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Cool backpacks

Best backpack for city trips is also a chic accessory for a city tour. A backpack for shopping works well. They have to be practical and look good. And, if possible, still perform certain functions that you always need on city breaks. Here is a selection.

Suitcase, trolley or backpack?

Suitcase trolley or backpack? What is best for the trip? Suitcase trolley or backpack? We asked ourselves the questions for a long time on our travels. Because we travel so often, our luggage has adapted to the duration and type of travel. We now know what is practical and pack accordingly. Maybe you are interested ... go to Article

Holiday for two with a suitcase

Traveling in pairs with a suitcase Admittedly, we used to have a lot more luggage with us on our trips. What we didn't pack on our first vacation for two: several pairs of shoes, books that we didn't have time to read on the way, thick jackets - “it could be cold” -, elegant clothes ... go to Article

Trolley or travel bag - what is more practical for a train journey?

What is more practical - trolley or travel bag on the train? Display - Trolley or Travel Bag - What's more convenient on the train? On our journey from Munich to Cesenatico in Italy, we were also traveling by train. From Bologna airport we took the shuttle bus to the city's main train station. From there we continued ... go to Article