Cape Cod Accommodations near the Beach

Harbor Beach in Provincetown

Where to find Cape Cod Accommodation near the Beach?

Many Cape Cod accommodations and Cape Cod hotels are not located directly on the beach. That's because most of Cape Cod's best beaches are in the national park. You can only spend the night there on campsites. Therefore, many Cape Cod Beaches can only be reached by car, bicycle or footpath. However, there is usually a Cape Cod property not far from the beach. In our selection of Cape accommodations you will therefore also find hotels, motels, holiday homes and B & Bs that are not directly on the beach. However, from them the Cape Cod beaches are easy to reach. You can do well there Massachusetts landmarks explore in the area,


What needs to be in the suitcase?

  • For a beach vacation on Cape Cod you need this Equipment. Use our checklist so that you don't forget anything.
  • A stiff breeze blows all year round on the Atlantic. A windbreaker * does good service.
  • If the wind blows or the sun shines, I like to register baseball cap *. It helps to keep the hair in check and protects against the sun.
  • You will be walking a lot. Comfortable shoes also belong in the suitcase.


Which is the best Beach and where can you find your Cape Cod Hotel?

The peninsula of Cape Cod, which extends like a sandy elbow off the coast of New England into the Atlantic, is known for its beautiful nature and the numerous beaches. However, these are often not so easy to find, with the exception of the beaches in the Cape Cod National Seashore National Park. Many are hidden and therefore only accessible through small villages.


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Long Point Beach near Provincetown - Here you will find Cape Cod accommodations
Long Point Beach near Provincetown - The best beach on Cape Cod - Is Cape Cod near you?


Cape Cod Beachfront Accommodations

The best beach is available Cape Cod but not if you're fair, because they're all good. In the National Park, the beaches are almost everywhere equipped with changing rooms, showers and often with picnic areas. Parking is also available so the beaches are easy to reach. However, if you plan a beach day in the Cape Cod National Seashore during the summer, you should arrive there as early as possible - because the beaches are popular.



In addition, many Bostonians move to the beach in Cape Cod with their families and pets, especially on weekends - with all the associated side effects such as congested streets and parking lots. Because of this, it's better to plan your beach day in Cape Cod during the week when locals are in their offices in Boston sit. Parking is not free during the summer months. They must be paid in addition to the park entrance fee.

Cape Cod Accommodations in the National Park


Nauset Beach - Cape Cod accommodation near the beach
Nauset beach - the best beach on Cape Cod - which accommodation is Cape Cod?


Cape Cod Accommodations near Nauset Beach

This elongated sandy beach is hidden off the coast at Chatham. It can be reached via a street through a residential area in Orleans. It is signposted, but the signs are small and therefore easy to miss. Main Street and Beach Road lead to a car park with a kiosk where small snacks are sold in summer. Tables for picnic available. There are also showers, changing rooms and toilets.

Coast Guard Beach - Where to find Cape Cod accommodation near the beach
Coast Guard Beach - The best beach on Cape Cod


Cape Cod Accommodations near Coast Guard Beach

The facilities on Coast Guard Beach are also very good. This beach can be reached by the road, that passes the Salt Pond Visitor Center. Here we advise you, to arrive early, because the parking lot for the beach is located at the former station of the Coast Guard and is very small. Via wooden stairs you reach the beach, which is lower than the street. If you walk away from the stairs, you have the beach and the sea to yourself during the week. Showers, changing rooms and toilets are available. The beach is also accessible for the disabled.

Coast Guard Beach House - Discover Cape Cod beachfront accommodations
Coast Guard Beach House - The best beach on Cape Cod


Cape Cod Accommodations near Nauset Light Beach

Not far away is Nauset Light Beach, a beach that is also a few meters below the parking lot. There is more space for cars, but during summer weekends you should be there in time to secure a place. There are showers, changing rooms and toilets. The beach is also accessible for the disabled.

Nauset Light Beach
Nauset Light Beach - The best beach on Cape Cod


Cape Cod Accommodations on Marconi Beach

Take the junction off Route 6 towards Marconi Station Site, then turn off the road to Marconi Beach. However, this beach is not suitable for the disabled, but has showers and toilets.

Race Point Beach
Race Point Beach - The best beach on Cape Cod


Cape Cod Accommodations near Race Point Beach

Located at the end of the peninsula, the beach at Race Point extends to the outermost regions of Cape Cod in the Atlantic. The beach can be reached via Race Point Road, which also houses the Province Lands Visitor Center - a visitor center open during the summer months. The beach is very long and does not quite have the fine sand as the previously mentioned.

Herring Cove Beach - Cape Cod Accommodations
Herring Cove Beach


Cape Cod Accommodations near Herring Cove Beach

And finally the beach that Provincetown Closest on Cape Cod is Herring Cove Beach. It is easy to get to from the city and is also well equipped with showers, toilets, a snack bar and wheelchair access.

Connoisseurs also like to come here at sunset and enjoy their champagne picnic in combination with spectacular sights, when the sun sets into the sea.

