Golf Country around Miltenberg

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At the golf park Rosenhof

For three days we are traveling around the Golf Country Miltenberg on the Main. We want to get to know two out of four golf courses in the Churfranken golf region. The Erftal Golf & Country Club in Eichenbühl-Guggenberg and the Rosenhof Golf Park in Niedernberg. As non-golfers, we are also curious about what to expect. Thickly forested landscapes between the Odenwald and Spessart, ancient half-timbered towns and a pleasure region that has won prices all over the world for its products, convince us of the region at first glance. There are also four beautifully situated golf courses that offer a golfer the right course for every requirement.


Golfing is fun on the well-maintained greens in Golfpark Rosenhof
Playing golf at the Rosenhof golf course is fun


Golf away from the elite to grassroots sport

We meet Andrew Payne, the operator of four golf courses in the Golf Country around Miltenberg. The son of successful English footballer James Payne started his career as a professional golfer with qualification for the "British Open" as well as successful experiences on the European tour. He then saddled and continued his career as a golf teacher. In the eighties he moved with his family to Hanau.


Golf Park Rosenhof
Golf Park Rosenhof


There he became Head Pro at Golfclub Neusaß. Back then Andrew Payne realized that golf in Germany is still very elitist. It was also clear to him that the sport's development towards grassroots sport would be good. It was not long before he began to realize his ideas. Its first three golf clubs, the Miltenberg Golf Club, the Golf and Countryclub Erftal and the Kleinostheimer Golf Club are based on this approach. In some cases members do not have to pay admission fees in these golf clubs. In addition, the annual fee is extremely cheap compared to other golf clubs.


Visit the Golf Club Erftal with the Golf Cart
Visit the Golf Club Erftal with the Golf Cart
Modern Art in Erftal
Modern Art in Erftal
Erftal on the heights of the Odenwald
Erftal on the heights of the Odenwald
Perfect for chilling out - the terrace in the golf club Erftal
Perfect for chilling out - the terrace in the golf and country club Erftal


Golf without handicap in the golf and country club Erftal

In keeping with his approach to making golf a popular sport, Andrew Payne allows the 18 hole course in the Golf and Countryclub Erftal to be played without having been qualified. Those who do not yet have the handicap license can play all 18 holes and train until they reach them. For us as non-golfers, this is the perfect golf course. We also particularly like: The Golf and Countryclub Erftal offers golfers a beautiful location on the height of the Odenwald with views of the Erftal. In the spring, rapeseed blooms on the course and ensures an attractive course. In autumn, the golfer expects a view of the colorful forests of the surrounding area. The greens and fairways are also excellently maintained and meet the highest standards.

We finally drive with golf carts across the square and enjoy the views of the wooded surroundings. For recreation after the game is also a clubhouse available. From the terrace we have a view down to the Erftal. A golf course that promises a sports experience in the quiet surroundings of Eichenbühl - Guggenberg.


Beautiful views in Golfpark Rosenhof
Beautiful views in Golfpark Rosenhof


Top place in the golf country around Miltenberg: the golf park Rosenhof

The latest Andrew Payne golf course in Niedernberg definitely meets the highest demands. The Rosenhof Golf Park. Since 2016, this place has been entitled to carry the addition "Leading Course of Germany Candidate". It is an award that confirms its quality. Only 30 golf courses in Germany are allowed to carry the "Leading Courses of Germany" seal of quality. These have to be of the highest standard. Only those golf courses that meet or even exceed the criteria receive this seal. If one of the members finally falls out of this elite circle, a "Leading Course of Germany candidate" will follow.


The clubhouse in Golfpark Rosenhof
The clubhouse in Golfpark Rosenhof


Golf Park in Scottish Inland Links Course Design

In the Scottish inland links course design the golf course lies in the environment of the Niedernberger vineyards. The sandy bottom allows the golf course to be played throughout the year. Unlike the Erftal golf course, the Golfpark Rosenhof is, however, a man-made golf landscape with landscaped ponds, sand bunkers and hills that control the course of the golf ball. It lies on flat terrain in the Main Valley. Here are experts. Here also tournaments are held.

We admire a young golfer who makes the game look so easy. "I've been playing golf for a year and a half," she tells us when we ask how long it takes to play so well. "It takes four to four and a half hours to play the 18 holes at the Rosenhof golf course," explains Klaus Peter Klein, Honorary President of the Rosenhof Golf Park. He guides us through the golf course and shows us the difficulties that each hole presents for the golfer.


Golf Park Rosenhof from above
Golf Park Rosenhof from above


Eat well in the restaurant La Casa

In the clubhouse we finally enjoy a lunch in the restaurant La Casa. They serve Italian cuisine. Petars Pulpo with vegetables and my pork fillet with potatoes and cream sauce taste great. Here you can also enjoy an afternoon in the sun overlooking the pond. Again and again a heron is found there and shows that the animal world appreciates this man-made biotope in the Golf Country Miltenberg. Most of all, we like the friendly atmosphere that we feel everywhere. Here one knows each other and meets not only for golfing. Here you come to spend a nice afternoon. To meet friends. To have interesting conversations.


Andrew Payne shows us Erftal
Andrew Payne shows us Erftal


Golf arrangements in the golf country around Miltenberg

Four golf clubs have teamed up to offer golf packages with hotels in the area. Here you play the suitable for your own skill level (or more, you want that). We stayed at the newly Adler Landhotel **** in Bürgstadt, where we felt very comfortable with the Bachmann family. Our room in the back of the guest house was large and pleasantly quiet. We especially liked the terrace. From there, there was a view of the vineyards.


Gasthof zum Adler
Gasthof zum Adler
Breakfast room in the Adler Landhotel
Breakfast room in the Adler Landhotel

These four golf courses are available:

Erftal Golf & Country Club
Town street
63928 Eichenbühl - Guggenberg
Tel 09378 / 789

Golf Park Rosenhof
63843 Niedernberg
Tel 06026 / 9771390

Golfanlage Gut Sansenhof
Sansenhof 3
63916 Amorbach-Sansenhof
Tel 09373 / 4503

Golf Club Mudau eV
Donebacher St. 41
69427 Mudau
Tel 06284 / 8408



Golf arrangements are available in these hotels

(The passes for the golf courses are available at the hotel reception desk):

Hunt Hotel Rose ***
Str. 280
63871 Miltenberg
current availability, prices and online booking *

Straub's beautiful view ***
Bahnhofstr. 18
63911 Klingenberg
current availability, prices and online booking *

Hotel Hopfengarten ***
Ankergasse 16
63897 Miltenberg
current availability, prices and online booking *

Hotel Brewery Keller ***
Main street 66-70
63897 Miltenberg
current availability, prices and online booking *

The Schafhof ****
Sheepyard 1
63916 Amorbach
current availability, prices and online booking *

Sporthotel Großwallstadt *** S
At the Neubergsweg 6-10
63868 Grosswallstadt
current availability, prices and online booking *

Landhotel Ohrnbachtal ***
Ohrnbach 5
63937 Weilbach
current availability, prices and online booking *


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Golf Country around Miltenberg

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