Christmas drinks and cocktails

Aperol Spritz drinks and cocktails for Christmas

Christmas drinks and cocktails

At Christmas time, hot and alcoholic taste good Cocktails especially good after a day on the ski slopes. The bartenders at après-ski bars in Denver, Colorado and at ski resorts like Breckenridge are quite inventive, and so they concoct a range of Christmas drinks and cocktails to rejuvenate body and soul after a sporty day on the slopes. They present some of them here – you can also copy them in your kitchen at home. However, some use products from the local liqueur scene, which are often produced in-house. Therefore, a stop here is definitely worthwhile during your next skiing holiday in Colorado:

The 12-21-10, a drink at the beginning of winter

This cocktail is named after the first day of winter. It consists of a mix of Smith & Cross Navy Proof and Oronoco Rum with Bowmore Scotch, a Christmas seasoning mix, black pepper syrup and apricot.

Apple and Spice - Drinks and cocktails for Christmas

This spicy-sweet drink will warm everyone up after a day of skiing fun: it's made up of cranberry puree, ginger, hendricks gin and apple schnapps. Shaken, and not stirred!

The Blitzen - named after one of the reindeer of Santa Claus

Those who spend Christmas Eve in Denver can celebrate it in the Peaks Lounge with a wonderful view of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and a delicious cocktail in hand. The Blitzen consists of crème de coco, peppermint schnapps, vodka and cream. He is decorated with a candy cane.

Christmas Ale - a beer for Christmas

The winter in Colorado is best done with a specially brewed beer with extra flavor that warms cold winter faces quickly. With more than 7 percent alcohol, a powerful aroma reminiscent of caramel and chocolate, this Christmas beer is perfect for enjoying over the winter fireplace.

Naughty Santa - a devilishly good winter cocktail

This drink consists of the Denver-produced liqueurs Leopold's Cranberry and Apple. Absolutely grapefruit comes with vodka and the whole thing is served in a jar with a sugar rim and a sheet of fresh mint. Just delicious!

Santa's Go-Go Juice - With these drinks and cocktails for Christmas even Santa Claus will perk up

For this, mix 2 oz Dark Myers Rum and 1 1 / 4 oz Tuaca (a vanilla / citrus liqueur) in a coffee cup, fill with water and round off with a teaspoon of a butter mixture of butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar.

Yule Grog - an apple cider with a kick

For this, heat up a cup and mix in it Appleton Estate V / X Jamaica rum, Navan Natural vanilla liqueur, hot apple cider and a splash of lemon. Then there is a cinnamon stick and very happy holidays can begin.

Drinks and cocktails at Christmas promise delicious enjoyment

Christmas time is the time of cosiness, getting together and enjoyment. And what shouldn't be missing? That's right, delicious drinks and cocktails!

Whether you're celebrating at home with the family or throwing a Christmas party - a good drink always creates the right atmosphere. There are countless ways to create a Christmas cocktail, whether warm or cold, with or without alcohol.

A warming mulled wine, a creamy eggnog or a refreshing cranberry margarita - there is the right drink for every taste. And also for those who don't want to drink alcohol, there are many delicious options such as hot chocolate or punch.

If you like experimenting, you can also try your own recipes and create new flavor combinations. For example, try a mulled wine with vanilla or a cranberry margarita with ginger.

So, let yourself be inspired by the Christmas spirit and conjure up delicious drinks and cocktails for you and your loved ones. We wish you a contemplative Christmas season full of enjoyment!

Just one thing you shouldn't forget: with these high-proof drinks and cocktails at Christmas, you should avoid driving afterwards if possible. Better still: You serve them to the Christmas dinner at home. Then you can enjoy them carefree.


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Christmas drinks and cocktails
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