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Caputh sights

Not far from Potsdam is the town of Caputh in the Havel region. It borders on the Templiner See, the Caputher See and the Caputher Gemünde, a tributary of the Havel. The Schwielower See is only a few kilometers away. For these sights alone, Caputh is worth a trip from Potsdam. Caputh can be reached by bike from the city center Potsdam in half an hour. But the sights of Caputh and the surrounding area are not limited to attractions on the water. There's more to discover.



The cable ferry connects the two banks of the Havel
The cable ferry connects the banks of the Caputher Gemünde - Caputh Potsdam sights

Hiking trails around the Templiner See and Schwielower See

It's a leisurely pace at Lake Templin. The lake extends south from Potsdam to Caputh. In 4-5 hours you can wander around the lake. On the way you have to cross the Caputher Gemünde with the cable ferry Tussy II before the path leads back to the city on the other side of the lake. The Caputher Gemünde connects the Templiner with the Schwielower See. A stop at the ice cream parlor on Caputher Ufer is worthwhile. If you like something spicy, then you should definitely try a chocolate-chili-cherry ice cream. Ideally together with other - milder - varieties that you save for the end of the ice cream pleasure.

Another hike takes you around four hours around the Schwielower See from Caputh via Ferch and Petzow. Highlights on the way are the excursion destination Ferch and the castle village of Petzow. In addition, you follow the Fontaneweg back north on this round.

The Walk around the Caputher See takes about an hour and a half. After the first few meters past front gardens you will come to a forest path. The path around this lake leads past bathing spots and places where water lilies grow in the water.

You need that for a hike near Caputh


Quaint houseboats on the Templiner lake
Quaint houseboats on the Templiner See - Sights in Caputh and the surrounding area

Houseboats and rafts on the lake are among the attractions in Caputh and the surrounding area

A trip by houseboat is even more comfortable. On the shores of Lake Templin, a whole fleet is waiting for customers. The houseboats don't look as sleek as the ones we ride on ours Houseboat tours were traveling in France or Holland. They are perfect for a boat trip with friends on a summer afternoon on the lake. A mini tour can be undertaken with it in any case.



Barge on the Havel
Barge on the Havel - a frequent sight between Potsdam and Caputh

Eat well in the ferry house at Caputher Gemünde

Right next to the Tussy II ferry pier is an excursion restaurant that is popular with hikers, cyclists and boaters alike. The ferry house is right on the water. There you can enjoy your meal in the guest room or in the beer garden by the water and watch the ship traffic on the Caputher Gemünde.

Fährhaus Caputh restaurant
Unity Street 88
14548 Schwielowsee
Phone: + 49 33209 70203

A reservation is recommended.

Romantic - the ferry house Caputh
Romantic - the ferry house Caputh

Caputh near Potsdam - Caputh sights with history

In addition to three lakes and the Havel, Caputh has attractions to offer: there is Caputh Castle, a baroque castle from the time of Elector Friedrich Wilhelm, which you can visit. Albert Einstein and his family spent the time in Caputh before he emigrated to the United States. His house has been open to the public since 2005. The village church of Caputh with its steeple is also worth seeing.


The main road through Caputh
The main road through Caputh


Slow Life is very important in Caputh. Residential houses are lined up along the village streets. Allotments testify to the skills of the residents. Tree-lined avenues create an atmosphere that invites you to relax. We like to be in Caputh in Brandenburg.


The village church of Caputh with its separately standing church tower
The village church of Caputh with its steeple - Caputh sights

The village church - one of the Caputh sights

The village church of Caputh with its steeple is worth seeing. This is separate from the main part of the church. It was built in the middle of the 19th century in the style of historicism. The architect was August Stüler. It is worth taking a look at the chancel.


The Baroque Caputh Castle Sights
The Baroque Caputh Castle - one of the Caputh sights

Caputh Castle

It is actually a mansion. Elector Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg gave it to his second wife Dorothea in the 17th century. She had it converted into a baroque summer palace. Elector Friedrich III, who later became King of Prussia, also liked to stay here.

Today you can visit the castle. The vaulted hall with its faience tiles from Holland is particularly worth seeing.

Caputh Castle
Unity Street 2
14548 Caputh
Telephone: (033 209) 703 45


Albert Einstein's summer house attractions caputh and the surrounding area
Albert Einstein's summer house

Albert Einstein's summer house

Albert Einstein's summer house is located on the edge of the forest. Built in 1929, he used it until 1933. Then he emigrated to the USA. His house, in which he welcomed five other Nobel Prize winners as guests, has been expropriated and sold to the community of Caputh.

You can visit it today. However, no furnishings have been preserved on Einstein.

Einsteinhaus / Einstein House
At the edge of the forest 15-17
14548 Caputh

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Caputh Brandenburg
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Caputh near Potsdam - sights

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