Harbor Beach at Macmillan Wharf in Provincetown - Cape Cod Accommodations
Harbor Beach at Macmillan Wharf in Provincetown


Cape Cod Accommodations on other Beaches

Of course, there are other sandy beaches on Cape Cod located outside the National Seashore. Many of them, however, are directly adjacent to the villages on the north coast of Cape Cod and are therefore very popular with locals. During peak season in summer parking lots often have parking restrictions for non-Cape Codders, who are not allowed to park their car on beach parking at certain times of the day. One of them is always accessible to the general public:


Bathing at Sandy Neck Beach - Cape Cod Accommodations
Bathing at Sandy Neck Beach on Cape Cod


Cape Cod Accommodations near First Encounter Beach on Cape Cod Bay

You should visit this beach especially, because it was here the first meeting between the Pilgrim Fathers and Indians took place. The coincidence happened by chance and both sides quickly withdrew from the scene - perhaps because they did not know what to think of each other?

The beach can definitely be reached via Samoset Road in Eastham. The beach slopes gently and the sea is calm here. Therefore, the beach is well suited for families with children. At low tide, the water retreats far. There are also very beautiful sunsets here.

Like most beaches on Cape Cod, it is well equipped with a large parking lot (charges for parking apply), a bathhouse and an ice cream vendor, that keeps coming back regularly.

Our Tip: Definitely spend several days on Cape Cod on a New England tour. It's worth it.


Boats on Cape Cod
Boats on Cape Cod


3 Incredible Cape Cod Hotels and Accommodations You Must See

Discover artistically designed hotels and accommodations in beautiful Cape Cod! Whether you're looking for luxurious waterfront accommodation or secluded hideaways surrounded by nature, you'll find them here! These accommodations in Cape Cod will inspire you! Here you will also find a wide selection of inexpensive hotels and high-quality accommodation in the most beautiful places on the peninsula. Discover luxury accommodation right on the water, secluded hideaways surrounded by nature or the best wellness resorts - there is something for everyone!


The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn

For a luxurious stay in Cape Cod try the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn. Located about 1,5 mile from Sea Street Beach, this charming colonial-style hotel has everything you need for a relaxing vacation - spacious suites with fireplaces and whirlpools, private patios and an excellent dining area. An ideal destination for couples who want to experience pure romance!


Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

Spend a few days exploring Cape Cod at the award-winning Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. This majestic resort offers luxurious rooms, suites and villas as well as some of the best golf courses in Massachusetts. Enjoy a unique dining experience at the resort's on-site restaurants while admiring the breathtaking views of Pleasant Bay from your patio or balcony. Also, don't forget to take advantage of the wellness classes and enjoy a dip in the outdoor pool or whirlpool!


Sea Crest Beach Hotel

For a vacation experience close to the beach, the Sea Crest Beach Hotel is the place for you. Located just a short drive from popular Cape Cod attractions like Woods Hole Science Aquarium and Martha's Vineyard Ferry, this oceanfront hotel offers unbeatable access to the area's best beaches. Relax in their heated outdoor pool after a day exploring the local shops and galleries, or soak up some sun with a cold drink in hand on the huge sun deck.


Cape Cod lodging questions and answers

Where should I stay on Cape Cod if I want a quiet location?

If you prefer a quiet location, consider staying in one of the smaller towns like Harwich or Chatham.

Is there affordable accommodation on Cape Cod?

Yes, there is plenty of affordable accommodation on Cape Cod, particularly in the outskirts and smaller towns.

What are the best beach hotels on Cape Cod?

There are many beachfront hotels on Cape Cod, but these are some of the best Chatham Bars Inn* in Chatham, that Wequassett Resort and Golf Club* in Harwich and that Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club* or The Mansion at Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club* in Brewster.

What are the best boutique hotels on Cape Cod?

If you're looking for a boutique hotel on Cape Cod, you should Salt House Inn* in Provincetown, that Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn* in Harwich Port and that Queen Anne Inn* consider in Chatham.

What accommodation on Cape Cod is best for families?

The Sea Crest Beach Hotel* in Falmouth is a great option for families as it offers its own beach and plenty of kid-friendly amenities like a pool and playroom.


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Getting to Cape Cod accommodations

Arrival by plane, bus or train*. The nearest international airport is in Boston. Several airlines fly to it. You can also rent a car there.


NY to Cape Cod - 407 km (about 4 h 20 min. by car)

Boston to Cape Cod - 113 km via the MA-3 S (about 1 h 13 min. by car)

Boston to Cape Cod - 133 km via the I-495 S (about 1 h 27 min. by car)

Car Rentals:

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Cape Cod accommodations

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Cape Cod accommodations
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Source Cape Cod hotel and accommodation Cape Cod: Cape Cod National Seashore as well as own research on site. We financed this research trip ourselves. Our opinion is therefore our own. Further Vacation destinations for a beach vacation can be found here.


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Where to find Cape Cod Accommodation near the Beach?

Many Cape Cod accommodations are not right on the beach. That's because most of Cape Cod's best beaches are in the National Park.

Which is the best beach on Cape Cod?

In the national park, the beaches are almost everywhere equipped with changing rooms, showers and often with picnic areas. Parking is also available, making it easy to get to the beaches.

Where can I find accommodations in Provincetown on Cape Cod?

Here there are accommodations in Provincetown * and environment

How many lodgings are there on Cape Cod?

You will find more than 16000 holiday homes and bed and breakfasts. 

What amenities do travelers look for when staying on Cape Cod?

The most popular are Internet access, TV and barbecues.

Cape Cod Accommodations near the Beach

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