Tiny house or wine barrel? Extraordinary overnight stays on the Moselle

Tiny house or wine barrel - overnight stays in castles

A night in a wine barrel or tiny house

There are many accommodations between Winningen and Burgen an der Mosel. But have you ever slept in a wine barrel? Or would you rather rent a tiny house?



The Lower Moselle Valley lures with Tiny House and wine barrel
Spend the night in a wine barrel or rent a tiny house in the Lower Moselle Valley. Photo: djd/Tourist-Information Sunny Lower Moselle/Marco Rothbrust

Accommodation along the Moselle - wine barrel and tiny house are just a few of them

Castles, chapels and churches, half-timbered places and vineyards. A holiday on the Lower Moselle has something romantic and steeped in history. The Moselle meanders more than 300 kilometers through its valley. Rocks and flanks accompany them until they in Koblenz in the Rhine flows. Eleven places between Winningen and Burgen as well as three high-altitude villages invite you to accommodation that is exceptional.


Spend the night in the Old Mill like in the Middle Ages
Spend the night like in the Middle Ages in the old mill in Kobern-Gondorf. Photo: djd/Tourist Information Sunny Lower Moselle/Thomas Höreth

On the move like a pilgrim or knight or rather in a tiny house

Sleeping on fur and like on clouds and listening to the call of fox and owl. This is possible in a touring carriage like in the Middle Ages at the Ehrenburg above Brodenbach. There is room for four people here. You take a shower in the Bade-Torturm. Or you can choose one of the 13 bowers of the castle, which lies on a rocky spur above the Moselle. There you get a feeling of how traders, pilgrims and knights traveled in the Middle Ages.



Guests can experience a night in a wine barrel at Campingpark Burgen. In addition to a bed, the camping barrel is equipped with a kettle, coffee cups and wine glasses. "There's room in the smallest hut!". That's the motto of an overnight stay in one of the Tiny Houses on the Historic mill Vogelsang*. Thanks to the windows and the wood in country house style, an ambience is created that spreads cosiness.


At the Ehrenburg in a side valley of the Moselle
At the Ehrenburg in a side valley of the Moselle. Photo: djd/Tourist Information Sunny Lower Moselle/Mahlow Media

Sleep in the village house or in the farmhouse room

You can also escape everyday life on the Lower Moselle in the little village house in Lehmen. The village teacher taught the children in his apartment in the 16th-century building. The terrace offers a view of the Moselle vineyards and the 12th-century bell tower. Farm holidays are also ideal for families. Especially when the holiday apartment is a farmhouse parlor like on the Scheidterhof* high above Kobern-Gondorf. Here you have a distant view of the Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück. In addition, the apartment is not far from the Koberner Burgpfad, one of the Moselle dream trails.

You shouldn't forget that if you hiking on the Moselle willst



Wine barrel in Campingpark Burgen
Wine barrel in Campingpark Burgen Photo: djd and tourist information Sunny Lower Moselle

The old mill in Kobern impresses with its flair of antiques, the babbling of the mill stream, the singing of the birds and the forest air. Paths and alleys lead through Thurant Castle. From here you have a view over the Moselle, the vineyards and the town of Alken. The Sporkhorst holiday home can accommodate up to six people.



Overnight in a wine barrel

Many Campsites on the Moselle* offer the opportunity to spend the night in a wine barrel. You can find and reserve these here, for example.


Do you want to go camping on the Moselle?


Information about the Tiny House, the wine barrel and other accommodation is available www.sonnenige-untermosel.de. Anyone arriving by motor home or on a camping holiday is just as welcome.


Accommodation on the Moselle
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Source: Tiny House or Wine Barrel? djd and Tourist Information Sunny Lower Moselle

Text: Rent a tiny house or a wine barrel? Monika Fuchs and djd/Tourist Information Sunny Lower Moselle
Photos: djd/Tourist-Information Untermosel and Wikimedia Commons in the public domain

Tiny house or wine barrel? Extraordinary overnight stays on the Moselle

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