Murau excursion destinations in the Murtal holiday region

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Murau excursion destinations & leisure activities

Murau excursion destinations in the Mur Valley

Which Murau excursion destinations and leisure activities offers the holiday region Murtal? That's what we wanted on a trip to the Styria find out. The Tourism Authority Murau had us in cooperation with the environmental label Austria invited. We were also allowed to look behind the scenes. So we learned how much attention is paid to dealing with nature in Murau Kreischberg. Sustainability is very important there. Particular care is taken to use resources from the region. We present Murau Styria excursion destinations here.

Wood is available in the Murtal. This has been processed in the valley for centuries. Meanwhile, it also serves to generate energy. The power plant today produces energy from biomass. For this one uses the waste, which arises with the wood industry. The energy supplies hotels, the brewery in Murau and a rehab clinic. Anyone who goes on holiday in Murau can do so with a clear conscience.


Murau Styria excursion destinations and leisure activities

Which Murau excursion destinations are there for hiking

We also notice this at the Murau excursion destinations that the Mur Valley offers. We take the mountain railway to the Kreischberg. This mountain is popular with skiers and snowboarders in winter. We can see that on a short walk at the mountain station. There we discover snow cannons. The way they work is environmentally friendly. Only water and air are sprayed. How to take care of snow runs on the Kreischberg. The region's power plants provide the energy.

In summer, however, the alpine meadows and forests on Kreischberg are ideal for hiking. Hiking trails open up the summit plateau and the forests that extend from the mountain to the valley. But you also notice in summer the use of the summit by tourism. A disc golf course provides entertainment near the mountain station. At the middle station, guests can try out monster scooters. Both are not our case. We prefer looking for natural places in the valley.

Kreischberg cable cars
Kreischbergstrasse 1
A-8861 St. Georgen am Kreischberg



Handy for the hike

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Murau Styria Excursion destinations Hiking in the Murau holiday region
Murau Styria Excursion destinations & leisure activities: Hiking in this place of power below the Sankt Leonhardkirche


There are also. At Grünfelssee we discover a real place of power. Hidden on a forest path is this lake, one of the Murau excursion destinations that we really liked. Not far from the Sankt Leonhardkirche. Here ducks frolic in the water. They are so tame that they swim up close. A path leads around the whole lake. The perfect place to relax.



Playing golf - one of the Murau excursion destinations

Murau has a golf course that is not only interesting for golfers. It is located on the outskirts in a beautiful landscape. With its well-kept paths, it also offers walkers a worth seeing backdrop. If you want, you can reach it by steam train that travels through the Murtal several times a week. There is even a private stop on the golf course.

Golf Club Murau-Kreischberg
At the golf course 1
8861 St. Georgen ob Murau

There are also excursion destinations and leisure activities in Murau that are worth discovering.



The wood museum in St. Ruprecht ob Murau

One of the interesting Murau excursion destinations is the wooden museum in St. Ruprecht ob Murau. A few kilometers from Murau is the worth seeing wooden museum. In St. Ruprecht ob Murau, an old barn has been converted into a museum, where you can see what has been done with the surrounding wood over the centuries. This ranges from wooden toys to tools and wooden beds to musical instruments and art. There are numerous bridges and other wooden buildings in the Mur Valley. You can also see what role the forests play in the geographical structure of the Mur Valley. A visit to the museum is not only a worthwhile excursion in bad weather. There we learn a lot about life in the Mur Valley, its past, but also its present and future.

The wood museum
Hans Edler place 1
8862 St. Ruprecht ob Murau
Phone: + 43 3534 2202


Murau Brewery Murau Styria Excursion destinations
Murau Styria Excursion destinations & leisure activities: Murau brewery


The brewery of the senses - one of the Murau excursion destinations

There are several excursion destinations for connoisseurs in Murau. The brewery is part of it. The name given to the Murau brewery, which is certified with the Austrian eco-label, arouses curiosity. The old beer brewery in Murau has given itself a new look. This makes you want to try the beers – and lemonades – that are produced in the brewery. We join a guided tour, which first shows us the production process in the video. Afterwards we walk through the show brewery, which, despite its name, produces real beers.

This is where my favorite beer, the stout, is made. Pale ale also ferments in the containers. These types of beer already indicate that craft beers are also brewed in the Murau brewery in addition to conventional beers such as Märzen, Zwickl, Dunkel, Bock and Pils. There are also non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beers such as the Kräuterradler, the Leicht Steirer, the preisel&bier, the zitro&bier and others. The names make us curious. After the tour we can taste these beer creations in the beer cellar. A tasteful experience.

The brewery of the senses
Raffaltplatz 19-23
8850 Murau
Tel: 0043 / 3532 / 3266-0


The beer pharmacy

How the Salvator Pharmacy became the Beer Pharmacy is quickly explained. The previous owner gave up the old pharmacy and the new owner turned it into a beer bar. The name pharmacy remained. The only difference is that medicine is no longer served today, but instead Murau beer specialties are served. But perhaps you can also call them remedies, because they always quench our thirst. And in the Middle Ages, beer was even considered a medicinal drink. This should be one of the Murau Styria excursion destinations on your list.

Beer pharmacy
Opening hours in summer: Mon.–Sat. / 14:00 p.m. - 22:00 p.m
Anna-Neumann street 34
8850 Murau
Phone: 0664 / 884 35 887


Eat well and sleep in Murau

On the two days we spent in Murau, we got to know two good (hotel) restaurants.

Not far from the city center is the eco-labeled Hotelgasthof Lercher *in which we also stayed in pleasant surroundings. The view from our hotel room on the city is terrific. On foot you can also reach the city center in a few minutes. The restaurant serves meals prepared with local ingredients. The chef knows each of his suppliers personally. He pays particular attention to the quality of the products. You can tell by his dishes. The pike-perch, the pork fillet and the brawn with lettuce tasted excellent.

Hotel Lercher
Schwarzenbergstrasse 10
8850 Murau

This is closer to nature Hotel Ferner's Rosenhof *, There we enjoyed one of our lunches on the hotel terrace. The landlady lends a hand to the decoration of her house. She does that with a lot of taste. The equipment keeps what it promises. Our food was definitely very good. The wild boar ham with lettuce and the mushrooms with dumplings prove that the chef respects fresh local ingredients. We also liked the cozy restaurant with elegant wood decor. The Rosenhof is definitely a hotel / restaurant, which we can recommend.

Hotel Rosenhof
Roseggerstrasse 9
8850 Murau

Travel Arrangements:

Parking at the airport

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How to get there

Arrival by plane, bus or train*. The nearest airport is in Klagenfurt (89 km). Murau is easy to reach by train from Vienna or by car. You need a car for the Murau excursion destinations.

The most comfortable way is by car. You can book a rental car * here.


We stayed in a cozy hotel room with a balcony and a great view of Murau Hotel / Gasthof Lercher *. We also liked that Hotel Ferner's Rosenhof *that we looked at on a hotel tour.

You can find further accommodation in Murau here, for example:

Other destinations in Styria

  • More tips for the Styria you can also find here.


Murau Styria excursion destinations
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Murau excursion destinations in the Murtal holiday region

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