Christmas time in Salzburg

Krampus in Gnigl ​​- Customs in winter in Austria

For Christmas in Salzburg

A strange vehicle is en route to Salzburg at Christmas time Salzburg country. A tractor decorated with pine branches pulls an extraordinary wagon behind it. A wooden hut is built on the loading area. Similar to the tractor, this is densely decorated with fir green and on the front is the inscription "Krampusse auf Tour".

Witch at the Krampus run in Gnigl
Witch at the Krampus run in Gnigl

Krampus on tour

As the train stops in front of an inn in front of the gates of Salzburg, sinister figures in shaggy and long fur leap from inside the car. Scarring are less their bodies, but all the more their wild faces. These are crowned by horns up to two meters long. They make a tremendous spectacle and a hell of a noise.



Performing leaps and bounds, they storm the inn. There, the unaware guests look up from their lavishly laden plates and face true monster faces. These cause a wild goings-on with cowbells tied on their backs by their stormy jumping around.

Distorted grimaces, crooked and frightening faces under menacing horns, startled approaching ladies who hug them with their fur paws. Some of the strangers take the attack calmly and smile at the ugly masks. Others turn away in shock and refuse to look into the gaping mouths or the menacing eyes of the Krampus. And also the masters of creation do not go unnoticed. With long ox tails, the Krampus beat on the male guests.

This is how you celebrate the Christmas season in Salzburg

After half an hour, the spook is over. The wild guys disappear as fast as they came. They are followed by St. Nicholas. He walks peacefully from table to table in a red bishop's hat and white robe, accompanied by a helper with Kraxe on his back. From there, he brings small gift packages for the frightened children and gives the men a stamperl of homemade schnapps.



The St. Nicholas Festival is celebrated in the Salzburger Land in a similar or similar way. A special experience.

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Christmas time in Salzburg

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  1. Nice if the report pleases. That was a very special experience, which we were not prepared for on our visit to Salzburg last weekend. The better we enjoyed the spectacle then.
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  2. A really great report about the Krampusse in Salzburg. =) Also the whole blog I like very well, I have a small travel blog myself and in search of good travel guides I am always. ;-)
    In Vorarlberg, too, we meet the unequal team of Nicholas and Krampus and small children say their memorized poem so that they get the two sweets.

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