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The Bora HotSpa Resort in Radolfzell

Bora HotSpa Resort
The Bora HotSpa Resort in Radolfzell on Lake Constance


At first glance, the Bora HotSpaResort in Radolfzell appears Baden-Württemberg a little strange in its green surroundings. A straight-angled building with a facade made of wooden beams that meet at straight and oblique angles stands on a narrow street, which is also the entrance to the Radolfzell marina. In front of and behind it, tall willow trees rise into the sky, and Lake Constance can be guessed more than you can see it. From the outside, you don't immediately see what is hidden inside and behind the building:


The lobby at Bora HotSpaResort in Radolfzell

A touch of Japan on Lake Constance in the Bora HotSpa Resort in Radolfzell

The first thing that strikes me when entering the four-star hotel is the large lobby with the huge glass front that looks out into the green on the tall pastures, whose silver-green color complements the bright red and white tones of the Decor and the warm wood colors of the staircase and the balcony gallery on the first floor. A pleasant mix of colors, in which I immediately feel good.


Open bathroom
Open bathroom


After checking in, I'm curious to see what our room looks like. And also there is a surprise: bathroom and bedroom are not separated by a door, but only by the fact that the bed is facing the window and the balcony, and sink and shower are behind the wall unit, the bed of the Bathing facilities separates. Only the toilet is in a separate room. Here you have to know and like your roommates to be able to move freely. Incidentally, this open layout of the rooms also reflects the fact that the entire spa area of ​​the hotelI introduce you in another article, textile-free zone is.


Comfort Rooms
Our comfort room at the Bora HotSpaResort in Radolfzell
The first beverage filling is free
seating area
Cozy is the sitting area in our room


The room is very spacious with a well-equipped desk corner where we can comfortably do our computer work during the two days of our stay. This includes a minibar, where we find four drinks: a large bottle of water, a bottle of orange and lemonade and a bottle of beer. The first minibar filling is free, and if we need replenishment, we have to let you know. All other drinks we order in this way must be paid. A good scheme, as we find.


Welcome gift
A great welcome: the bulging fruit bowl


On the small side table in the cozy sitting area, which consists of a sofa and a rocking chair, we can expect a healthy welcome in the form of a bulging fruit bowl with fresh fruit that tastes just as good as it looks. No wonder! Ripen just the fresh cherries and peaches, which we can try here.


seating area
The sitting area in the Japan suite


Stay in the Japan suite

We are accommodated in one of the comfort rooms of the hotel. However, there are ways to intensify the Japanese side of the hotel. The Japan suites are perfectly suited for this purpose: the spaciousness of the Japan suite we get to know is generous. A transparent wall unit, through whose bright walls the light illuminates the sitting area, separates the lounge from the bedroom of the suite. Doors do not exist here either.


Bed in the Japan suite
The Japan Suite sleeps on a futon on the floor


Instead of in a bed, the guest in this suite sleeps on a futon on the floor of the room, which is laid out with bamboo mats instead of the deep red carpet that we find in our room. The color scheme is reserved in the Japan suite natural colors. The warm and bright colors of the rest of the hotel are missing here.


Bath in the Japan Suite
The view from the bathroom to the bedroom of the Japan Suite


Like a bar, the sink line separates the bathroom from the bedroom. And here too, the whole thing is kept open, so that natural light flows into all areas of the suite. If you want to stay overnight like in Japan without taking the long journey, you can experience this in one of the two Japan suites in the Bora HotSpa Resort.

The tenderest angus steak of my life at Rubin Restaurant

On the first evening of our stay we are invited to an a la carte dinner in the restaurant Rubin, which I will remember for the wonderfully tender steak. I got served there probably the most tender Angus steak in my life so far. We find it particularly pleasant that the restaurant is asked to leave his cell phone switched off. Therefore, there are no photos of this food as you are used to.

We start our menu with a non-alcoholic cocktail and select our food while enjoying our Hugo, which tastes intensely of fresh mint. Petar and I both choose the chanterelle soup as a starter. As a main course Petar prefers the whitefish with saltimbocca, black Piedmontese rice and green asparagus, while as a self-confessed meat lover I take the Angus steak with pepper butter, a fruity tomato-apricot chutney, pickle salad and sweet potato tortilla à la Brasil is served.

Petar is as enthusiastic about his whitefish as I am about my tender steak, through which my knife cuts through butter. It melts on the tongue in the mouth, and I slow down the consumption of this steak as long as possible to extend the enjoyment. Tomato apricot chutney adds a fruity flavor to the steak in an extraordinary way. Only for the sweet potato tortilla, I'm not so excited. Maybe that's because I'm not a big fan of sweet potatoes. Anyway, I leave the tortilla on the left and focus instead on the wonderful steak.

By the way, you can also book half-board in the Bora HotSpa Resort. Then in the morning you get the evening menu suggestions at the breakfast table and select the desired main dishes for dinner in the morning.


View into the green
A balcony where you can find peace


Rest and relaxation in the Bora HotSpa Resort in Radolfzell on Lake Constance

Another characteristic of this hotel is the tranquility that radiates it. As soon as we step on it, we enter a different world: the surrounding nature, the warm colors of the equipment, the many wooden elements in the construction and the friendly service contribute to our life rhythm back a few gears and quasi accelerate at the touch of a button , Perhaps the constant rain will be added, which from the second day of our stay constantly splashes down in front of our balcony, whose soothing dripping increases the feeling of peace and relaxation. In any case, the pleasant surroundings, the ambience of the hotel and the restrained friendliness of the staff play a major role. The proximity to the lake does the rest, which we can best enjoy from the roof terrace and the spa area. If you come here, you should bring your own time and take it to enjoy the amenities of the hotel.


Roof terrace
View of Lake Constance from the roof terrace


Even the numerous business people, who obviously appreciate the offer of a four-star hotel at this end of Lake Constance, give the impression of enjoying the peace and quiet. Maybe that's one of the reasons why the hotel's conference rooms are often used for business events.

Conclusion: the Bora HotSpaResort in Radolfzell has been in the year since its opening on 1. May 2013 has become a popular hotel with spa lovers and business people, as it is well booked during the three days we are here (Monday - Wednesday). And we can pass on the recommendation: the Bora HotSpaResort is a spa hotel in a class of its own and an excellent starting point for exploring the Dreiländereck at the western end of Lake Constance. The beautiful town of Stein am Rhein, for example, is only an hour away by public bus, which - if you are staying in a hotel as a tourist - can be reached for free with the guest card of the Unterseeregion. Among other things, we have the food there as the pilgrims of yore in Stone at the Rhein - tasted in the hotel restaurant Rheingerbe, a very special experience

Bora HotSpa Resort
Karl-Wolf-Str. 35
78315 Radolfzell on Lake Constance
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