Esterhazy Palace guided tour in Eisenstadt

Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt - Excursion destinations Burgenland

Esterhazy Palace guided tour in Eisenstadt

On a guided tour of Esterhazy Palace in Burgenland You can hear many stories in the capital city of Eisenstadt. From Joseph Haydn, who worked here for many years. Or from the immeasurably wealthy Esterházy family, who were even richer - but also more generous - than the Austrian emperors. Too generous, as it finally turned out, but which, over generations, paid back its debts to pennies and pennies. About wine and winemaking and a wine cellar that is now only opened on special occasions.



In addition, we experience guided tours of concerts and the sounds that echo down in the castle courtyard at Esterhazy Palace. And of a Hungarian dancer who enchanted the last Prince Esterházy so much that he married her. One tells of family disputes over the inheritance of the princely family. But also from the exotic taste of the Esterházys, which is expressed in several Chinese-inspired castle rooms. The castle bears witness to the splendor, which is shown in the precious silverware of the royal family, but also to the life of the domestics who lived on the upper floors of the castle and kept the splendor alive.


Noble porcelain
Fine porcelain can be seen on the Esterhazy Palace tour in Eisenstadt
The concert hall
The concert hall in Esterhazy Castle in Eisenstadt
One of the princes Esterházy
One of the princes Esterházy
A detail of the facade
A detail of the facade of Esterhazy Castle in Eisenstadt
Chinoiserie in Esterházy Castle
Chinoiseries on the Esterhazy Palace tour
View into the park
View into the park


Guided tour of Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt

In any case, a guided tour in Esterházy Palace takes us into a world that we cannot imagine. In this castle, however, it comes alive in the magnificent halls. In the concert hall where the next Haydn concert is being rehearsed. In the living rooms, which bring the times of exoticism to life with their chinoiserie. But also in the simple rooms of the maids and housekeepers who took care of the well-being of the royal family and their guests.

During our tour of Esterhazy Palace, we learned that there was even a strict hierarchy among the staff, which was also reflected in the furnishings in their living spaces. While the maids lived in simply furnished rooms, the maid already had her own bathroom. The pictures on the walls show the princes and their wives. However, only two of the women were married out of love. What kind of life must that have been? Between all the pomp, but without human warmth? Was it worth all this excess?


Noble vases
Noble vases can be seen on the Esterhazy Palace tour
The coat of arms of the Esterházys - Esterhazy Palace guided tour
The coat of arms of the Esterházy
Guided tour in the wine cellar of Esterházy Palace - Esterhazy Palace
In the wine cellar of Esterházy Palace - you don't see them on every guided tour of Esterhazy Palace


The castle as an administrative center

On our guided tour of Esterhazy Palace, we also see the traces that the palace's past as an administrative building for public offices has left behind. In any case, I can't imagine going to the office here every day. To know what splendor and what fates once took place in these rooms, while you yourself are exposed to the daily grind of everyday office life. However, those days are over. Instead, the foundation that manages the castle today exposes the remains of the wall that show the castle's eventful history. In the meantime, you can even discover magnificent wall paintings behind the wallpaper in the administration offices. Our walk through Esterházy Palace is a rollercoaster of emotions. At the same time, however, it is also a lesson that nothing lasts.


Here the housekeeper slept in Esterházy Palace - Esterhazy Palace tour
Here the housekeeper slept in Esterházy Castle


A walk through Esterhazy Castle

For us, the tour through Esterházy Palace is on the one hand a walk through the turbulence of history from the times of the nobility to the state administrative apparatus of today. A mix that will definitely make you think. Which also brings us closer to the development of Austria up to the present day in a very personal way.

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Esterházy Palace is located in the center of Eisenstadt.

Esterházy Palace
Esterházyplatz 5
7000 Eisenstadt, Austria
T + 43 (0) 2682 / 63004-0

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Esterhazy Palace guided tour
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Esterhazy Palace guided tour in Eisenstadt
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