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Travel to Usedom - not just because of the music

Travel to Usedom - most do this to experience the Baltic Sea. Let the wind blow around your nose. Watch the waves come to rest on the beach. Read a good book in the beach chair. Or admire the bath architecture on the promenade in one of the imperial baths. In autumn, a visit to music is also worthwhile.

Tips for a weekend in Potsdam on the Havel

Enjoyment of art in the Museum Barberini in Potsdam We hope to have a Potsdam weekend with art and enjoyment by visiting the Barberini Museum on the Old Market. Since January 2017, Potsdam in Brandenburg has been enriched by an attraction for art lovers. The Barberini Museum is located in the Barberini Palace, a magnificent building on the Old Market. The center of Potsdam… go to Article

Discover the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Entrance without waiting for the Rijksmuseum Den Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Entrance you can order online. It turns out to be convenient because we do not have to queue up. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam should be visited by anyone interested in Holland, its art and its history. We use the departure day of our trip to the Netherlands for a flying visit. Learn ... go to Article

Monastic gardens in Lower Austria

Our Klostergarten Route - A Journey to the Self Three days we were on our way to Klostergarten Route through Lower Austria. We visited five monastery gardens. We promised ourselves a pleasure for the eyes and the senses. But the journey kept a lot more surprises waiting for us. On our itinerary were monasteries like Melk ... go to Article

Two open air festivals in Burgenland

Summer is festival time in Burgenland. We were able to experience this ourselves in August on our cultural journey through Burgenland, which also brought us closer to the borders of the country. J: Opera - Festival Summer at Schloss Tabor Our journey began in the small town of Neuhaus am Klausenbach. There is Tabor Castle, the 1469 at this point from the Styrian ... go to Article

Experience culture and history in Vaduz Liechtenstein

Culture and history in Vaduz Liechtenstein Culture and history in Vaduz Liechtenstein should not be missed. Only those who deal with it can understand the Principality of Liechtenstein. How can a country exist that nestles on a strip of land between the Swiss Rhine valley and the Vorarlberg mountains? We started looking for traces in the ... go to Article

Castle Deutschkreutz in Burgenland

One of our trips to Burgenland takes us to the castle Deutschkreutz. This is a renaissance castle in a small village near the Austro-Hungarian border. However, it is not a castle that immediately attracts attention because it has extensive parks around it. Even its size does not help to attract attention, because it is also ... go to Article

Baroque collegiate church in Schlierbach, Upper Austria

A surprise awaited us in the small town of Schlierbach in Upper Austria, where we made a stopover on our journey from Burgenland to Tyrol: the baroque collegiate church. We had made no great plans for the few hours we stopped in Schlierbach, we wanted the next day early in the morning on the Inn Valley. ... go to Article

National Gallery of Art in Ottawa: Architecture

The National Gallery of Art Actually we wanted to look at the paintings of the Group of Seven in the National Gallery of Art in Ottawa. Of course we did, but we did not expect that the architecture of the art museum would impress us even more. The architecture of Moshe Safdie makes the National Gallery itself ... go to Article

St. Nikolai Church Stralsund - UNESCO World Heritage

During our half-day stroll through Stralsund's old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we therefore concentrated on the three churches of the city in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which are among them. We wanted to see what is so special about these churches that they have been included in this illustrious list of places worth protecting. Above all, we were ... go to Article

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