Rota Vicentina hiking on the fishing path Portugal

Cabo Sardao

The Rota Vicentina walking on the fishing path Portugal

On the ancient paths of the Rota Vicentina, the fishermen hike to their fishing spots via the Portugal fishing path. It leads from Porto Covo along the west coast down to the Algarve. We get there on our tour along the Rota do Peixe. Sometimes the path runs comfortably above the cliffs. At other times, steep climbs and descents to the beaches have to be overcome. There the surf lashes against the rocks. We definitely admire the fishermen who dare to venture out into this seething chaos. When hiking on the Rota de Vicentina in Portugal, you always follow their tracks along the coast.

Often times it seems as if the waves are about to tear them off the rocks. They find support on boulders that are washed by the water. Others throw their rods into the sea from high cliffs. However, this is no less dangerous. They defy the winds that often blow with high winds over the west coast of the Alentejo. One thing is definitely this path. An exciting and varied experience! A tame one trail the coastal path is not. Instead, the Rota Vicentina is a path that really impressed us.


Costa Vicentina at Cabo Sardao - Hiking at the Rota Vicentina
Costa Vicentina near Cabo Sardao - hiking on the Rota de Vicentina in Portugal


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  • Just outside Malhadinhas lies the Holiday farm O Monte das Flores *, With a rental car you are in 10 minutes in Vila Nova de Milfontes, and also the beach and the fishing path are within easy driving distance.
  • In the middle of nature lies the Herdade do Touril * near Zambujeira do Mar. From here you can easily explore the fishing path. A car is necessary to drive to the village or to Vila Nova de Milfontes.

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During our stay in the Alentejo we walk a few sections on the Rota Vicentina. On the one hand, it includes the path on the west coast of the Alentejo. The fishermen are still using it on their way to their fishing spots. On the other hand, the Rota Vicentina leads in a second part through the cork oak forests inland. The coastal path can be difficult and dangerous. No wonder in often steep rocky areas, which must be overcome to the sandy beaches. The path through the woods is lighter and less dangerous. However, you can also do it like we do and choose easier stages on the coastal path. We got to know two of these routes on our Travel along the fishing path through the Alentejo.


Cabo Sardao at the Rota Vicentina
Cabo Sardao - hiking on the Rota de Vicentina in Portugal


A walk along the Rota Vicentina at Cabo Sardão

As a hike, I would not call our stay at Cabo Sardão. He was too short for that. But also a walk along the Rota Vicentina in this beautifully situated lighthouse is worthwhile. The most beautiful is the sunset. Then the sun shrouds the lighthouse in soft light as it sinks slowly over the Atlantic into the sea.


Petar looks out to the sea
Petar looks out to sea while hiking on the Rota de Vicentina in Portugal © Emanuele Siracusa


But we are here in the morning. The paths are definitely good at this point. They lead over flat land above the coastal cliffs. Sometimes there are even boardwalks that lead to the edge of the cliff. So hikers can safely admire the wild coast from safe viewing platforms. The remainder of the trail is sandy and leads through bush vegetation that even flowers in January.


That belongs in the suitcase for a hike on the Rota Vicentina


Hiking trail at Cabo Sardao
Hiking trail on Cabo Sardao while hiking on the Rota de Vicentina in Portugal


The path is still used by fishermen. On our walk from one lookout point to the next, you will always come across us. One of them is dragging a long, narrow tree branch over his shoulder. "This is his fishing rod," says José, our Portuguese companion. I would never have thought this branch to be a rod. But apparently the materials that nature provides are still used to this day. Expensive fishing equipment is not necessary to get a perch or dogfish out of the water.


Entrada dos Barcas
Entrada dos Barcas


Rough coastal path at Entrada dos Barcas

For our second trip on the Rota Vicentina we take a little more time. For this we choose a section of road that runs above the small fishing harbor Entrada dos Barcas south of Vila Nova de Milfontes. Here begins the path with a steep climb from Restaurante O Sacas. Climb up the rocky path until the plateau reaches the cliffs. There the path becomes wider and easier. It follows the coastline and also provides insights into the interior.


