Mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal for hiking and skiing

Viewing platform

Mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal take you to the summit

Going into the mountains without at least reaching a summit is like going to the sea without even going for a swim. In the Kleinwalsertal you can spend a holiday in Austria with hiking for connoisseurs. There are eight mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal and Oberstdorf for this. Five of them are in the Kleinwalsertal. Often our program does not allow excursions on our travels, but this time we have luck and time for them. So we decide to take our time to explore one of the mountains in the Kleinwalsertal in Austria seen from above. We ask which of the Walser mountains offers the most beautiful view and decide to take the mountain railway up to the Walmendingerhorn.

The Kleinwalsertal is located in the Allgäu mountains



avalanche slope
The avalanche protection fences on the Walmendingerhorn almost look like art.



Mountain railways in the Kleinwalsertal make it possible to see the mountains of the Alps from above without any effort. It's easy in Kleinwalsertal. We had already checked in at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel get a map pressed in their hand with the note: “With this you can use the Walserbus on all routes in Austria and ride the mountain railways as often as you want.” We didn't have to be told twice and used the offer for an excursion to the Walmendingerhorn from Mittelberg. Mountain meadows as in the Schwarzwassertal we did not see here. But the alpine pastures of the Mountain farmers. We had been told that the view from above should be the most beautiful in the valley and we wanted to test it. There are a total of eight mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal and Oberstdorf: five cable cars and three chair lifts that take hikers up to the mountain peaks in summer and skiers in winter.


View from the cable car to Kleinwalsertal



The map of the Ifen Hotel opens all the gates without any problems. We do not even need to buy a ticket, just hold the card to the reader at the valley station and get access to the gondola. It's that easy! The beauty of this map is that we can use it for all eight mountain railways in the valley, and if we like it very much on a summit, we can even go up several times. A great deal of our hotel, as we find. It is also practical that you can use the Walserbus, which stops near the valley station. This will save you the parking fees that you have to pay at the parking lots throughout the valley, while protecting the environment by leaving your own car at the hotel.


The mountain station at the Walmendingerhorn


With the cable car to the Walmendingerhorn

We reach the Walmendingerhorn via a gondola lift, which reaches up to 40 people and climbs past avalanche slopes, spectacular crags and steep mountain sides to the top station. This is still slightly below the summit, which can be reached via a winding path. If you do not want to do that, you can enjoy the view from a viewing platform directly at the mountain railway. The view of the surrounding mountain ranges is terrific.


View into the valley
At the end of the Kleinwalsertal


Viewing platform

We go out onto the platform and can't get enough of the mountain ranges, one behind the other. The most striking is the Widderstein, at 2533 meters the highest mountain in the Kleinwalsertal. Topographically it belongs to the Allgäu Alps and rises directly in front of us from the Kleinwalsertal. We observe how more and more cloud formations slowly accumulate around its flanks. There will probably be thunderstorms again like the day before. But it is still pleasantly fresh on the summit of the Walmendingerhorn in Vorarlberg, more pleasant than down in the valley, where it is already hot and humid in summer. You can enjoy the mountain air with the mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal.

You want to know the name of the mountains you see? Then have a look at Gepackt & Los. Janine has discovered ingenious apps with which you find out the mountain names .


With the mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal to the viewing platform


Hike or chill out?

We have the choice of taking an elevator down to the hiking trail that leads into the valley, past wooden loungers that invite you to relax. I haven't been to a mountain peak in the Alps for a long time, but that surprises me. In addition to the wooden benches along the way, hikers can now rest on these wooden loungers or relax in the light of the afternoon sun from the exertions of the ascent.


With the mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal to the summit restaurant
In the summit restaurant on the Walmendingerhorn



The alternative that we have and that we choose is to drink a spritzer in the summit restaurant before we take the train back down to the valley, because we want that in the afternoon Enjoyment Region Kleinwalsertal explore further. We could say “chill with a view”, enjoy the view and our apricot juice with sparkling wine. In a moment like this, I wish that this moment could last forever, and I'm happy that this is my job. How beautiful our world can be! If you have more time, you can start a day of hiking with the mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal and hike into the valley.

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Quelle Bergbahnen im Kleinwalsertal: Research on site. We would like to thank Tourismus Kleinwalsertal and the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel for inviting us to this trip. Our opinion remains our own.

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Mountain railways in Kleinwalsertal for hiking and skiing
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