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Rembrandt's Night Watch - swarmed by visitors to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam entry without waiting

You can enter the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam order online*. With this you can visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam without waiting. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam Everybody should visit for himself The Netherlands, his art and his history. We use the departure day of our trip to the Netherlands for a flying visit. We get to know Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. However, we mostly look at their masterpieces from afar. We are not the only ones who want to see them. But we dive into the history of the HOC. We also learn a lot about the Dutch. Best of all: we see one of my favorite portraits of Vincent van Gogh.

During our visit there is a special exhibition with the works of Rembrandt. Therefore we start our tour of Holland's painting with a boat tour. It leads us through the canals of Amsterdam in the footsteps of Rembrandt. It is run by an actress. It represents Hendrickje Stoffels. With her, Rembrandt began a relationship after the death of his wife. That's how “Hendrickje” tells us about her life with the painter. She tells how she gave birth to his daughter as a love affair. We also get an insight into the life of the Rembrandt van Rijns family.


Dutch masters in the Rijksmuseum - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam entry
Entry to the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam without waiting is possible if you order your ticket online


Rembrandt and Vermeer

Equipped with the Stories from “Hendrijckje Stoffels” we visit the Rijksmuseum's gallery of honor. We can only see Rembrandt van Rijn's night watch from a distance. The rush of visitors is too great. We prefer to visit the adjoining rooms instead. There we see other works by Rembrandt. Below that is his self-portrait. "Hendrickje" praised us on the boat tour of Rembrandt's Knubbelase. We can now admire this. The masterpieces in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam include “The woman who reads a letter”. Also "The Milkmaid" by Johannes Vermeer. They also testify to the skills of the 17th century masters from Holland.



Many works by these artists provide an insight into the life of Holland. This includes “The Fête Champêtre” by Dirck Hals. In it, a society celebrates life in the country. "The happy fiddler" by Gerard van Honthorst likes to speak to alcohol. Both his expression and the glass in his hand prove that.


Dutch merchant ships
Merchant ships in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam - in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam entry without waiting

East India company

As a friend of the discovery story I find the exhibitions about the East India Company Hollands in the Rijksmuseum interesting. Shown are pictures and drawings. These present the way of the Dutch on the northern route through the Arctic to the west. They also give an insight into their routes to Southeast Asia. Sailors repel a polar bear with the spear. This comes dangerously close to them. Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom's painting by 1599 shows the return of the second expedition to the East Indies. Insights into a time when the earth was not so well known!


Discover the city on these tours:


We learn more about the trading activities of the Dutch East India Company. In addition, their relationships with the Indians are an issue. As well as their entanglements in the sugar trade of the Caribbean and in the slave trade.


Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Entry possible without waiting


The time before our departure in the evening is still enough for a tour of the Renaissance works. These are located in the basement of the Rijksmuseum. We also take a look at Vincent van Gogh's self-portrait. Before that, only a few visitors are gathered. Maybe it's because the painting does not have the dimensions of Rembrandt's Night Watch?

Bibliotheek of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Even if you are not researching in the archives of this library, take a look at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Bibliotheek. It is almost a sight in itself. From above, you can have a look into the library's reading room from the 19. Throw century.

The research library of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is one of the most important libraries in the world. Here you will find everything from auction and exhibition catalogs to books, periodicals and annual reports relating to the museum's collections. If you want to research, you need an access permit. Information can be found on the library page.


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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam entry without waiting (more information):

If your one Evening flight ab Amsterdam then this day can be combined with a visit to the museum. We check in our luggage at the airport. Then we take the 197 bus from Schiphol Airport Plaza to the Rijksmuseum. You save time when you order the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam entry online. How to bypass queues.


The museum is open from 9.00 - 17.00. From there we reach our return flight against 21.00 clock.

Information about the museum you can find under this link.

Museum Shop

The Rijksmuseum Shop is located in the atrium of the museum. He is open 365 days from 9: 00 to 18: 00 clock. There are products specifically for the museum. In the basement there are books.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Prices and opening hours you can find under this link.

Rijksmuseum parking

There is parking near the Rijksmuseum. Parking fee is required. Alternatively there is a parking garage under the Museumsplein. Map, Q-park, Van Baerelstraat 33b, entrance at the Concertgebouw site

Rijksmuseum restaurant

The restaurant always invites chefs. If you don't want to eat in the museum restaurant, you can find a selection of the at 'till Dawn best restaurants in Amsterdam.

Opening hours:

Mon to Sat, 11.30 - 15 | 17 - 22 clock
So 11.30 - 15 clock


Information about Amsterdam and surroundings

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Quelle Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Entry without waiting: research on site for Rijksmuseum Amsterdam entry. We thank the Rijksmuseum and Rembrandt Cruises for the invitation. A thank you also to Simone from To Holland for the travel organization. Information is available in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Wiki.

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Discover the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

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