Romantic bakery at St Lawrence

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Bakery at Sankt Lorenz

This bakery on St Lorenz is worth a stop

The bakery Nobody in Kamouraska at St. Lawrence In Quebec, one can only describe as romantic. The customer enters a wild garden through an arched doorway surrounded by climbing plants. He owes his charm to this wildness. The bakery is a bit hard to find. Because the plants hide the sign that points to them. We ask briefly for passers-by. So we learn that the Boulangerie Nobody is in the parking lot opposite the village church on the route 132. Behind you look at the St. Lawrence. We are in the village of Kamouraska in Quebec.


fBäckerei am St Lorenz
fBäckerei am St Lorenz


The Bakery Nobody in Kamouraska

During the summer months, the bakery is open at different times: in May, bread and pastries are sold here on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from Thursday to Sunday in June and from 24. It is open every day from June until Labor Day. In September and October you can get bread from Thursday to Sunday at the bakery Nobody.

Bakery at St Lawrence
Bakery at St Lawrence


Perfect baked goods for a picnic on St. Lawrence

The opening hours indicate that this bakery is not the usual village bakery. It is well-known beyond the borders of the village, and from spring to autumn it is the destination of day-trippers who, when the weather is fine, go on a trip along the St. Lawrence. How popular she is with these weekend tourists, shows the queue of customers who are waiting to the door of the bakery and waiting to be able to choose the bakery products of the German -born baker himself.

Bakery at St Lawrence
Bakery at St Lawrence


A shop with charm

They are served by young girls dressed neatly in white, who patiently pack the products. The customers need a lot of patience, because quite a few of the buyers choose a large amount of baked goods - just as if they were not getting fresh bread at home. "Good," I think, "then the goods can only be excellent," and I join the queue of people waiting.

Bakery at St Lawrence
Bakery at St Lawrence


Puff pastry patties, quark puffs and more

When we finally arrive at the bakery's counter, I'm no longer surprised what lures people here. Appetizing puff pastry patties topped with tomatoes and vegetables, quark pies with grapes glazed with cake sprinkles, pretzels and sprouts are all tempting everyone to buy more than they originally intended. Also we buy more than we had planned. Nevertheless, we regret later, not to have taken more. So good are the baked goods in the offer of the bakery Nobody.

Bakery at St Lawrence

A variety of bread and bread rolls

In addition to the sweet pastries, there are of course also bread and bread rolls of all kinds in the Boulangerie Nobody - and these, too, migrate in a dozen on the sales counter. In addition, homemade jam is offered in all flavors, made from fruits that grow in the region. There are blueberry jam as well as rhubarb jam or homemade apple butter. These products are ready for a picnic in the Kamouraska area.

Bakery at St Lawrence

A boulangerie for connoisseurs

I would like to make myself comfortable amidst the flowerpots on the bakery's porch and consume my achievements in one of the rocking chairs. But since this is a private house, we decide to look for a place on the shores of St. Lawrence. There we find the ideal place for our picnic. This remains to me mainly because of the shopping experience at Boulangerie Nobody in memory.
The bakery can be found at this address:

Boulangerie nobody
82, avenue Morel
Kamouraska G0L 1M0
Tel. 418 492-1236

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Romantic bakery at St Lawrence

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  1. The bakery is really cute! :) I'll consider the next vacation in the region with times. best regards

  2. Our daughter bought the bakery Nobody in Hagen. The couple No one has been friends with us for decades (my husband uHNo sen.seit school days). In September, we will visit with her husband and her son and family in Kamouraska. We are pleased that you enjoyed it so much and tasted.
    Best regards Anita Schmitz

    1. Dear Mrs. Schmitz,

      yes, we were thrilled, what you get in the bakery Nobody in Kamouraska everything. Our picnic on the banks of the St. Lawrence with the pastry from the bakery Nobody has remained in our memory. Greet the family Nobody from us. We would be pleased to recommend you further.

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