Hiking in the nature park Hoher Fläming

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Cow udder on the art trail

Hiking in the nature park Hoher Fläming

Hiking alone in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park is good. The flat landscapes between Bad Belzig and Wiesenburg in Brandenburg entice you to go hiking in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park. hiking trailsthat we like run through flat terrain. You can't go uphill. We don't like crowds either. We like hiking alone. Hiking in Fläming is well suited for this. The expanses of the Fläming are just right for us. They are flat and have no steep slopes. That's why a hike through the Hohe Fläming is also something for slow hikers like us. In addition, the landscapes of the Fläming had already attracted us on our trips through Brandenburg in recent years. This time we wanted to explore it on foot.


Hiking alone in the nature park Hoher Fläming Dorfweiher von Wiesenburg
Village pond of Wiesenburg


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However, when I investigate what is meant by Fläming, I have to laugh. Wikipedia describes it as the Ice Age ridge. On our hike on the art hiking trail from Wiesenburg nothing of higher landforms can be discovered. On the contrary: wide and flat landscapes await us. The water tower in Wiesenburg is at a height of 188,3 meters above sea level. NN. Since we are at home in Bavaria, it is not even a hill in our opinion. But all the better! They are exactly that Walkingthat we like to hike on. The Fläming owes its existence to the flow movements of the ice surface, which flowed back and forth from Scandinavia during the Ice Age. This left the sediments that make up the Fläming today.


Wiesenburg im Fläming - a place for hiking alone
Wiesenburg in Fläming


Wiesenburg at the Hoher Fläming Nature Park

If you leave the Schlosspark Wiesenburg in the direction of the village, you can already see signs in the park that point to the way to Bad Belzig. There we get directly to the art hiking trail that connects Wiesenburg with Bad Belzig. There are even several routes on the art hiking trail. It's your choice. The north route covers 20 km, the south route 17 km, the west route 23 km and the east route 20 km. As a slow hiker, this distance would have been too much for us. But the 16 km route of the southern route from Wiesenburg to Bad Belzig is too long for us. We therefore restrict our hike through the Fläming to a route for which we take a lot of time. Therefore, our hike becomes a real one Enjoyment tour. This is how we enjoy hiking in Fläming.


You need this for a hike in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park

  • Pack your backpack with our packing list for hikers. Then you are guaranteed to have everything you need on the go.
  • Comfortable You need walking shoes for wide feetwhere you can walk well even on rough paths
  • A pair of backpack is definitely practical for everything you need on the go.
  • There are benches for one on the art hiking trail Picnic on the roadside. Refreshments are available in Wiesenburg, Bad Belzig and Schmerwitz.
  • The region offers beautiful photo opportunities. Therefore you should bring your Camera .
  • Are you looking for Gifts for hikers?


Village church in Wiesenburg
Village church in Wiesenburg


Hiking in the Fläming

That was exactly the right thing for us. So we can enjoy the wide landscapes of the Fläming extensively. But not only the Fläming is worth seeing. Wiesenburg itself also offers surprises for us before we leave the place. Hidden under trees we discover the village pond, in the water of which the church of the village is reflected. A wooden walkway provides access to the pond. Both of them let us pull out our cameras.


Patron saint of pensioners
The patron saint of pensioners watching over a group of wooden benches


In Wiesenburg you also do something for your seniors. At the end of the village there is a summer meeting for pensioners, which is guarded by a patron saint. Immediately behind it, the tarred road bends to the right, which we do not follow any further. We continue on a dirt road to which a signpost points us to Bad Belzig.


Our way goes to Bad Belzig
Our way goes to Bad Belzig


Walking alone from Wiesenburg to Bad Belzig

From then on, we have the trail almost to ourselves. We only meet a family once. The rest of the time we enjoy the vastness and the silence of this landscape. Hiking alone is a pleasure on this route. Originally we had planned a long way. Because the autumn sun warms our backs so beautifully and opens wonderful views of the Fläming, we take our time. Instead, we pull out our cameras and record our impressions in detail. On a bench under a hazelnut bush we enjoy the views of Wiesenburg and the vastness of the Hoher Fläming nature park.


Break under the hazelnut tree - hiking alone is fun here
Break under the hazelnut tree


Petar collects whole bags full of walnuts, which he discovers under an old tree. These we crack with relish on a bench along the way and let us taste it. Have you ever eaten fresh walnuts? You can not get enough of that. And there is hardly a better lunch for the Fläming. For this we have the opportunity to observe a group of lively horses. These seem to taste the green of the pasture as well as our nuts.

Art on the art hiking trail in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park

To get an impression of the art trail, we go to the first work of art on the route. A Swiss artist has put together a collection of cow udders here. They look funny, the white and black painted acrylic balls against the backdrop of Wiesenburg. If you continue on the trail, you will find other works of art. Artists from Germany and Flanders have installed 28 works of art along the trail. Some of them refer to the Fleming's settlement by the Flemish about 850 years ago.


Hiking in the nature park Hoher Fläming
Hiking in the nature park Hoher Fläming


We continue on our way for a while, but when we discover Halden in the distance, which block the view of the vastness of the Fläming, we decide to turn back. We parked our car in front of Schloss Wiesenburg so that we don't want to walk the entire art trail. Instead we take a stroll through the village before heading back towards it Bad Belzig do. Im waiting there Castle Café Bad Belzig a cup of hot chocolate on us. You shouldn't miss it. Together with a piece of chocolate cake, it is the perfect end to a pleasure hike in Fläming.


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If you feel like hiking in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park yourself, we can warmly recommend the art hiking trail. You can find more information about this under the link.


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Other excursion destinations in Fläming

  • The Fläming Therme in Bad Belzig is worth a visit. You can relax there after a hike.
  • Do you like being active outdoors and do you like skating? Then a visit to the Fläming Skate is fun.
  • There are several castles and palaces in the Fläming:
  • We recommend that Castle park of Wiesenburg
  • Eisenhardt Castle in Bad Belzig
  • There is also Rabenstein Castle in Fläming, which we don't know



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Hike in Fläming
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Hiking in the nature park Hoher Fläming

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