lived in our day and age. Both went into the woods to build their wooden hut without electricity and to live there. Thoreau did this for an experiment for two years. For Anne LaBastille it became a philosophy of life.

We already had a long drive behind us as we came from Niagara Falls on the border with Canada when we reached the Aridondacks in New York State.


New England Copyright Sabine Depew
New England Copyright Sabine Depew

Through the Adirondacks

We stayed at the Best Western Hotel Mountain Lake Inn on Saranic Lake. About ten miles from where the 1980 Winter Olympics took place: Lake Placid. Although we were still a little way from Lake Big Moose (Black Bear Lake), where Anne LaBastille lived with her sheepdogs, I could still sense the silence and nature that she must have experienced.


Street in New England
New England Road Copyright Sabine Depew


I remember the drive through the Adirondacks as one of the most beautiful drives through the New England States.

Three very different options for a USA road trip, showing how diverse the country is and what opportunities there are for getting to know the US. Thank you Heike Bohm from Hello World, Mandy Decker of Travelroads and Sabine from Reisekladde warmly for your very own most beautiful USA Road Trip. Maybe they will give you suggestions for your own travel on new routes through the USA.

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