Christmas drinks and cocktails

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Christmas drinks and cocktails

At Christmas time, hot and alcoholic taste good Cocktails especially good after a day on the ski slopes. The bartenders at Denver, Colorado's après-ski bars and at ski resorts like Breckenridge are quite inventive, creating a range of cocktails that will revitalize both body and soul after a hard day on the slopes. They present some of them here – you can also copy them in your kitchen at home. However, some use products from the local liqueur scene, which are often produced in-house. Therefore, a stop here is definitely worthwhile during your next skiing holiday in Colorado:


The 12-21-10, a drink at the beginning of winter

This cocktail is named after the first day of winter. It consists of a mix of Smith & Cross Navy Proof and Oronoco Rum with Bowmore Scotch, a Christmas seasoning mix, black pepper syrup and apricot.

Apple and Spice - fruity and suitable for Christmas

This spicy-sweet drink will warm everyone up after a day of skiing fun: it's made up of cranberry puree, ginger, hendricks gin and apple schnapps. Shaken, and not stirred!

The Blitzen - named after one of the reindeer of Santa Claus

Those who spend Christmas Eve in Denver can celebrate it in the Peaks Lounge with a wonderful view of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and a delicious cocktail in hand. The Blitzen consists of crème de coco, peppermint schnapps, vodka and cream. He is decorated with a candy cane.

Christmas Ale - a beer for Christmas

The winter in Colorado is best done with a specially brewed beer with extra flavor that warms cold winter faces quickly. With more than 7 percent alcohol, a powerful aroma reminiscent of caramel and chocolate, this Christmas beer is perfect for enjoying over the winter fireplace.

Naughty Santa - a devilishly good winter cocktail

This drink consists of the Denver-produced liqueurs Leopold's Cranberry and Apple. Absolutely grapefruit comes with vodka and the whole thing is served in a jar with a sugar rim and a sheet of fresh mint. Just delicious!

Santa's Go-Go Juice - With this drink, even Santa Claus is awake

For this, mix 2 oz Dark Myers Rum and 1 1 / 4 oz Tuaca (a vanilla / citrus liqueur) in a coffee cup, fill with water and round off with a teaspoon of a butter mixture of butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar.

Yule Grog - an apple cider with a kick

For this, heat up a cup and mix in it Appleton Estate V / X Jamaica rum, Navan Natural vanilla liqueur, hot apple cider and a splash of lemon. Then there is a cinnamon stick and very happy holidays can begin.

Only one thing should not be forgotten: with these high-proof delicacies you should avoid driving afterwards if possible. Better still: you serve them for Christmas dinner at home. Then you can enjoy them carefree.


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Source: Visit Denver

Text: © Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Photo: Visit Denver

Christmas drinks and cocktails
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