Thuringian dumplings, as I like them

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Thuringian dumplings with roulades

Recipe for Thuringian dumplings

Thuringian dumplings, that's what I grew up with, even though I'm not from Thuringia. My mother cooked her for Sunday roast almost every Sunday. I still love her today, but I rarely get to cook her. When I read Claudia Braunstein's blog call today for the best recipe for Thuringian dumplings, it was clear to me. I'll join in. It's also time to introduce a new recipe for regional specialties here.

What are Thuringian dumplings

Thuringian dumplings differ from other potato dumplings in that they consist partly of raw and partly cooked potatoes. My mother always made them mostly from raw potatoes. Boiled potatoes were pressed. Then she gave her over the grated potatoes. The raw potato mass had to be squeezed out before. She added the potato mass to a kitchen towel and expressed the strength.

It is said that Thuringian dumplings should consist of raw 2 / 3 and boiled potatoes of 1 / 3. My mother used this composition:


2 kg of raw potatoes
1 kg of boiled potatoes
1 tbsp salt
liquid potato starch (from the expressed potatoes)



Sometimes she also used less cooked potatoes (about 250 g). To do this she added 2 with hot milk over-brewed rolls.

These ingredients are kneaded. The dough should not be too firm, but rather softer.

On special days, she also toasted bread cubes and put them in the middle of the dumplings.

From the dough she made round dumplings and put them in boiling salt water. After thirty minutes, the dumplings rise. As soon as they swim on the water surface, they are done.


What tastes like Thuringian dumplings?

We prefer to eat beef roulades with Thuringian dumplings. Especially the roulade sauce tastes delicious.

For this we use this recipe.

Ingredients for roulades with sauce:

1 beef roulade per person
Sweet mustard
rasher of bacon
1 onion

Wash beef roulades and pat dry. Salt meat and pepper on both sides. Then sprinkle with sweet mustard on one side. Then cut gherkins and bacon into thin strips. Then you take the roulades with gherkins and bacon. Roll up and bind the roulades with the ingredients. Then fry the roulades in the pan on all sides. If they are brown on all sides, add a one-eighth onion. Once this is seared, pour it with water and let it stew at 160 ° for about 1,5 hours.

Then take the meat out of the pan. I fish out the parched onion and refine the sauce with cream and a dash of red wine.

Done is the perfect sauce for the Thuringian dumplings. And of course the delicious beef roulades!


Do you already know:

With this recipe, we participate in the blog event Thuringer dumplings Supple delicacies. Do you already know the roundup about traditional German food?

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Thuringian dumplings, as I like them

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