Stams Tirol and its sights

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Stams Tirol and its sights

Experience Stams Tirol and its sights

(Advertisement) The place Stams Tirol is known because of the Stams Abbey. The Cistercian monastery in Stams Tyrol has world-class cultural treasures. But the landscape in the upper Inn Valley is also worth a visit. Here are many Hiking opportunities. Anglers also feel at home here. For example, you can cast your fishing rod in the monastery ponds and then have your lake trout prepared for you.


You shouldn't forget that if you want to hike

  • Good walking boots are required so that you can enjoy your tours.
  • A light backpack is convenient in that you can take a jacket and a bottle of water with you. For longer hikes we recommend one backpack.
  • Other equipment for hikers here.
  • A pair of sun hat protects on the go, because you will be out in the sun a lot.


Stams Abbey in Tirol
Stams Abbey in Tirol


Stams Abbey in Tyrol is about 36 kilometers from Innsbruck. The place can be easily reached by car via the Inntal motorway A 12. But it is also possible to travel by train. The main attraction of the village is the monastery with its buildings that have been restored in recent years. Therefore, the monastery and its parks shine in full splendor today. We spend several days visiting the monks. They show us what their monastery has to offer. Stams is one of the most beautiful monasteriesthat we know so far. Our host is Frater Lukas, who accompanies us on our visit.


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Meinhard II
Meinhard II still watches over the monastery today


Foundation of the Abbey

The monastery was founded in 1273 by Meinhard II and his wife, Elisabeth von Bayern. This was the second marriage of Elisabeth, who had previously been married to the Staufer King Konrad IV. Meinhard II. and Elisabeth chose the monastery as the place for the burial place of the Tyrolean sovereigns. The “Austrian grave” is located in the collegiate church. It is a work by Andreas Thamasch. One looks from above at the figures depicting the princes buried here. However, their graves are not in this magnificent tomb, but in front of the high altar of the basilica. There are commemorative plaques set in the ground to commemorate the founding family.


The grave of the Meinhardins
The grave of the Meinhardins


The collegiate church of Stams Tirol

The church of Stams Abbey is not, as one might initially think, the building with the two towers. This was created later and was the seat of the founding family. The collegiate church, on the other hand, is hardly noticeable. It doesn't own a tower. Therefore it looks almost inconspicuous from the outside between the other monastery buildings.


The collegiate church
The collegiate church in Kloster Stams Tirol


Inside, however, you can discover the high baroque basilica. Immediately behind the gate is the burial place of the Tyrolean sovereigns (see above). Behind the altar in the area of ​​the parish is the choir, where the monks meet several times a day for choir prayer.


Altar and choir of the collegiate church
Altar and choir of the basilica of Stift Stams Tirol


The high altar is also worth seeing. This represents a tree of life. The sculptor Bartholomäus Steinle carved 84 figures in this, which can be easily recognized in front of a stucco canopy.


High altar in the collegiate church in Stams Abbey, Tyrol
High altar in the collegiate church in Stams Abbey, Tyrol


The Holy Blood Chapel

The Holy Blood Chapel is right next to the basilica. It has existed in its current form since 1716. The high altar was created by the court carpenter Sigmund Zeller. Andreas Kölle made the altar figures, and the murals are by Josef Schöpf. The chapel owes its name to a relic that is particularly venerated in Stams Abbey. In a monstrance there is a vial that is said to contain a few drops of the blood of Christ.


Ceiling painting in the Holy Blood Chapel
Ceiling painting in the Heilig-Blut-Chapel of Stift Stams Tirol


The Bernardi Hall

A highlight among the sights of Stams Tyrol is the Bernardi Hall. This is located in the west wing of the monastery and can be viewed on a guided tour. The hall dates from the 18th century. The wall paintings are preserved in their original colors. They show scenes from the life of Bernhard of Clairvaux. The hall serves as a ballroom for concerts and events.


Bernardi Hall
Bernardi Hall in the Stams Monastery in Tirol


Stams Abbey in Tyrol has been restored for twenty years. One of the problems that caused the conservationists a headache was the roof structure, which dates in part from the 14th century. The roof over the gallery of the Bernardi Hall has been carefully restored. For this, wooden beams had to be completely renewed. A Sisyphean work. The result was successful.


Gallery in the Bernardisaal
Gallery in the Bernardi Hall


The icon collection

The icon collection that is exhibited in the Stams Abbey in Tyrol is well worth a visit. This is the private collection of Professor Ekkart Sauser, who taught as a church historian at the universities in Innsbruck and Trier. In 2006 he donated his collection to the state of Tyrol. This, in turn, was given to the abbey so that it could display the icons.


An example from the icon collection in the Stams Abbey in Tirol


Cloister in Stams Abbey in Tyrol

The cloister of Stams Abbey is in the interior of the monastery. This is the part of the monastery accessible to the monks. However, the cloister is open to visitors during a guided tour.


Cloister in the Stams Abbey in Tirol
Cloister in the Stams Abbey in Tirol



During a guided tour of the monastery, you can also visit the museum of Stams monastery. The museum shows how the monastery fitted into people's lives over the centuries. It shows pharmacy cabinets that kept medicinal herbs collected in the monastery. There is an astronomical table and a globe from 1541. There are also sculptures, monstrances, priestly robes and altar paintings in the museum.


Apothecary cabinet in the museum
Apothecary cabinet in the museum



After so much art, culture, and spiritual edification, it is time to recharge your batteries. This works best in the restaurant in the orangery. You can eat in the restaurant. There is also a terrace from which you have a beautiful view of the monastery park and the monastery buildings. The food is very good. We went to the orangery twice to eat. The salmon trout we were served was one of the best I've eaten so far.


Salmon trout
Salmon trout


We were also allowed to taste the wines of the Zoller-Saumwald winery. Peter Zoller is one of the pioneers of viticulture in the Inn Valley in North Tyrol. He acquired the knowledge of viticulture himself. For this, he traveled through the wine regions of the world in search of the perfect grape varieties for his soils. He found that Burgundy types of wine are ideally suited for cultivation in his terroir. We can confirm that. His Chardonnay, which he served us with the fish, had a wonderful aroma of pineapple, that was so intense that I have seldom tasted it with wines. A wine that perfectly complements the taste of the trout.


Monastery shop
Monastery shop in Stams Abbey in Tirol


The Abbey Shop

The connoisseurs among you should not miss a visit to the monastery shop. This is located right next to the orangery. In addition to honey and jams from the monastery’s own production, there is monastery bread on three days of the week, which Frater Franz bakes in the monastery bakery every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He is also responsible for the schnapps distillery in the monastery. This has been around since the 16th century. Today, Frater Franz produces fruit brandies and fruit liqueurs from the fruits supplied by the monastery’s orchard. I can warmly recommend his elderberry liqueur. He also produces apple cider and apple cider vinegar.

Guided tour of Stams Abbey in Tyrol

You can visit Stams Abbey as a day guest and, for example, take part in a guided tour. You can register for a guided tour online. Further information is then available in the monastery shop.

Guided tours are possible all year round.

You can visit the museum from June to September as an individual visitor or as part of a guided tour.

From October to May there is a guided tour every Thursday at 16.00 p.m., which also includes the museum.

Check out current information about the tours here.

Follow us on our visit to Stams Abbey in Petar's video.

Stams Abbey

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Stam's Tyrol
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Stams Tirol and its sights

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