Fishing boats in Entrada dos Barcas
Fishing boats in Entrada dos Barcas


Here, red-brown cattle graze in the pasture, but when we see them, they prefer to look far. Dense acacia forests grow along the path. Marta Cabral, director of the Rota Vicentina, who accompanies us on this section, is not enthusiastic. She explains: “These plants spread aggressively here. We are constantly fighting them. ”Acacias are not native to Portugal. If you do nothing about them, they will displace the natural vegetation of the region.


Cattle at the Rota Vicentina
Cattle at the Rota Vicentina


Again and again we meet fishermen. One bumps past us on a dented moped. He carries his catch home in a bucket that hangs from the handlebars. Another is making his way to his fishing spots. His target is therefore one of the rocks in the surf. Anyway, his high boots point to that. Bold men are definitely. Admirable! That is why, as we travel along the coast, we see several of them throwing out their fishing rods.


Buy here your fishing path Portugal hiking guide

Currently there is a German-speaking hiking guide for the Rota Vicentina. Therefore, we also recommend English-speaking guides for the Alentejo.




In Petar's video you can find scenes from

Hikes on the Rota Vicentina




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Rota Vicentina hiking
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Rota Vicentina hiking on the fishing path Portugal

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  1. Very nice. One year ago, I was also on the route. What I think is great: The Rota Vicentina can be on the one hand as a long-distance hiking trail, but also in the context of various day trips, where you always drive by car to the beginning of the circular routes. Personally, I like that better, because then you do not have to worry about the luggage all the time and you can also put off a day if the weather is bad or your calves hurt.

    1. Hello Oli,

      I think you're right. That's it, too, which we liked so much. For the time between the hiking days there are also plenty of other ways to pass the time at the Rota Vicentina. Or you just let all fours be straight and relaxed in one of the nice accommodations along the route.

      Best regards,

    1. Hello Thomas and Silke,

      Depending on where you go on the Rota Vicentina, you can also go up and down the narrow paths. The route is very varied.

      Best regards,

  2. It looks really adorable, so idyllic. A walk is twice as nice. Really seems like the world in Alentejo will still be "okay" if the fishermen even fish with simple branches. Very sympathic!

    Best regards,
    Nicole from PASSENGER X

    1. That's right, Nicole. I was also impressed. In general, the people in Alentejo are very hospitable and accommodating.

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  3. Think this is definitely a nice walking tour along the coast. But in the summer very warm? unless you jump into the sea in between.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      yes, you are right. We were there in January. It was windy and cool, but for hiking - at least for my needs - just right. In summer I do not want to do this hike.

      Best regards,

  4. Dear Ones,
    Do you know when the best travel time is to go on this great hiking tour?
    Rocks, lighthouses and many enjoyable moments are probably the order of the day here.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Katja,

      Yes that is true. We were there in January at temperatures between about 10-15 degrees and five days of sunshine. I think these are temperatures where you can hike well. If you travel a little later in the year, or in October, November, the conditions should be good too. What we really liked about our trip was that we almost had the region to ourselves. Of course you have to weigh that up. But I think the region will never be overcrowded because the tourist infrastructure is not that big. And that's good!

      Best regards,

    1. Hello Michaela,

      that's it too. On foot you can enjoy the region and the great views on the coast particularly intense.

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  5. We will incorporate Alentejo into our Portugal trip because of your great articles. We are very happy and count the days. Beautiful pictures by the way.

    1. Dear Lisa,

      We're really glad. The Alentejo is a still very original and authentic region that impressed us a lot. I'm curious how you like it.

      Best regards,

    1. Very much, Theresa. Your report describes in great detail a multi-day hike on the Rota Vicentina. This certainly interests some of the readers of our article.

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  6. I'll remember the Rota Vicentina, I like the rough coast. Do you know how long the trail along the coast is? Can you stay overnight on the way?

    1. Hello Antje,

      Yes, there are accommodations. Look at the article below under Travel Organization. If you click on the link, you will find all accommodations in the region of Rota Vicentina.

      The fishing path along the coast includes four daily stages with a maximum of 22 km and five connecting routes. Overall, the 120 are km.

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